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Avon Hair Spray

Ecology, stress, fatigue, regular curls and dyes - all this negatively affects women's hair. One of the effective means of their protection can be Avon hair spray, which is easy to apply and protects against further damage.


The assortment of the company presents various options for these products, each of which has its own purpose.

In the video below, see a comparison of two types of Avon hair spray.

Reliable thermal protection

Frequent use of the styler and regular drying with a hairdryer do not go unnoticed, damaging the curls. In order to solve this problem, heat-protective sprays have been developed that form the thinnest film. This film helps to retain moisture, preventing it from evaporating and neutralizes the damage from hot air and heated appliances.

As additional components, the composition of the cosmetic product may include vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants that nourish and heal the hairline. When glycerin is added, it additionally smoothes the strands.

All such cosmetics are divided into three types:

  • Rinse off. It is applied to the strands before or during the washing process.
  • Indelible. It is used to wash your hair and is considered the most effective option.
  • For working with thermal tools. This cosmetics, which has moisturizing and protective properties, is used directly when laying with a curling iron or working with an iron.

Thermal barrier formulations include Avon Advance Techniques Spray Lotion. In addition to its main action, it has a styling effect, helping to fix the styling.


Dry hair and scalp, no less than other "critical areas" need regular hydration. And here moisturizing sprays come to the rescue, which can be applied both after washing the hair and after a while.

Such products do not contain alcohol or fatty oils and are suitable for frequent use. They look after curls and give them a healthy shine.

The Avon product line includes Phyto Fortification. Nettle and Burdock Sprays, Raspberries and Hibiscus, and Winter Protection balms, the main action of which is moisturizing.


Every woman dreams about the magnificent volume of her hairstyle. However, in reality, not everyone succeeds in achieving a beautiful volume. It is especially difficult for owners of thin strands. Therefore, one of the priority areas of cosmetic companies is the creation of funds to improve the volume.

But the frequent use of varnishes, foams and mousses harms curls. But an aerosol having the same functions is what you need. It does not stick together and does not weight strands.

Volume is attached by increasing their elasticity and density in the basal zone. This is made possible through the use of essential oils and plant extracts.

One of the most popular spray lotions in this area from Avon is considered the tool "Maximum Volume". It lifts curls from the very roots, giving them a beautiful and neat look. It is quickly absorbed. Does not create greasy plaque. Application on dry and wet strands is allowed.

Easy combing

The problem of tangled and naughty strands is familiar to many. Sprays that prevent tangling due to special complexes and components will help ease the task.

One of Avon's products, which contribute to a problem-free combing, is Apricot and Shea Butter Balm Spray.

Strengthening and Restoring

One of the causes of damage to the hairline is its staining or perm. Therefore, Avon pays special attention to the care of such ringlets, developing special treatment series of products for daily use.

One of them was the Precious Oils series, which includes a two-phase spray for painted and damaged strands. In its composition:

  • vitamin complex;
  • trace elements;
  • fatty acid;
  • essential oils;
  • extracts and plant extracts.

All these components not only prevent further damage to the hairline, but also its restoration. Penetrating deep into their structure, the components of the spray act on certain areas, triggering regeneration processes. Suitable for all hair types.

Another popular invention is Instant Recovery 7 Serum Spray, which prevents hair loss and brittleness, restores curls to a healthy glow and protects them from various harmful factors.

Tip care

The split ends of strands bring a lot of trouble to girls and women. The fact is that the tips are the most vulnerable part of them; therefore, they “suffer” first. And even a regular haircut is useless here. Caring for tips is part of the “responsibility” of many Avon revitalizing and protective sprays.


Static electricity, which accumulates especially in the hair during the winter, leads to damage. They become tougher, worse comb and fit in hairstyles.

To combat these troubles, special sprays with an antistatic effect are well suited.

Such an antistatic agent is also available in the Avon arsenal - in the Advance Techniques line.


Avon is a company that has been successfully operating in the beauty industry for over 100 years. She successfully combines this many years of experience with the latest achievements and inventions in her field. All this allows her to produce high-quality, popular and inexpensive cosmetics.

How well this turns out is evidenced by reviews, most of which are exceptionally positive.

As for sprays, here, buyers, along with high-quality hair care, most often note their easy application and pleasant aromas that give positive emotions.

In addition, according to fans of branded cosmetics, the effect of using hair sprays lasts for a long time, so even a small amount is enough for a long time.



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