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Hair Oil Natura Siberica

Hair oil Natura Siberica is another new product from the company. This product includes several components for better hair care. In this article, we will consider each component, as well as read the opinions of people who have tried this tool.

Sea buckthorn oil complex consists of a product aimed at softening the tips and a product that promotes hair growth.

Tip softener

Promises nutrition to your curls, turning them into shiny and silky, as well as eliminating cross-section and fragility. Protects your locks from the effects of frost or heat. It can be used as protection when using a hairdryer.

Using this tool is quite simple. Inside the jar there is a special pipette that helps to extract the contents, as well as squeeze it into the palm of your hand. It is recommended to apply the product on wet, washed hair, starting from the ends. If the oil remains, it is best to smear it all the way. It is important not to overdo it - too much oil will give your hair a greasy shine and it will look ugly.

The composition contains several useful oils, such as sea buckthorn, cedar, argan and wheat germ. It is supplemented with all vitamins A and E, as well as amino acids.

Manufacturers say that the composition does not contain harmful components, such as parabens and glycol, which are often used in other cosmetics. However, despite this, the composition contains silicone, which gives the hair smoothness and shine. Here are just a long interaction with this substance does not have a positive effect on health. Silicone envelops the hairs and prevents the necessary substances from penetrating to the roots, which causes the strands to lose color and break.

For hair growth

This tool should nourish the roots of the hair, help them grow and, in general, have a good effect on the appearance.

The method of application is no different from the mask - you carefully rub the product into the roots of the hair and leave it for two to three hours. At this time, it would be nice to cover your head with a shower cap or just a plastic bag - this will help to better absorb and reveal your beneficial substances in full. After several hours of waiting, it is recommended to rinse your hair with regular shampoo.

The composition is rich in a variety of oils, for example: avocado, almond, peppermint oil, sea buckthorn, macadamia, argan, rose hip, apricot kernel, cardamom, borago and fir. Also, the product contains sea buckthorn fragrance - the juicy aroma of these berries is taken from here.

Sea buckthorn

Manufacturers claim that it is a natural oil. It can save you from damaged strands, strengthen them and make them shine. It also takes good care of the roots and scalp, makes the hair follicles strong, accelerates hair growth and fights against split ends.

In addition, the oil can be used for the rest of the skin. In eliminating wrinkles and healing wounds, it knows no equal. Also known for its bactericidal action.

To make your curls look one hundred percent, it is best to prepare masks from this oil. As always, you need to rub it into the hair follicles, and then gradually spread over the entire length. You can also conduct an experiment and mix with any oil you want. Keep the mixture on your hair for about an hour, and then rinse with shampoo. It is only necessary to take into account that such a tool will be washed off in about two sets.

This is not as convenient as the same indelible oil, but the hair in this case looks much better without a greasy shine.

Below is a video review of two remedies, one of which is Natura Siberica.


Consider the recipes for the most popular hair masks.

For dry hair

You will need: castor oil and sea buckthorn oil, mixed in equal parts.


  • Rinse the head with shampoo, thoroughly massaging the locks at the roots;
  • Dry the curls;
  • Start applying the mask to wet hair;
  • Insulate with a towel or something else;
  • After half an hour, rinse the curls again with shampoo and rinse with a decoction of chamomile.

For hair prone to dryness

You will need: two large spoons of sea buckthorn and castor oil, one egg and a spoon of sour cream.


  • Mix the oils thoroughly with the egg;
  • Stir and put sour cream;
  • Grind and put on hair, starting with the bulbs;
  • Wrap yourself in a towel or hat;
  • After one and a half hours, rinse with shampoo.

For those prone to fat

You will need: two large spoons of castor oil and sea buckthorn, two yolks.

How to cook:

  • Stir all the ingredients;
  • Rub thoroughly into the roots and distribute along the entire length of the hair;
  • Wrap curls in a towel or pull on a hat;
  • After half an hour, wash with shampoo.

With mustard

You will need: for four tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil, one spoonful of mustard powder is taken.


  • Oil put warm up;
  • To dilute mustard in it, having achieved a state of porridge;
  • Rub a thick substance into the hair roots;
  • After 15 minutes, wash with shampoo.

Mask to accelerate the growth of strands

You will need: one yolk, one large spoon with oil and 10 grams of tritisanol (it can easily be found in a pharmacy).

Mode of application:

  • Stir the ingredients;
  • Pour practically boiling water and stir;
  • A viscous and thick substance should cover the strands with a toothbrush, paying special attention to the roots;
  • Cover the head with polyethylene and wrap a heated towel over it, which would be nice to change as it cools;
  • Twenty minutes later, rinse with shampoo.

Regularly carrying out this procedure ensures that after 5-10 times the result of strengthening and enhanced growth of the strands will be visible.

For any type of hair

For preventative saturation and well-being, you should do this procedure. It is especially useful in winter, when the curls are the most weakened.

You will need: oil of burdock, castor oil, sea buckthorn and eucalyptus.

How to cook:

  • Mix the oils in equal proportions;
  • Apply to scalp;
  • How to insulate;
  • After two hours, rinse your head with shampoo, and then treat it with tincture of nettle or chamomile.


If you look at the reviews, it becomes clear that most buyers are satisfied with the complex of oils and the effect of it.

Some, however, note the inconvenience of using the pipette, as it captures more oil than required. It is also very fragile and can break at any time. There are suggestions that with a dispenser it would be much easier.

Oil for the ends of the hair received the most negative reviews. A good half of the girls say that the tips did not stop chopping and there was no effect on the hair. There are other complaints about the oil for all types of hair - users complain that they can only be washed off the fourth time, which is very inconvenient. The product for hair growth caused the least discontent - many note its effectiveness and ease of use.

Watch the video: RosehipPLUS and Natura Siberica (February 2020).


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