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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Leather outerwear

Features and Benefits

Leather outerwear looks beautiful and unusual. A demi-season leather jacket or raincoat provides excellent protection against autumn rain and spring breeze. But not only these features make clothes popular - the advantages also lie in the attractiveness of the image created by things with inserts or made entirely of leather.

Leather clothes occupy a worthy place in the collections of famous designers. This year was no exception. Fashion houses have developed for women a range of exclusive leather outfits that are impressive in variety. The cut of jackets can be described as stylish and simple at the same time. Preference should be given to models stitched according to the principle of minimalism - nothing more, and the necessary elements are chosen so as to emphasize the advantages of the style.

Styles this season are competing among themselves for the right to championship, textures and colors allow you to choose the best option that will suit every fashionista. Leather products are a priority for active girls who want to not only demonstrate their attractiveness, but even a little shock the audience.

Fashionable styles

Such chic material, like genuine leather, in itself looks exquisite in any product. Exclusive clothing in an inimitable style is sewn taking into account all fashion trends. Complemented by metal fittings, elegant matt leather items harmoniously blend with gold and silver jewelry.

The trend is products with wide shoulders, as if dropping down. Both the shortest and longest models look more voluminous - an oversized jacket can look as if removed from someone else's shoulder. The real bomb of the season can be called colored ultra short leather jackets, decorated with brutal jackets decorated with snakes.

Along with classics, there are also non-conservative styles, surprising with their novelty and unusualness. They can rightfully include a kimono coat with very short sleeves. It is carried out without fasteners, and the floors are simply joined together by means of a belt.

Leather raincoats and original feminine coats for the cold season do not give up their positions. Designers offer a large number of status models in classic and avant-garde styles. The basis for their development were taken silhouettes of the eighties of the last century.

Coats and raincoats with large fur collars and sleeves, an emphasized waistline and shoulders will make their owner look like a star of the screen. Light and long hem falls down, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

Decor and elements

Fashionable details and cut elements made leather clothes even more expressive. It seems that they perform two functions at once - the main and decorative. So, more often than others are used:

  • Zip closure and welt pockets.
  • Original floral prints reminiscent of a romantic summer.
  • Extra long sleeves in the shape of a banana, with cuffs, without seams and accessories.
  • Embroidery and unusual decoration.
  • Fur on a turn-down collar, most often foxes or rabbits.
  • Riveted collars. As an alternative, stylists suggest using a stylish silk or wool stole.
  • Button decor
  • Drapery and asymmetry.


Neutral colors lost this season black and brownas well as complex tones. Powder and brick color, dusty roses and rust, camel hair and of chocolate, metallic shades - steel, lead and silver. A little less often you can find red or blue models.

Outerwear becomes the center of attention in the kit, especially with fur selected to match or according to the principle of contrast.

What to wear

A leather jacket can rightfully be considered a universal thing in a wardrobe. Wearing it with a dress, trousers or a skirt - it depends on the chosen style, dressing material. Stylists offer such items of clothing to create a fashionable image with a leather jacket:

  • The dress. The longer the dress, the shorter your leather jacket should be. Outrageous and romantic - an ultra short model with a dress made of thin fabric.
  • Denim skirt or trousers. This outfit will successfully complement a jacket of metallic shades, as well as products of flowers close to beige and brown.
  • Shorts. An option for courageous girls who want to emphasize the beauty of slender legs. Best combined with a grunge leather jacket are shorts made of wool, light denim or tweed.
  • Skirt and blouse. A classic casual option, demanded in a business style. A pencil skirt is in harmony with both a blouse and a turtleneck. The jacket waist-high with snakes with a pleated skirt looks unusual and feminine.

In order not to look ridiculous, you should not wear more than one leather thing at once, wear leather and suede, and also combine glossy and matte leather with each other. It is best to complement the ensemble with elegant leather accessories - a fashionable hair clip and gloves, a bracelet.

It is advisable to choose a handbag in tone, and black trousers or a skirt will always complement the ensemble with a leather jacket. The same rule applies to hats - hats and berets.

How to choose

A properly selected jacket should fit the figure tightly. For girls with a full lower body or legs, narrowed things will not work, it is better to pay attention to products of a direct or trapezoidal silhouette. A jacket with elongated floors and lapels is an ideal model for a short girl with small breasts. A voluminous jacket and a large decoration on the neck will help visually hide the imperfection of the proportions of the figure.

A short jacket or jacket that matches the color of your hair looks beautiful. It is combined with a dress in a large horizontal strip.

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