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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Salt spray for hair

With the advent of summer, I always want to dream up and experiment with my hair. This year's fashionable cascading and graduated haircuts mean the already beloved "beach waves" with the effect of wet and slightly tousled hair.

Mousses, gels are excellent fixers for creating this fashionable image, but are not always ready to withstand scorching rays. Salt spray - the best styling in the hot season.

What is it needed for?

Salt spray does not burden, holds its shape well and for a long time, leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. Allows you to maintain your favorite style without much effort:

  • the hairstyle can be done independently, without resorting to the help of a stylist;
  • little time is spent on creating the necessary image (you just need to apply styling);
  • curls themselves take the form of waves, in most cases the use of irons is not required;
  • there is naturalness and mobility of hair after styling;
  • hair and skin receive nourishment and protection;
  • the spray is easily washed off without leaving traces; special shampoos are not required;
  • does not cause allergic reactions.

Sea water has a natural texturing and fixing substance.

The higher the salt content in the spray, the more elastic and stiff the hair will become and the longer the beach or structural curls will not lose their attractive shape.

It is on the percentage of sea water that the features of the choice of this type of modeling product are based.

Ingredients Composition

At the base of the spray is salt water. She is able to perform miracles, not in vain rest on the sea coast, we consider wellness. Trichologists and dermatologists advise not to immediately wash it off after bathing, beneficial substances continue to affect the body for another 15-20 minutes.

An exception only for owners of brittle, overdried hair. The chemical elements and compounds will help everyone else to strengthen the hair follicles, restore damaged strands, and destroy dandruff. The curls will return strength and natural shine.

Sea salt contains:

  • sodium chloride (salt) - its ionized form has an alkalizing effect on the oxidized environment of cells, thereby equalizing the acid-base balance, in which the scalp becomes less oily;
  • iodine (iodine bromine) - rejuvenates cells;
  • calcium - has a healing effect, strengthens the hair structure;
  • magnesium - is a conductor in the body of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B6, B1, E, prevents the development of seborrhea, gives shine and elasticity to the strands;
  • bromine and sulfur - destroy pathogens of fungal diseases and generally show a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • copper and iron - enrich with oxygen;
  • selenium - protects hair cells from negative influences;
  • silicon - strengthens the structure of the epidermis, hair, etc.

But, despite all the benefits, seawater in large quantities is considered an aggressive environment: it dries the scalp, leaving it without moisture. A liter contains up to 35% salt. In cosmetic preparations, it is used a little, in a concentration of 3 to 10%. But if you apply the spray on the strands every day, or even several times a day, then instead of the benefit, the hair will become faded and brittle.

Therefore, salt styling necessarily contains moisturizing ingredients and nutritious oils, for example, coconut, mango or shea. Their number is small so as not to weight the hair, but only as much as necessary to prevent the negative effects of salts.

How to use at home

It’s fascinating to experiment with a haircut, but choosing the professional tool necessary for this the first time is quite problematic and expensive. Fans of natural products are also embarrassed by the presence of preservatives in the sprays, fragrances that can adversely affect the structure of the strands. And therefore, do-it-yourself styling based on sea water with nutritious additives on your own, at home, looks like an entirely attractive idea.

Recipe number 1

You will need:

  • Spray bottle (you can use a bottle from an already used spray).
  • Sea salt from the supermarket - one teaspoon.
  • Pure water - one full glass (200 ml).
  • Coconut or olive oil - 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Gel (suitable for your hair type) - 1/2 teaspoon.

When choosing salt, be sure to check the expiration date and integrity of the package: iodine is eroded from an open pack after 6 months. This element may not be present in wet salt. You can use mineral water without gas.

Recipe number 2

You will need:

  • Spray gun.
  • Sea salt, small (you can use English) - 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Pure water - one full glass (200 ml).
  • Essential oil (lemon or peppermint) - 3-5 drops.
  • Fixing gel - 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Aloe Vera Gel - 2 teaspoons.

It is prepared according to the principle: first, thick ingredients are combined, a salt solution is separately created and then it is gradually poured into a thick mass. Mix until a homogeneous substance is formed. The resulting product is poured into a container and shaken well. Once the spray is ready, it can be used. Store at 17-25 ° C.

For a basal volume, a texturing spray is applied parting on the hair roots. To achieve maximum effect when blow drying, the head is lowered down. If possible, you can collect the hair at night on a crown at the top, curling it with a tourniquet and fixing it with a soft rubber band, leave it in this form until the morning. The next day, it remains only to correct the hair a little.

To give low beach curls, the spray is sprayed from the middle of the length to the ends of the strands. In small amounts, on clean, dry or slightly damp hair. To give shape, individual strands are squeezed a little or curls are twisted onto a finger, dried with a hairdryer or allowed to dry naturally. Such hair can be braided into braids, collected in a bun, tail, without forgetting to let out several free strands in the face.

Negligence has its own laws, not as severe as in the classical style, but the exactingness of the appearance remains. The hairstyle should not look messy - in all it is necessary to observe a measure. It is required to carefully monitor the purity of the hair and the absence of traces of texturing agents on the strands.

Features of choice

Salt spray is an ideal tool for thin, soft and naughty hair. It is well suited for owners of oily skin: the spray dries out the skin, the strands become less dirty and washing your hair every day can be a thing of the past.

For those with dry damaged hair, salt styling is not contraindicated, just use it no more than 2-3 times a week and choose a product with a low percentage of sea water - not more than 4-5%.

Owners of stiff and naughty hair should choose products with strong fixation - close to 7% of the content of sea salts. Or, after spraying salt styling of medium fixation, you will have to resort to using forceps, ploes or irons. And after this procedure, to fix, once again apply a little spray on each of the curls and let it dry.

Short haircuts do not require much time for styling: a little texturing means, a few finger movements to give the desired shape and the hairstyle is ready. The choice of brand of spray does not cause problems.

Brand reviews

The fashion for salt sprays has been holding for several years, so cosmetics have managed to pass the tests of ordinary customers in a wide variety of conditions - from the beach to club parties.

Proven brands:

Ocean spritz sea (from Wella Professionals) - great for dry hair. Fixation is an average, natural flexible form of curls. According to the analysis in blogs, it is ideal for critical cases: a bit harsh, but it reliably holds the styling, no worse than a persistent varnish.

Sachajuan ocean mist - created on the basis of proteins and minerals obtained from seaweed in combination with other rare components. The recipe is called "Sea Silk". Provides shine, volume and hair care without weighting. Suitable for delicate curls, gently emphasizes the wavy shapes of a beach hairstyle. Girls found that this tool does not require a large amount for styling.

With an overdose, the strands become "plastic", crunchy. In this case, in order to correct the situation, it is advised to wet the hair a little and blow dry it with a hairdryer.

OSIS + Session Label (from Schwarzkopf Professional) - copes with all types of hair, including thin curly. The spray creates volume at the roots and beautiful “wet” strands. According to the forums - even the day after washing. Fixing is easy, without gluing. May not cope with thick, heavy or naughty strands. It is applied along the entire length, both on barely wet hair and on dry hair. In case of an overdose it leaves the effect of a dirty head.

R + Co ROCKAWAY Salt Spray - creates volume and texturing styling, implying a slight negligence of hair. The composition of the spray includes extracts from numerous herbs: geranium, which tightens the structure of hair, lemongrass, aloe, yarrow, which helps moisturize, sage, witch hazel, comfrey and lemon balm. Mint balm provides thermal protection, vitamin C and oak bark saturate with strength and provide a natural shine to healthy curls.

TIGI Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray - perfectly increases the volume without fluffing strands. Suitable for any hair stiffness. Strong fixation of "beach waves" is able to hold its shape even in rainy weather. It is applied to wet curls and dried with a hairdryer. It is convenient to use at any time of the year.

Indola Innova Finish Salt Spray - enriched with moisturizing components. The tousled styling is fairly fixed with flexible lines. The composition gives a dull curl. Suitable for frequent use - up to several times during the day. It is applied to both wet and dry hair, a hair dryer does not affect the quality of the hair and the safety of curls.

Dermosil - creates natural splendor and provides ease when creating wavy locks. Perfectly recommended when styling short haircuts. An excellent tool for fixing natural curls and long smooth hair that will look great even messy braided in a braid. Suitable as a styling for men who want to give their hair a slight negligence. The spray is applied to wet or dry locks, and is dried by a hairdryer.

Matrix - An innovative texturing tool from the American brand to create a beach image on the catwalk. Professional spray creates a voluminous, slightly hooligan styling with pronounced curls. Apply to dry or wet strands, like foam. It has a matte sheen, does not leave a feeling of heaviness or stickiness of the strands. It contains nutritional components. Very reliable, you can not worry about the hairstyle.

LABEL.M SEA SALT SPRAY - the best tool for styling short and thin hair, judging by the reviews. It is applied to the roots and distributed by fingers, a comb or a round brush along the strands, giving them the necessary rhythm. Well structured and holds shape. Elastic fixation, no sticky effect. Easy to comb out without leaving any residue.

Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising spray - gentle for all hair types. Weak fixation, according to reviews, requires support with varnish. Careless strands look natural and mobile. A wonderful and unusual aroma of ginger, tea with bergamot and pink pepper.

There are very few negative reviews of salt sprays, which is why they are so popular. Objective shortcomings include only three:

  • time limit for use (with prolonged use, hair can lose strength, scalp can be dehydrated);
  • the dosage of various cosmetic products requires several tests before the desired result is found;
  • frequent overdose or the use of varnish as an additional fixative for long stiff and straight strands.

The following video talks about how to make a sea salt hair spray at home.

Watch the video: 3 Ways To Use Sea Salt Spray. Men's Hair (February 2020).


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