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L'Oreal hair root spray

Any girl at least once thought about how to change her image. To recolor hair color is sometimes a cardinal decision. That is why tint shampoos, sprays and short-lived paints are popular.

One such tool is a L'Oreal curl sprayer called “Magic Retouch”. Drying in three seconds, it is able to instantly stain overgrown roots or toned gray hair. It is used not only as a way to align the color, but to create an amber.

Types and benefits

Means of instant dyeing hair "Magic Retouch" came up with stylist Rita Heather. She was asked with questions about how to use improvised means to dye her hair in one application, and even then it was washed off.

She decided that the best in this case would be the proposal of a new concealer, which instantly paints overgrown roots, is quick and easy to rinse: in one or two times the product can be completely removed. Thanks to this, the Magic Retouch spray can be used for unusual experiments with your own curls.

For full staining, “Magic Retouch” is not suitable, as the staining result may be uneven. On overgrown roots, the remedy lays down easily and lasts a long time. Transitions, as a rule, are not noticeable, the most important thing is to choose the right coloring shade.

The tinting spray from L'Oreal is presented in several shades:

  • the black - Suitable only for owners of ash-dark hair. This shade has no overflows - the hair after its application on the roots becomes black. If your curls have a dark shade - then the concealer is sure to come up and evens out transitions of overgrown roots. This type of spray is not used on light natural curls - it is problematic to wash it off;
  • dark chestnut - it is used if the hair has overflows and is colored in gold, copper or dark chocolate. Since the brand represents six basic colors, any of them can be used on similar hair colors. When washing off the spray, unwanted shades are absent;
  • chestnut - best applied and shades chocolate shades of hair. This tool stains the gray hair with quality;
  • light brown - The shade is applied strictly to fair hair. The spray has a slightly greenish sheen, so spray it carefully. It is advisable that the concealer does not get on the bleached hair, otherwise then you will have to get rid of unwanted transitions;
  • light blond - It is also used only on natural blonde hair. Concealer is not suitable for brightening dark roots - it will give only a lightish glow. The shade is presented as the lightest in the palette of the brand L'Oreal. This type of spray can be used to brighten the tips.

"Magic Retouch" is suitable for instant shading of gray hair. When staining regrown roots for blondes, it is easy to choose - the shade can be selected both light and light blond, and when lightening the tips, it is not recommended to use a tonic on the hair. Even with repeated washing off, a dark, matte coating remains. It is difficult to bring it out on your own - you need a trip to a professional hairdresser.

Thanks to the design of the dispenser itself, the spray can evenly spray paint, and the tonal transition is not noticeable. If you want to leave a shade after washing your hair, then you can use additional shade shampoo - this will help create the effect of a slight color change and give shine to the curls. Certain components in the composition give an additional bonus in the form of volume, since the tonic has a tonic effect and lifts the hairstyle.


Means for hair "Magic Retouch" is suitable only for the effect of tinting strands. Curls are not exposed to full force neither lightening nor staining. Unfortunately, the use of a spray is not effective for long-term action. In this case, it is better to use analogues - tonics, paints or high-grade brighteners.

Manufacturers recommend applying tonic on regrown roots that are lighter by several tones of the primary color.

You need to know: "Magic Retouch" is not used for styling, and complex styling or hairstyle. Use spray only as a last resort.

According to the instructions, the activation of the tonic itself is quite simple: it must be applied to clean, washed hair and left for three seconds, until it dries completely on the curls.

The composition includes:

  • base of cosmetic type;
  • water;
  • trimethicone methyl - a component due to which the hair does not tarnish;
  • ethyl;
  • dye activator;
  • titanium dioxide - protects curls from ultraviolet radiation, reflects light and has matting properties;
  • iron oxide - a natural type dye;
  • silicone component - necessary for permanent shading of gray hair.

Features of choice

Since the spray for temporary hair dyeing from the L'oreal Paris brand is a novelty in the cosmetics market, its effects should be described in more detail.

What you should know: 85% of women can use the product - the palette is selected in a special way: the colors stated on the package are as close as possible to the natural shades of the hair.

Main advantages:

  • convenient use - due to the thin nozzle-dispenser, the spraying is uniform, which makes it easier to use and reduces the time of application of paint;
  • the product is applicable for any type and shade of hair - it is also possible to mix paint with salon tonics and other tinting agents;
  • does not create transitions - the color on the roots is uniform;
  • dries in a few seconds;
  • the coloring pigment in the composition is suitable for gray hair;
  • the tube has compact dimensions - it is convenient to carry it in a purse and can be used as needed;
  • fixes the staining effect;
  • does not have a pronounced chemical smell;
  • invisible on the hair - with the right selection of tone, even suitable for blondes;
  • does not make the hair heavier when coloring;
  • does not spread;
  • spray does not cause skin irritation;
  • easily washed off with shampoo;
  • economical to use - one bottle is designed for 20 sprays (depending on the amount of the product used at a time);
  • does not damage hair - thanks to the gentle composition, the use of the product does not harm.

In addition to the excellent advantages, there are disadvantages:

  • spray clogs pores on the scalp;
  • stains clothes;
  • with frequent use, dry hair appears;
  • not recommended for prolonged use;
  • with a long length of regrown hair, a smooth, imperceptible transition will not work;
  • resistance - sometimes this is a minus, since the tonic can not be quickly washed off the hair. Then you need to use additional hair masks;
  • small selection of shades.


Using Magic Retouch is pretty easy. A number of simple steps are required, which is presented in the following video:

Since the bottle is equipped with a dispenser, the first thing to do is shake the product. Due to this action, the spraying will be as efficient and uniform as possible.

The spray can must be kept exactly vertical - this creates the necessary pressure inside. After that, the dispenser nozzle should be directed to the parting line (the distance to the bottle should be no more than 20 centimeters), and spray the agent along the entire length of the wire. Then you need to wait a few seconds for the product to fully fix on the hair - otherwise it is possible to stain clothes.

The instructions include a warning that gloves must be used and protective clothing should be worn over the shoulders to avoid unnecessary effects. So, if the paint gets on your face, it is easily washed off with water in a few seconds.

It is better if a cream is applied along the hair line before use - this will not allow to be fixed on the skin.

Full drying occurs after one minute. Before this, it is advisable not to touch the hair. Then you can comb the curls - this will create the effect of a uniform transition. The spray can can be used many more times.


According to the girls, the Magic Retouch tool from L'Oreal has a number of its features:

  • the spray does not wash off after the first shampoo, as stated in the instructions. Girls emphasize, the pigment comes off after a few rinses. Fixation of the pigment, as customers noticed, depends on the amount of spray applied. Blondes confirm this fact: the product completely disappears after 6-7 hair masks and the use of deep shampoo.
  • as the girls say, the hair becomes matte and becomes harsh to the touch. It is not possible to comb them. However, if a moderate amount is applied, the oily hair at the roots will become drier.
  • the majority came to another conclusion: the product can stain not only the skin, but also the clothes. If the spray on your hair is dry, but you accidentally get caught in the rain and your hair gets wet, then the product will begin to drain and, of course, get your clothes dirty.

The pleasant sides of the girl include:

  • quick and easy use;
  • nice shades;
  • and convenient design.

In general, most of the reviews are positive, since the remedy may be needed at any second and can take a minimum of space in a purse - it is popular among girls, despite visible shortcomings.

Summing up, it should be emphasized that for a good use a number of simple rules are necessary, and in order to wash off the product, sometimes 2-3 applications are enough.

L'Oreal Magic Retouch can be purchased at any cosmetics store, and the price per bottle varies in the amount of 500 rubles, depending on where the purchase is made.


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