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Powder Yves Saint Laurent

One of the world's most famous brands is Yves Saint Laurent. The company was founded by Yves Saint Laurent in collaboration with Pierre Berger in 1961. It is known that the brand is developing many lines: from accessories to care products. Particular attention should be paid to decorative cosmetics from Yves Saint Laurent, which managed to gain a leadership position in the world list due to its high and unique quality. Today we will examine in detail such a product from this brand as powder.

The benefits of cosmetics

Cosmetics manufactured by the brand Yves Saint Laurent, belongs to the category of "luxury". The basis of the product includes natural and even somewhat exotic components that favorably affect the skin, preserving its beauty and health.

Luxury cosmetics is the highest quality and most expensive when compared to other types. Unlike mass-market products, you will not find such options in ordinary supermarkets or at other points of sale. Decorative cosmetics Yves Saint Laurent is available only in specialized stores. Experienced consultants help you choose options based on the individual characteristics of the skin, as well as your preferences.

The main advantages of luxury cosmetics include:

  • high quality;
  • natural composition;
  • excellent durability of cosmetics.

Decorative products from the brand Yves Saint Laurent occupy a leading position in the list of the best manufacturers of luxury products.


Particular attention in the cosmetic lines from this brand should be given to such an option as matting powder "Radiance". She is very popular among modern women, due to her high quality and stamina.

The basis of the powder includes natural chamomile extract. Due to the content of this component, the skin is not irritated by a masking agent. The powder perfectly eliminates oily sheen and evens out the tone. The use of the product with natural ingredients narrows the pores, hides imperfections well, the skin looks healthy and fresh.

You will learn more about Yves Saint Laurent powder from the video.

Particular attention is needed to the quality of the powder. Experts have developed an innovative formula, thanks to which cosmetics does not lose properties, and does not crumble over time.

Quite often, professional masters use powder to create flawless makeup. After applying the product, the skin acquires a soft and velvety hue. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the so-called “mask” effect does not appear with the use of powder. This happens quite often if not very high-quality options are used for makeup.


If you still have not decided to purchase products from the company Yves Saint Laurent, you can read the reviews of customers who have already managed to make their choice in favor of this brand. Matting powder truly conquered many girls and women. Buyers paid special attention to the excellent properties of cosmetics.

Many noted the ease of powder. After application, the cosmetics are not visible, but the face acquires a noticeable velvet hue, which is the main advantage. While removing makeup, powder can be easily wiped off the skin. Many customers noted that the product perfectly masks redness and minor defects.

But in addition to the positive qualities, there are also disadvantages. Many customers did not like the fact that the powder and sponge are stored separately from each other, in a velvet case.

Another drawback is that over time, cosmetics breaks down. According to girls and women, the creators of the products did not think out the design of the box very well.

Watch the video: Battle of the Bougie Powders YSL and La Mer (February 2020).


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