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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Powder L'Oreal

An integral part of any makeup is the powdering process. If the powder is chosen correctly, then makeup will be perfect. L'Oréal product will be an indispensable tool for any girl. It is light in texture, which allows the skin to look natural in any environment. The advantages of this brand in affordable prices and a huge assortment. Therefore, L'Oréal powder is very popular with the fair sex, who appreciate a harmonious combination of high quality and reasonable price.

About Brand

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the famous chemist from France Eugene Schuller invented hair dye. Such an idea took root well, and the product itself entered a large production. The scientist named his invention L'Aureale in honor of a haircut that was fashionable at that time. Subsequently, the company acquired a name slightly changed - L'Oréal Paris.

In 1934, the company began to gain momentum, production expanded significantly, new manufactured products were added: perfumes, soap, shampoos without alkali. A merger with Monsavon is coming soon.

By 1937, the brand was launching its first Marie-Claire magazine, which is still in demand among glossy readers.

Around the same time, the famous Coco Chanel contributed to the entry into tanning fashion. L'Oréal was one of the first firms to respond with sunscreen milk. Subsequently, a plant for the production of sun protection products was opened.

In 1939, the brand officially registered, headquartered in the capital of France, at 14 Royal Street. Soon, Eugene Schuller takes his brainchild to the international level, opening the first branch in the United States.

In 1957, after the death of Eugene Schuller, the organization inherited the daughter of Bettancourt, who begins to acquire more and more famous cosmetic brands, such as:

  • Lancome;
  • Garnier;
  • Biotherm;
  • Helena Rubinstein;
  • Vichy;
  • La Roche-Posay;
  • Maybelline;
  • The body shop

Not for nothing in the modern world L'Oréal Paris Professional is the first professional in the beauty industry to offer quality cosmetic products for all occasions.

Features and benefits of cosmetics

L'Oréal "Alliance Perfect" is one of the best representatives of compact powders, of which there is no doubt. The main advantages of this product:

  • the package is really compact, convenient, nice design;
  • the palette consists of six shades, allowing you to choose the perfect tone;
  • melting powder has a delicate texture, therefore it is distributed evenly over the skin and lies in an even layer;
  • perfectly fixes makeup and makes it easy to eliminate oily sheen;
  • allows you to make makeup as natural as possible, thanks to its light texture;
  • lays down with a light veil without burdening makeup.

The tool is an indispensable tool for every member of the fair sex. The long history of the brand, which allows creating perfect quality, thoughtful design and many natural shades, has made the company's products truly popular and in demand. Cosmetics of the French company L'Oréal Paris have long held high positions in the ranking. The powder of this brand is in great demand among girls and women of different age categories. Reliable manufacturer, reasonable price and unsurpassed quality distinguishes it from many analogues.

Due to the large number of low-quality products, each lady should be as responsible as possible about the choice.

A fake can be distinguished by the following features:

  • Incorrect spelling of the brand name or the product itself;
  • the price below the market is two, and sometimes three times;
  • lack of production date and expiration date;
  • unpleasant odor or uneven texture when opening the package.

To avoid buying low-quality goods, you should purchase cosmetics in trusted stores, carefully studying the packaging.


Skin care ensures the presence of minerals in powder.

Everyone knows that the frequent use of decorative cosmetics adversely affects the skin of the face. To give the skin a radiant and healthy look, restore the water balance of the epidermis will help the product from L'Oréal Paris. In addition to minerals, the product contains silicones and parabens. The product has been repeatedly tested in the laboratories of L'Oréal, therefore it is absolutely safe, since the risk of allergic reactions is minimized.

However, one should not forget about regular facial cleansing with specialized means. The face must be thoroughly washed at least twice a day with foam or gel. Use a scrub once a week, and apply a moisturizer daily.

After all, only constant care will help a woman look as attractive as possible.


A palette of six shades allows each girl to choose the right tone of powder:

  • vanilla pink suitable for skin with a pink undertone, as it has a light pink tint;
  • light opal pink is almost transparent and very similar to ivory;
  • light opal golden emphasizes the natural tone of the face and gives a golden sheen;
  • light beige with a golden hue in great demand and gives the skin a natural shade;
  • natural beige suitable for girls with dark skin.
  • beige pink is the darkest, suitable for very dark skin.

Previously, L'Oréal offered a wider range of shades, but after the lapse of time only these six remained. All the fair sex have the opportunity to choose the perfect tones for themselves, regardless of the natural color of the skin.

Species overview

Depending on a particular subton, the manufacturer classifies its product as follows:

  • D - golden hues;
  • N are neutral;
  • R is pink.

Depending on the saturation, powders are indicated by numbers from 1 to 3. The lighter ones will have a unit in the name, and the more saturated ones will have a three. All of them do not have a negative effect on the lips, in case of contact with them.

Alliance perfect

Designed to help improve the appearance, by perfectly masking imperfections, matting oily sheen and fusion with the natural color of the skin.

The highlighter texture is rich in minerals, it carefully cares for the epidermis, allowing you to look perfect every day. Melting face powder "Perfect fusion"very popular among women of different ages, as it is quite versatile and economical. La poudre alliance perfect It is a mineral product that gently cares and, thanks to its delicate texture, lies down easily and evenly.

Compact powder is in a case with a thoughtful design. On the one hand, the tool itself is located with a special sponge, and on the other, a small mirror.

With L'Oréal's Alliance Perfect powder, you can achieve the following results:

  • make the skin soft and silky;
  • create the perfect fusion with a natural tone using a multi-color palette;
  • get rid of oily sheen;
  • give the skin a perfect haze;
  • hide visible flaws.

Infallible matte powder

The compact translucent packaging of this product will delight its owners with an interesting design, and the tonal base itself will surprise with impeccable quality and a sculpting effect.

The beneficial components that make up help to care for delicate facial skin. Makeup created with its use will have an ideal look. Even the most demanding ladies will like it.

Throughout the day, persistent powder will hold without additional correction. Minor flaws will disappear with the help of the sculptor Infallible Matte Powder. The skin tone evens out, the oily sheen disappears, because the matting powder easily lies down, creating a beautiful matte finish. Special elements in the composition allow you to merge with the natural color of the skin without visible joints.

The minerals that make up the product will help your skin look fresh 24 hours.

Mat magique

This new product is designed to give the skin a well-groomed and radiant look. Holds on the surface for 12 hours, creating the perfect tone, as well as giving it a natural dullness and skillfully hiding minor imperfections. The composition of this product includes a strong absorbent - perlite, which allows you to hold on to the surface of the excess sebum released during the day, preventing it from penetrating deep into the pores. Pearl particles also help to cope with shine, and velvety gently nourish the epidermis, allowing the face to remain smooth all day.

Mat Magique hides obvious and minor skin imperfections by gently caring for it. This wonderful textured powder gives a perfect matte and healthy look. This powder also has a protective function, it protects delicate skin from negative environmental factors. Irritations and redness will pass thanks to its unique formula.

True Match Powder

Light powder, the use of which will give only positive emotions. Thanks to its special composition, the product protects the skin from possible negative environmental effects. Perfect tone, velvety skin and long-lasting makeup - this is what the owner of True Match Powder expects.

The powder has been repeatedly tested and is hypoallergenic. It can be applied as a corrector using a sponge. If the application is carried out with a brush, then the effect of matte powder is obtained.

Sublime Sun SPF 30

Powder with reflective particles has a fairly strong sunscreen, good for use in the southern latitudes with intense sun exposure. This product is hypoallergenic and completely safe for dry skin. The powder has waterproof properties, so makeup made with Sublime Sun will have a flawless look for a long time. In addition, the tool copes well with masking external skin defects, has a soft and delicate texture, lies evenly, and also makes the skin smooth and silky.

Nude Magique BB Powder 5 in 1 Light Skin

This look and 4 in 1 powder are characterized by a special effect. The name speaks for itself. The powder combines 4 or 5 functions at once at the same time, namely:

  • gives freshness to complexion;
  • creates an eight-hour haze;
  • makes the skin smooth;
  • fills with impeccable velvety;
  • covers the face with a light veil.

This line is presented in only two shades, but thanks to the special composition, each type of powder blends perfectly with the skin tone and fits perfectly, as it has a soft texture. Its smallest particles make the makeup as natural as possible, give the skin a healthy and well-groomed look for 24 hours. Packaging Nude Magique BB Powder 5 in 1 Light Skin is quite compact. The case contains two compartments, one for the powder itself and one for the mirror. Its effect is simply unsurpassed, as it gently envelops the face and creates a natural make-up.


By combining the reviews of customers of L'Oréal Paris powder, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that this tool, in addition to its main functions, perfectly affects the skin of the face, protecting it from the effects of negative environmental factors. It blends perfectly with the natural skin tone, making makeup as natural as possible, and the skin structure healthy and radiant. In addition to all of the above, girls focus on a palette that allows you to choose the perfect tone.

The products of the famous French brand have been repeatedly tested and are absolutely safe for the skin. All powders are hypoallergenic, so they are perfect for the female half with any type of skin. Many customers note the affordable cost of this cosmetics, which significantly increases the demand for it. It is worth noting that in the process of applying the product, only positive feelings are observed, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

First impressions of L'oreal Alliance Perfect powder in the next video.


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