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Hair styling comb

Every girl dreams of a perfect hairstyle for every day, so that the people around her would have the impression that she had just left the beauty salon.

Well, if the money allows you to constantly use the services of a professional hairdresser, in practice the opposite situation is often found. And the young ladies have to independently bring their curls to an excellent appearance.

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Fortunately, now there are many devices that allow you to bring beauty at home. The easiest and most economical way to create a great hairstyle is to use combs to style your hair.

Such tools are relatively inexpensive (much cheaper than a daily visit to a beauty salon) and help to perform interesting hairstyles in the style of Hollywood stars.

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Features and Benefits

When choosing hair styling combs, you need to adhere to several rules:

  1. If the hair is elastic and quite thick, then you need to choose hard brushes with hard teeth. The finer the hairs, the softer the comb should be.
  2. The owner of a thick head of hair needs to use scallops with rare pins.
  3. It is necessary to look at the size of the tool for combing curls. For strands that differ in long lengths, massive devices with a large working surface should be selected.

Comparing combs for styling hair with other massage brushes, it can be noted that such devices have several advantages:

  1. They allow you to create an original hairstyle or styling at home, without resorting to the services of hairdressers.
  2. Help straighten naughty curls.
  3. They have massage properties, so that blood flows to the roots of the hair and stimulates their growth.

The best option is when these products for styling hair are ceramic, or made of wood or carbon fiber. The usual plastic or metal is not suitable, since under the influence of hot air, such a tool can cause irreparable damage to curls.


Professional combs stand out against the background of familiar fixtures in the form and material from which they are made.

The most common types of professional combs:

Concave product with frequent denticles help to add volume to thin and weak hairs.

Round brush (otherwise called brashing) is able to make large curls or straighten naughty locks. There are two types:

  • with natural bristles - helps to wind the locks;
  • with a metal body, which is empty inside and has holes around the entire perimeter of the product’s working surface, it is used to smooth or raise hair at the roots at a small rounded corner.

Rectangular shape (in other words, it is called a "shovel") - this is an excellent option for owners of long curls.

Fork comb used to create fleece. She has short pins alternating with long ones, this technology allows you to make the process of combing curls easier. The fork helps to lift individual hairs during alignment styling.

Double sided brush - has a hollow body, holes are located along the entire length of it, allowing air to freely penetrate through the curl. On the one hand, such a device has shorter pins that help make styling short hair, such as bangs.

Flat fixtures have thick teeth and are quite far from each other. A comb is used for combing and for highlighting individual strands during the creation of hairstyles.

Skeletal comb - It will help to style both rather heavy, with a large volume, and very thin hair. It has a flat base and specialized openings that allow excellent air permeability. Such a device has medium rigidity and pins located rather far from each other. It is permissible to use this model on wet or wet curls.

It is better to purchase a set of combs, which will include a variety of models. You will be able to experiment with your hair, creating a variety of hairstyles and choosing the appropriate image for them.

There are also electric thermo brushes. Products with a spinning “head” help to dry and style your hair at the same time. This device is perfect for a variety of hair lengths.

A rotating comb is able to twist both long and short strands. Many girls also use it to straighten and extend the locks. It is excellent for creating volume at the roots. The teeth of such products rotate in different directions, which avoids tangling the hair. And you will create an excellent hairstyle without fear for your curls.

A thermo-brush can often be charged not only from electricity, but also be on batteries. This device can be taken with you on the road, perform the perfect hairstyle even outside the house.

How to choose

What comb is better to stack curls?

In order not to harm the structure of the hairline, it is necessary with special care to approach the choice of devices for combing hair:

  • Choosing a round comb, it is better to give preference to natural bristles, as metal pins damage and confuse curls. The handle must be rubber coated. In this case, it is most convenient to use it, since it will not heat up under the influence of hot air coming from the hair dryer. This device will be an excellent option for a square. Pulling strands from root to tip using a round brush, you can achieve excellent smoothness and create the perfect hairstyle.
  • For concave fixtures a variety of materials can be used: plastic, wood or metal. They are perfect for short hair, as they allow you to create a volume at the roots, beautifully put the combed curls, dividing them into strands.
  • It’s better to get that comb of a rectangular shape, which is made of wood. Using it for long hair, it will help to thoroughly comb the hair, separating the tangled locks, and also save you from static electricity that occurs during combing curls.
  • Flat scallops should be wooden or made of bone with a perfect polished surface. These products are used to implement hairstyles for short haircuts.

The choice of an electric brush also needs to be approached with special care, focusing on certain rules:

  1. Material, from which the fixture is made. It is better to give preference to a model with a rotating work surface and teeth made of ceramic, metal or carbon. For metal and carbon products, the presence of a tourmaline coating is mandatory, which will relieve the strands of static electricity.
  2. Power - for home use, the average power will be the best option, as it will allow you to dry curls, create a hairstyle without harming the structure of the hairline.
  3. Better to choose a product with a not very large handle, in this case, it will be more comfortable to hold, performing styling.

A good quality electric comb is suitable not only for bangs, but also for strands of various lengths: both for short hair and long curls.

Depending on which hairstyle the round brush is used for, it is necessary to choose it correctly in size.

A large oval-shaped comb is able to straighten long hair without the use of additional cosmetics, as its design helps to perfectly stretch the locks. Due to the symmetrical configuration, scrolling occurs, and the curls do not get tangled.

Small diameter fixtures can be used for short haircuts, creating extra volume at the roots.

The nine-row comb will complete the process of laying hair of various lengths. She will be a great option for a girl who prefers a haircut. This device will also help to create a fashionable and stylish oblique bangs.

How to make styling

In order to make high-quality styling, you need to use some tips:

  • this procedure is applied only to previously washed hair;
  • so that the locks look smooth and shiny, after washing the hair, it must be rinsed with cool water;
  • comb the curls, as well as apply a hair dryer better after some time, wait at least 15 minutes, and then proceed to styling;
  • foams and gels to preserve hairstyles are best applied starting from the back of the head, so you will avoid gluing the ends of the hairs;
  • carry out this process in front of a large mirror with good lighting.

There are several methods to create superb hairstyles at home:

  • Cold styling with your fingers using a comb is the most lightweight method, as it does not damage the structure of the hairline. This method is used for hair of various lengths. To create such a hairstyle, a large amount of gel or foam is used, as well as a product with wide teeth.
  • Volumetric hairstyle. To do it, you need a hairdryer and a large round comb. The hair at the roots needs to be straightened and laid in the desired direction. To create a volumetric styling, the hairdryer must be directed from the bottom up.

Most popular brands

When purchasing a hair styling comb, you should opt for trusted brands:

  • Hairway - models are lightweight, durable and reliable. The main material used for their production is plastic with carbon fibers. Such products are coated with carbon, to get rid of static electricity.
  • Jaguar - produces both inexpensive devices for combing curls, and exclusive analogues. The most popular models have an ionization function, which allows you to not only dry your hair, but also restore their structure.
  • Hercules - brushes from this brand are reliable, durable, have an antistatic effect. They do not damage the hair during combing and styling.

You can learn how to choose a hair styling comb from the next video.


Applying combs to create a styling with natural pile, the girls noticed that the hair became smooth and shiny, devoid of static electricity.

Applying combs to create a styling with natural pile, the girls noticed that the hair became smooth and shiny, devoid of static electricity.

The short-haired girls liked the electric brush, as it helped to quickly and efficiently create an excellent styling similar to the hairstyle from the salon.

Choosing a comb for styling, you do not need to save money, stop your choice on a quality product from a well-known manufacturer. Such a brush will last a long time, will not harm your curls and will help to create the perfect hairstyle daily at home.

Watch the video: Pick the BEST Comb For You Hair. Episode 2. Men's Inspiration (January 2020).


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