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Coconut Body Oil

Coconut oil is a natural and healthy substance. This tool is very often used in cosmetology for the skin, it does no harm. Surely many have heard about the benefits of coconut oil, but not everyone knows how to use it correctly.

The properties

Coconut oil has many beneficial properties. This substance already after the first application makes the dermis softer and more tender, it is able to transform coarse and dry areas of the epithelium at one time. It can also improve the appearance of the skin, which becomes sluggish with age.

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In contact with the epithelium, coconut oil creates a thin film that has protective properties and is designed to combat the effects of harmful external factors. So, coconut oil is able to protect the skin of the body from many viruses, harmful microorganisms, as well as from exposure to ultraviolet rays or dust particles and other dirt on the inflamed areas of the skin.

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It is known that coconut oil perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin, so this oil is very often used in those areas of the dermis where its flakes are flaky.

If you use these funds daily, you will notice a visible result. The skin will become smoother, the first signs of aging may disappear, and in those places where the skin was decrepit and not taut, it can become more elastic. Coconut oil also gives it elasticity.

This substance provides excellent protection from the sun, in addition, it helps to cope with the hydration of burnt skin, gently and gently enveloping it. Many cosmetologists recommend using this body product as a tanning lotion. When applying coconut oil to the skin, the tan lays more evenly and at the same time the skin remains tanned for a longer time. Such a tool will immediately carry out two directions of action: it will protect the skin and at the same time it will evenly distribute the tan.

Another property of coconut is that it can very quickly remove irritation and helps fight inflammation with daily care.

This substance can be applied to affected areas of the skin, with the exception of places with open wounds. After a couple of uses, coconut oil can remove redness and soften the skin, and it will also actively affect the focus of inflammation. A special property of coconut oil is that it has a solid structure, and therefore it penetrates the pores so easily and deeply, affects the skin inside and makes the dermis more beautiful, smooth and silky. In addition, this tool bleaches the skin well.

How to choose

When choosing coconut oil, pay attention to the label, it should indicate that this product is 100% natural. It should be free from any impurities in the form of other oils and other elements. Never buy oil in a plastic bottle, because it does not preserve all the beneficial properties of this substance. Coconut oil is best purchased in a dark glass jar. Try not to save on the purchase of this product, as you can easily get a fake in this way.

When choosing this substance, consider that it has comogenicity.

That is why, if you have problematic skin, and also if your dermis is very often subject to the appearance of oily sheen or acne, in no case do not buy unrefined coconut oil. In this case, only refined substance is suitable for you. Unrefined product can be used only for those whose skin is very dry and often prone to peeling.

But refined oil should not be used if you have sensitive skin. Refined product has a coarser and heavier structure, compared with the unrefined version, which is why the latter is more preferable.

When choosing, keep in mind that the refined variety has a lighter shade and practically does not differ in bright aroma.

How to apply

Experts indicate that this substance can be used pure, without impurities, and, due to the fact that the oily coconut has a lot of positive qualities, it can be worn instead of cream on the skin of the body, face, hands. Also, with its use, you can make nourishing hair masks. Since it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can be applied after shaving to irritated areas of the skin of the body. Specialists use coconut oil as a softening element, applying it to the cuticle during pedicure or manicure.

In cosmetology, coconut oil is used to combat stretch marks, it acts very effectively on them, reducing stretch marks and giving the skin elasticity in such places.

The use of coconut oil is very simplified due to its solid structure. It is very easy to distribute over the skin, it does not spread and is perfectly absorbed by the skin. Manufacturers include this substance in the composition of creams, lotions, serums for the skin of the face and body, as well as in the composition of lip balms and even shampoos and conditioners for hair. Coconut oil can be used together with other useful substances, with its help you can prepare a huge amount of nourishing and caring masks and products in the form of a spray for the skin of the body or face with your own hands. It can be applied both to dry dermis and to wet skin while taking baths.

If you have the first signs of aging, the skin has lost its former elasticity, it is necessary to apply this substance to such areas of the skin every day. It can slow down the aging process, and can also have a rejuvenating effect. After applying coconut oil, the skin becomes more tender and literally velvety.

The use of this tool is completely safe during pregnancy. Experts recommend using this remedy for dry eczema, it is able to cope with this skin disease and soften the dermis. This tool, according to experts, is a very effective substance in protecting the epithelium from fungus and other skin infections.

Coconut oil, due to its dense structure, can be used as a hygienic lipstick, and you can apply such lip balm daily. It should be distributed with a finger over the entire surface of the lips.

Any ordinary cosmetic product dries the skin, and coconut oil has an exceptionally nourishing effect if applied correctly. It is very easy to distribute coconut oil over the entire surface of the body if it is included in the composition of the soap. You can also make homemade soap with your own hands and include coconut oil in its composition.

In view of the fact that this substance has a softening effect, it can even be worn on the skin around the eyes, it is completely safe for the skin of the eyelids and has an extremely positive effect on it.

How to cook with your own hands: recipes

Using an oily substance obtained from coconut, you can prepare a body product with a sunscreen effect. To do this, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and sesame, and then pour in this composition a teaspoon of peach essential oil and the same amount of oily substance obtained from rose hips. This tool does not allow ultraviolet radiation, it perfectly protects the skin from negative factors.

If you got sunburn without using any protective equipment, you need to cool the coconut oil and gently rub the affected areas of the skin with this solid substance.

If your skin is very flaky, you can prepare a universal scrub with this tool, which will have a softening effect. To do this, you need to bring coconut oil to a liquid consistency, this can be done using a water bath or by lowering the container with this substance in warm water. 50 ml of the funds obtained must be mixed with three teaspoons of coffee grounds and four tablespoons of brown sugar. Such a mixture is perfect for exfoliating old and keratinized epithelial cells.

Some suggest using coconut oil to eliminate sweating, as well as to get rid of unpleasant foot odors. To deal with this problem, you need to mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with four drops of tea tree essential oil and two drops of lemon balm or cypress oil. These ingredients must be mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass and rubbed into areas of the skin with increased sweating. Most of all, this tool is recommended for application to the feet, it will help eliminate the smell of sweat and soften the coarse dermis of the heels.

It is believed that coconut oil can help in the fight against cellulite. In order to cope with this problem, it is necessary to prepare the product according to the following recipe. Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with three tablespoons of coarse salt. With this composition, you need to rub the problem areas of the skin, prone to the appearance of cellulite or those places where it has already manifested. Rubbing should be carried out for 5 minutes red-hot, and then rinse this product from the surface of the dermis with a strong stream of water.

Very useful for the body whipped cream with coconut oil, cooked at home. It will be very soft and airy, it is very pleasant to wear on any skin area. In order to prepare whipped cream, you need to mix 100 g of coconut oil in solid form with 10 drops of aromatic lavender oil. Also, in this composition, you need to add a few drops of any citrus oil as you wish.

All these ingredients in cold form must be whipped with a mixer at the highest speed for ten minutes. This product should be transferred to a jar and placed in the refrigerator. Then it can be distributed throughout the body instead of the usual moisturizer.

For roughened skin of the knees of the elbows, heels or other parts of the dermis, you can prepare a very useful nutritional product according to the following recipe. To create it, you need one tablespoon of coconut oil, the same amount of natural beeswax and a teaspoon of olive oil. All these ingredients need to be warmed to room temperature, this composition will become completely liquid, then they need to be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. It is better to apply the funds received to the coarsened areas of the skin in a cooled form and leave for several hours until completely absorbed.

Review of the best

It is believed that the most beneficial is coconut oil from Thailand. In such a Thai oil seed all the beneficial substances are preserved, it is more saturated and natural. That is why experts recommend purchasing such an oil. Thai oil is made by the manufacturer Coconut, this is exactly the inscription that can be found on the bottle with this substance. It is completely natural and does not contain any impurities, so you can not doubt its quality.

Another well-known cosmetic brand that produces coconut oil - Parachute. This manufacturer presents a wide selection of cosmetic esters. It has all the quality certificates, so you can no doubt purchase the oily substances of this brand. Parachute coconut oil is naturally natural, it retains all the beneficial elements, vitamins and minerals that make up coconut. Beauticians deservedly call the coconut product of this brand one of the best on the market for medical cosmetics.

Beautician reviews

Beauticians agree that coconut oil should be in every woman’s home cosmetics bag. It has a comprehensive and universal effect. Experts strongly recommend using coconut to women who are prone to burning in the sun. They especially note its ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Beauticians point out that its protective effect on the skin is more effective than many modern sunblocks.

Experts do not recommend purchasing this product to the fair sex, who have oily skin. They write that this substance is best suited for women with dry skin, prone to peeling. Experts indicate that this tool can overcome any degree of dry skin, and it can also provide a nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Also, experts recommend taking an allergy test as closely as possible. This exotic remedy can often cause itching, irritation and other unpleasant sensations. That is why it must be checked before use.

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