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Kerastase Hair Oil

Any person who likes when his curls are well-groomed, have a beautiful shine and a healthy look, can use this tool. Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil is a tool that is suitable both for daily care when the hair is completely healthy and for solving a particular problem associated with them:

  • to restore the structure of dyed (especially many times) or bleached hair;
  • to solve the same problem if a woman was permed;
  • to eliminate problems with hair after ironing, curling, hair dryers and other devices that are used during styling;
  • for long hair that is difficult to comb due to the fact that they are confused;
  • if the ends are split;
  • if the curls are thin, weakened and have no volume;
  • if the scalp is too dry.

How oil works:

  • dry hair becomes livelier, and a rush of internal strength is felt in them;
  • the hair structure becomes smoother, and they acquire a beautiful shine;
  • for dry scalp, even for very sensitive, such a tool becomes an excellent nutrition;
  • irritation passes on the skin, dry dandruff disappears;
  • the oil has a rejuvenating effect - the hair is renewed and begins to grow faster;
  • due to the action of this drug, moisture is stored inside the hair cells, protecting it from drying out;
  • It is an excellent conditioner, eliminates static electricity, hair is easy to comb and style;
  • your ringlets will no longer be afraid of ultraviolet, dry hot air from a hair dryer and other damaging factors from the outside.

Thus, this tool works for both the external effect and the internal:

  • for the exterior - this is the cosmetic component of the effect, when the hairstyle has a well-groomed appearance, is resistant to destructive effects, due to the content of high-quality silicone and the hair has an indescribable aroma of oriental spices;
  • for the internal - this is when oils are specially selected to provide nutrition to the hair and scalp, their healing and saturation with all necessary elements.


The popularity of this multifunctional product came by chance. There are numerous reviews from customers, on the basis of which it was possible to understand what is the advantage of this product over other cosmetics in a similar direction:

  • instead of several cosmetics that you had to purchase before (oils, conditioner spray and hair fluid), you can now use one - Kerastase oil;
  • absorption - instant, the thinnest layer remains on the hair, from which they do not look greasy or heavy;
  • economical consumption - with just one click you can process even long and thick curls, so that a bottle with a capacity of 125 g is enough for at least 2 months;
  • It has a truly magical, refined aroma, in which a whole gamut of floral shades with a slight nutty smell. It is the scent of fresh wind that flew from tropical Amazonian forests filled with nectar from exotic plants;
  • a stylish and sophisticated product design in the form of a gold bottle decorated with a convenient dispenser is quite suitable for giving to any woman.

About four healing oils

The composition of this product contains four types of oils, and each of them has unique features. Each of them is an addition to the rest, and together they form the breeding ground of the oleo-complex, which the company has patented.

Kerastase contains the following oils:

  • Pracaxi;
  • corn;
  • camellias;
  • argan.


Large-bladed pentacletra is the plant from which this oil is obtained, and it deserves special attention. The birthplace of this plant is the Amazon forest. The seeds in the pods of this plant are rich in oil having unique properties, and they are not yet fully understood.


Mais - the culture is more familiar to us, and in this case it is the basis in the oleo-complex, to which the remaining components are attached in certain proportions. Corn oil is rich in vitamin E, which is responsible for regeneration processes. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates damaging factors that weaken hair and contribute to the formation of dandruff.


The Japanese believe that camellia oil is an elixir of youth for the skin, and therefore it is very much appreciated there. Many Japanese women seem to have stayed at the same age - they do not age, have smooth, healthy skin without wrinkles and long shiny hair.

The same magical things happen with Chinese women and Vietnamese - and all of them also regularly use this natural makeup - camellia oil. This product, which is obtained by cold pressing, contains substances that are really capable of a powerful anti-aging effect on the skin and curls. This component is distinguished by its unique oriental aroma, which the Kerastaz oil possesses.


This expensive and valuable product, originally from Morocco, is an unrivaled assistant in the field of hair care. Many factors affect the quality of hair - prolonged winter frosts, dry air in the apartment, stresses from which the vessels of the head narrow ... All these factors cause thinning of curls, their fragility, skin itching and dandruff.

Thanks to argan oil, which envelops the hair with the thinnest layer of a protective film, the hair does not lose its moisture, gains softness and streams like silk. This film also protects from the scorching rays of the sun, and this is very important for someone who is going on vacation at sea.

Use cases

Kerastase hair oil is a multifunctional cosmetic product. To achieve this or that goal, this product can be used in various ways.

To clean your hair

If this product is applied to curls before washing your hair, you get the effect of deep cleaning with the dissolution of all the dirt and residual products that were used during styling. From the urban atmosphere, every day what doesn’t settle on the hair - and soot, and tobacco smoke, and transport exhausts, and products of industrial enterprises. It is not surprising, therefore, that little remains of the morning beauty on the head.

This use of the product is preferable for the cold season, for people of age, as well as for those who often dye their hair or curl it.

On washed hair

If you apply the product after washing your hair when the curls are still wet, and only then dry them and lay them, we get the effect of a conditioner (indelible). The hair will not dry out, will be resistant to hot effects, and it will be easy to style. And the fragrance will be fragrant just magical.

On hair

In this case, the oil is applied to the already laid curls, nourishing the tips well - thus, the curls can be removed from brittleness and they will be easy to comb. For thin hair, this option of using oil is also suitable - they will stop fluffing, become denser in structure and acquire smoothness. The owners of curly hair, which is not so easy to cope with, will breathe a sigh of relief - finally their curls will decently and nobly fall from their shoulders.

All day long

If the ends of your hair are too dry, you can use Kerastase oil from time to time all day. Only one drop will be enough to make the curls look soft and well-groomed, while the intoxicating aroma of the product will remind you of visiting an expensive spa and the work of professionals. Let the cherished bottle will always be at hand, then your hair will always be "in shape".

For healing effect

Add just a few drops of Kerastase oil to your regular hair mask to enrich its composition and supplement with nutrients. So your tool will affect the condition of the hair follicles and skin with maximum efficiency.

For comprehensive care

For proper care, one oil may not be enough, but in this case, you can use other cosmetics from the Elixir Ultime series:

  1. Shampoo, which is enriched with the components of Kerastase oil and also avocado oil. The hair will receive a high-quality cleansing, the curls will shine, and the skin will not dry out. Economical consumption and long lasting effect of basal volume.
  2. Nourishing mask. The mask is rich in a number of vitamins, has a thick, rich consistency, is able to deeply nourish the curls and improve the skin on the head and protect it from dryness. The fragrance that will accompany you when applying the mask will remind you of the atmosphere of the spa.
  3. Solid indelible balm containing 15 oils - Solid Serum. It is applied to the hair with your fingers, while it instantly melts and updates the structure of the damaged areas. It is recommended to use this balm daily, then your hair will not be brittle, the strands will always be obedient, and an incomparable aroma will accompany you all day.

A review of Kerastase Elixir Ultime review hair oil in the next video.

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