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Weleda Infant Tummy Oil

Since the birth of the child, parents have been trying to give him all the best and best: clothes, food, toys, care products. It is on the latter that one should carefully pay attention. This can be a bathing foam, cream, shampoo, massage oil.

As many consumers write, oils have become an essential attribute in infant care. The range of such products is quite large. And they all perform various functions: soothe, moisturize, disinfect and much more. But there are also massage oils to relax while bloating your baby’s tummy. These products are Weleda products.


If your child, after you fed him, has a stomach ache or increased gas formation, do not immediately resort to medical means. Better try to give him a tummy massage. It will be much more effective when using the Weleda product line, for example, Baby-Bauchleinol.

During its existence, the company declared itself, according to consumers, as a manufacturer of high-quality, natural, that is, organic products. Almost all products contain natural ingredients that do not cause allergies, which is a key indicator in the care of sensitive baby skin. Specialists who are working on the creation of this product are sure that in nature there is everything necessary to maintain youth and beauty.

Weleda itself grows a variety of medicinal plants, which it then uses to make its products. The enterprises are located exclusively in Europe, in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France. But a large network of representative offices makes it possible to purchase these products worldwide.

What is this product

Baby massage oil is a special tool. It contains almond oil, various compositions of essential oils of the highest standard, infusions of chamomile, marjoram, cardamom. They have a therapeutic effect on the child, while relieving cramping and bloating - the most common problems of newborns caused by incompletely formed intestinal functions, which are still difficult to digest mother’s milk or mixtures.

Doing massage with Weleda oils, you soothe and warm the baby, while the work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized, excessive gas formation is prevented.

The product is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces on the skin of the child. Since the oil contains natural ingredients of plant origin, it is great for babies with sensitive, prone to allergic reactions or skin irritations.

The oil does not have a pronounced, specific smell, because it is very important for massages, which is often prescribed for children up to a year.

Manufacturers recommend that after opening the vial, make sure that oil does not collect on its neck, because when it interacts with air, it has an unpleasant bitter or sour smell.

With all these qualities, consumers in their reviews indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the products.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pluses include:

  • naturalness of the product. It does not contain synthetic or chemical substances, dyes, mineral oils, artificial flavors;
  • tool tested by European dermatologists;
  • nice smell;
  • has a warming effect;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • low consumption;
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Cons of production:

  • Eliminates colic for a short time;
  • the price is slightly higher than other means.

For many years, Weleda products have proven their superior quality to customers.

Mode of application

First of all, it is worth making sure that the room is warm, and your baby is comfortable and comfortable:

  1. Put your baby on your back.
  2. Warm the product a little in the palms and gently rub it into the skin of the abdomen.
  3. Start massaging with the navel, smoothly moving in a circular motion to the outside of the tummy.
  4. Repeat this algorithm a couple of times.
  5. It is advisable to massage clockwise - this helps to eliminate gas formation.

Doctors recommend doing such massages every day. This will help normalize the digestion of the child and relieve him of discomfort.

Take care of yourself

A future mother should remember that she needs to take care not only about her child, but also about her health. In order for the birth to pass without any special complications, gynecologists recommend the use of special means that prepare the mother's body. Weleda offers a wide range of products that will protect against tearing of the perineum during childbirth. The use of such funds makes the skin of the intimate areas much more elastic and softer, which allows them to stretch during labor.

The composition of these oils is natural. It includes: wheat and rose oil, almond oil, sage. This combination of ingredients perfectly softens the skin, while not causing allergic reactions and irritations.

Watch the video: Weleda. Baby massage with Weleda Calendula Oil (January 2020).


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