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Hair oil "7 oils"

A series of "7 oils" from Elf effectively restores and enhances the health of curls, restoring their former beauty. Many women are in search of a means that can save their overdried and weakened from the negative effects of hair.

Since ancient times, women used various serums in order to restore the structure of their hair. To date, all these products are commercially available, but Elf's 7 Oils combines a combination of seven popular components that are located inside the package. The healthy composition is worthy of praise because it can benefit your weakened curls and give you self-confidence.

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Hair oil comes in a carton box. Inside is a bottle, the volume of which is 100 ml. Also, serum is accompanied by a guide for use, which describes in detail the composition, qualities, rules of use of the drug. For convenient handling, the manufacturer put a special pipette.

The neck of the product is under reliable protection, like sunflower oil. With the help of such a neck, the oil flows out more slowly, which eliminates the likelihood of a large loss if the bottle is accidentally capsized.


As mentioned earlier, in this preparation there are seven useful oils that are in the ranking of the most useful and popular. The manufacturer has specially selected the composition so that your hair receives all the elements necessary for restoration.

The preparation contains a balanced complex Vital Hair Aktive +, which is designed to strengthen weakened strands and activate the growth of hair follicles. Also in the serum are proteins and arginines, which help deliver beneficial substances to the hair follicles, nourishing and strengthening the roots.


Each component that is present in the composition of the 7 in 1 oil has its own purpose. Let's take a closer look at the functions of each element:

  • for burdock oil entrusted with the function of strengthening the roots, toning the scalp, normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • castor oil It is responsible for hair growth, gives it a healthy shine and silkiness; linseed oil also helps to activate the growth of strands. It contains a vitamin of group E, which has a moisturizing effect not only on the hair, but also on the scalp;
  • rosemary oil responsible for improving the supply of nutrients to the roots, prevents hair loss;
  • cedar balm Helps strengthen curls and stimulates their growth. He also acts as an antiseptic;
  • avocado provides complete care, retains moisture in the hair, protects curls from dryness and brittleness;
  • Shea Butter able to repair damaged and brittle strands. It is referred to as a natural UV filter; arginines are a substrate for enzymes that are called NO synthases. Their activity stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which is one of the vasodilating factors. They provide control of blood flow to the hair follicles and improve microcirculation, delivering the nutritional and structural elements that are necessary for hair growth;
  • smart proteins - This is providing protection, restorative and reconstruction qualities for the entire hair structure. With their help, not only the cuticle will be restored, but also the inside of the hair. Proteins are able to penetrate deep into the hair and integrate into its cortex. They guarantee the strengthening, restoration of the strands, and also protect the hair structure from the inside, reducing fragility by 80%.

As we can see, the whole composition has useful properties and is aimed at restoring the structure of curls, activating growth. The manufacturer reports that this tool will help restore hair beauty, shine and strength.


The product is applied with a pipette over the entire scalp. It is recommended to massage the skin during use. After application, put a warming cap on your head and wrap it with a towel. Keep the drug on your hair for two to three hours, after which it is washed off with warm water. Use the shampoo from the Seven Oils series to rinse.

The procedure is recommended to be performed once or twice a week for a couple of months. If you are planning an intensive recovery course, then use the oil every day for three weeks. A repeat course is appointed after one month.

There are precautions when handling this product. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If the serum gets on the mucous membranes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Other manufacturers

There are other manufacturers who offer their seven-component hair care products. Among their large number, the German drug should be noted "Nexxt Oil Bar Crazy Cocktail", which contains 7 oils with a unique composition.

The preparation consists of jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut, argan, olive, sea buckthorn and wheat oils. The beneficial composition is completed by silk proteins. Such a complex provides effective care for dry and damaged hair, and a unique formula moisturizes curls.

The tool has proven to be an excellent oil that protects the strands from drying out, brittleness and cross-section. A limitless first-aid kit of seven oils restores shine, gives silkiness and provides easy combing.

The product quickly repairs damaged areas. Thanks to the softening and moisturizing components, the upper layers of the cortex are filled and the cuticle is smoothed out, along with providing easy combing without weighting.


Women note that a couple of weeks after use, the first result appeared. Hair loss decreased and the first "hedgehog" began to peck. Even with very severe damage, the "7 oils" from Elf restores the structure, the hair is easier to comb and the tassels no longer form.

After a month of use, the hair already falls out significantly less. If before there was a whole tuft of hair on the comb, now there are only five hairs. One gets the feeling that the hair has become thicker, the cut ends also become smaller.

Girls like to use 7 in 1 serum, as it gives curls a feeling of softness and silkiness. Hair scatters without weighting and perfectly fit in the desired shape. A convenient pipette for applying adds points to the popularity rating of the product.

"7 oils" from Elf has a low price and amazing effect. It contains all the necessary oils for proper care. There is no need to purchase different funds if everything you need is in one tube. The mixture has a pleasant smell, reminiscent of a medicinal syrup. The oil is washed off with two shampoos. This is a good result when compared with castor oil.

Numerous positive reviews indicate that this inexpensive, but effective tool worthy of taking its place in your home cosmetic bag. If you are concerned about the problem of hair loss, you feel that your curls have lost a healthy glow and become brittle - get this oil and you will again feel self-confidence.

Watch the video: HOW TO SAVE YOUR HAIR WITH OILS. Ayesha Malik (February 2020).


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