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Macadamia Comb

The Macadamia brand is famous for its curl care products based on macadamia oils and organs - a valuable and nutritious component. After the resounding success of the legendary Tangle Teezer brush, global brands began to create their own products - unofficial copies of the famous accessory, and the Macadamia comb was one of the most successful.


No tangle brush

The most popular Macadamia brush is called No Tangle Brush and has the shape of an elongated drop made of high-quality plastic. The graceful form of a hairbrush is convenient for a hand and independent combing of a hair, its streamlined shape is ideal for home use. The main thing in it is cloves with different lengths and widths, located strictly along vertical and horizontal lines; they unravel the hair qualitatively and carefully care for them.

The Macadamia comb will be an excellent replacement for a regular brush for daily home use and untangling curls, including for gentle combing of wet hair. Among its advantages can be noted lightness in weight and use, compactness and excellent combing: the brush copes with the most complex knots on the head of hair and carefully untangles each of them. You just need to take it with you in your purse and use it outside, having come up with a small storage case.

Bamboo paddle brush

The brand’s traditional comb is a wooden brush with unusual cloves of Bamboo Paddle, Brush with impregnation from oil extracts - macadamia nuts and organs. The model has a wide rectangular brush and a comfortable handle with rubber so that the accessory remains securely in your hand.


The next type of comb from the Macadamia brand is an ordinary wooden comb with rare single teeth, saturated with two oils - macadamia nut and argan extract. Thanks to daily use of the comb, the hair receives additional nutrition, while the hands remain clean.

The accessory is made of resinous compounds and has a special impregnation on each clove; the comb becomes an indispensable addition to the daily care of the hair and makes the curls smooth, saturated with nutritious oils and dense.

By the way, if you notice that the comb has lost its former working capacity and no longer nourishes the hair, you need to put it in macadamia vegetable oil and leave it for several hours, then wipe it thoroughly and leave it for a while so that the product is absorbed.

Brush brush

For hair styling, the Macadamia brand has released two brush-shaped combs-brushes - a blown plastic and wooden round models and a convenient handle. Such accessories will be the best choice for styling hair in the salon or at home: they give volume to the hair and ensure smooth hair.

The blow-out comb for volumetric styling has a number of thin plastic teeth and a base in the shape of a cylinder with small holes for air circulation. Plastic teeth has a frame that preserves the respect for each hair and ionizes unruly strands.

The Macadamia wood brush model has a round shape and volume on its own; she will become the best assistant in super volumetric styling and will save her for a long time without the help of additional funds. By the way, the diameter of the comb is excellent 25-53 mm, which allows you to choose a suitable hair structure, natural volume and habit.

Wooden comb for styling will be the choice of professionals and amateurs in hair care; the brush has a comfortable rubberized handle and is resistant to the highest temperatures.

Natural Oil Paddle Cushion Brush

Natural Oil Paddle Cushion Brush Macadamia flat brush provides professional care for curls at home and will be a real find for long and thick hair. Macadamia's large rectangular brush and oil-bristled bristles make the hair strong and supple, healthy and beautiful. Natural bristles with special impregnation provide the curls with additional nutrition, which they receive with each combing; this eliminates oily sheen and unpleasant weighting of hair. In addition, the Natural Oil Paddle Cushion Brush brush has an antistatic property and well unravels naughty curls.

Where to buy and how much

The combs of the famous Macadamia brand are sold in specialized retail and online stores that have the appropriate certificates for the sale of accessories. By the way, in Russia there is an official online store selling goods, including products for the care of curls and other attributes.

The cost of combs varies depending on its type, for example, a Macadamia massage brush will cost, on average, 1000 rubles, a brush-brush will cost about 3000 rubles (the price varies from the diameter of the brush), and the comb will cost no more than 900 rubles - its price starts from 700 rubles. Prices are as of May 2017.

How to distinguish a fake

Original Macadamia combs differ from copies in several ways:

  • Each accessory has a company name and company logo in the form of an oil drop;
  • Too low a price should push away from the purchase; Before purchasing, it is better to compare prices from sellers and look for goods of approximately the same pricing policy;
  • Massage brush - the most popular and most fake; worth knowing it is available in green or pink Macadamia;
  • Macadamia brand products are purchased from large reputable sellers known;
  • If in doubt, you are entitled to ask for a certificate confirming the original origin of the accessories.


With the advent of the Macadamia massage brush, consumers began to purchase this product - it turned out to be more affordable and no less quality in hair care. Women note that the streamlined shape of the Macadamia No Tangle Brush is comfortable for the hand, the bristles of various lengths perfectly cope with tangled curls and carefully untangle even the most intricate nodules.

In addition, consumers are attracted by the affordable price of the product - the Macadamia massage brush, the brand’s most popular product. In addition, women all over the world liked the brush so much that they are happy to switch to other products of the brand - to a stunning comb, flat brushes and styling brushes.

Macadamia wooden hair brushes are impregnated with a special oil composition that additionally nourishes the hair and saturates it with a complex of useful elements with each comb. At the same time, women note that the hair does not oily even after frequent combing and remain smooth all day.

A teardrop-shaped massage brush No Tangle Brush is comfortable to carry in a purse, the only negative, according to consumers, is the lack of a lid or cover for gentle storage in a bag, but even this does not stop the fair sex from buying a Macadamia massage brush.

The Macadamia comb series for styling is also positive: women are pleased with the choice of brush diameter and shape: round or oval. Consumers note the convenience of the brush due to the rubberized handle and natural bristles that do not injure wet hair and allow you to put curls in the latest fashion. Even the high price of the comb does not stop the lady from buying, all the same, healthy hair is not a cheap pleasure and requires small material investments that pay off very quickly.

Original high quality combs saturated with macadamia and argan oils will appeal to owners of hair of different lengths, colors, and conditions.

Watch the video: Macadamia Oil Infused Comb on 4b hair (February 2020).


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