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Majestic combs

Each representative of the fair sex dreams of beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. They are her pride and help to feel confident. Today, a lot of funds for the care of curls. One of them is a Majestic comb. What are its benefits?


The comb is developed in Japan and has virtually no analogues. She has an order of magnitude more cloves than conventional options. Thanks to the elastic bristles during combing, a gentle massage of the head occurs. The massage brush has more than 300 teeth that enhance blood circulation.

The teeth of the comb are different in length and degree of elasticity. More rigid bristles open and clean the pores, soft bristles normalize the hair follicles. Thanks to a double massage, hair grows faster, becomes silky. They look healthy.

The teeth of the Japanese comb are made of wear-resistant nylon. It is flexible, therefore, in the process of combing, the curls are not injured, do not fall out, and the scalp is not irritated. Nylon teeth have safety balls at their ends, so the combing procedure is gentle.

Combing hair is not only possible in the usual way. Using a comb, you can ease the procedure of washing your hair or styling.

It is suitable for adults and children and does not harm hair.

The product is designed to strengthen strands of any length.

When can I use it?

We must not forget that one of the causes of brittleness and hair loss is improper care. One comb problem cannot be solved. Hair suffers from aggressive shampoos and styling accessories. You can not wash your hair with too hot water: this makes the curls dry and brittle.

To help curls gain strength and vitality, you can use a comb in a compartment with healing oils. Majestic comb is used:

  • with a noticeable weakening and hair loss;
  • with dull, thin and naughty hair;
  • to increase the volume of hairstyles;
  • with slow growth of strands;
  • with diseases of the scalp;
  • as a soft and gentle massage of the head;
  • to cleanse the scalp and hair from dandruff;
  • to increase the number of strands;
  • for even distribution of the medicinal product to ringlets;
  • for styling curls.

With regular combing, the hair becomes silky and beautiful. In order to maximize the effect of curl care and comb it carefully, you can use oils for dry and naughty hair. So you can treat the structure of curls.

We must not forget that split ends are not restored. Means only help stop this process. For healthy hair, it is necessary to trim the ends from time to time.

Model Majestic Scalp Brush

This model is available in blue and pink. At the end of the pen is the company logo. The bristles of the comb differ in different lengths, but all have small balls at the ends. Externally, the design is quite simple. The brand product is made with a focus on functionality.

The advantage of this comb is a good cleansing of the scalp. After application, the hair is divided, they are less confused and not electrified.

How to use while washing your hair?

To prevent hair getting mixed up when washing your hair, you need to comb them before the procedure. Apply shampoo and distribute it with a comb, carefully pressing the teeth to the skin. Then the shampoo should be washed off, as usual, under running water, combing the strands in the direction of the water flow.

The brush helps evenly apply not only shampoo, but also oil. This enhances the effectiveness of the drug and the achievement of a therapeutic effect.


For the product to last long enough, a careful attitude is necessary.

After use, the comb should be washed in soapy water and rinsed with running water.

Do not dry it with a hair dryer or near a heater.


Each company devotes a lot of time to advertising its products. But nothing will tell about her like real customer reviews. It is the responses that allow you to better learn about the product and its functional and practical properties.

Opinions of customers about the comb of the Japanese brand are different. Buying a product for a rather high price, many women rely on the miraculous properties of the product. However, one must not forget that the comb is just a tool for hair care, but not a medicine.

It should normalize the hair follicles, enhancing the growth of curls. Customer expectations are not met, so many of them are disappointed in Majestic combs. A lot of reviews are devoted to the fact that combs can not cope with thick strands and, most likely, are intended for rare strands. It is noted that they do not differ from ordinary analogues and are rather fragile.

Among the reviews there are also positive comments. They have a noticeable effect with regular use of the product. Women using a comb to apply oils write about neat styling, beautiful appearance and shine of hair.

A review of the Japanese Majestic hairbrush is in the next video.

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