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Matrix Hair Oil

The world famous company Matrix specializes in the production of professional hair cosmetics. Cream-paints for coloring, shampoos, masks, balms of this brand are loved by many women. They help not only to preserve the natural beauty of curls, but also to solve many problems that arise. Among all the brand’s products, hair oil can be distinguished, which will be discussed below.

Why curls lose attractiveness

Few women boast healthy, thick hair. A woman always wants to be different, to surprise and delight with her appearance, to apply this to her hairstyle. As a result of frequent dyeing, perming, drying with a hairdryer, pulling strands with an iron or, conversely, modeling with curly curling hair, the hair becomes dry and lifeless.

An unstable hormonal background, an unbalanced diet, poor in vitamins, and bad habits do not add health to the hair.

Negative impact of the environment - smog, the scorching sun or cold and frost can make ringlets dull, devoid of shine.

Special masks and emulsions of famous brands come to the rescue. Matrix hair oil is especially popular. It is about him that will be discussed in this article.

Benefits and Composition

Matrix Hair Oil contains natural ingredients. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. But perhaps the most important ingredients are extracts of exotic plants.

Depending on what effect on the hair you want to achieve and what problem to solve, this or that product of the Matrix emulsion series is used.

Biolage exquisite oil

This Matrix is ​​rich in nutrients from the Moringa tree and Tamaru. Thanks to the constituent components, the product protects the hair well from the negative effects of the environment. It has a firming and smoothing effect. Your curls will no longer be confused, they will become smooth and silky. Oil perfectly looks after hair of any type.

Oil Wonders Indian Amla

The nutrients of the Amla tree included in the emulsion are able to instantly restore brittle damaged hair. Providing a nourishing effect, this Matrix oil makes the strands resilient and shiny. With regular use of the product, the hair will become noticeably stronger. The tool is able to solve the problem of split ends - they will become noticeably more hydrated.

Matrix Oil Wonders Amazonian Murumuru

The main ingredient of this oil is the extract of the same palm. The product smoothes even curly hair very well. With it, your curls will easily succumb to even the most complex styling.

Matrix Total results

The olive oil that is part of this oil takes care of the hair from the inside, making it noticeably smoother and healthier. And shea butter fights well with the effect of fluffy strands.

All these and other Matrix emulsions have tremendous benefits for hair:

  • Actively nourish dry curlsmoisturize them, fill with useful elements. As a result of application, the hair becomes healthy, its natural shine and softness are returned;
  • Regular use means of this series able to recover even very damaged curls, give them a beautiful shine;
  • Hypoallergenic silicone components as part of the product they add volume and make the strands obedient;
  • Moreover, the emulsion perfectly protects curls from harmful sunlight, cigarette smoke, smog, free radicals - all that can harm the health of our hair.

Features of choice

The choice of Matrix oil depends on the condition of the curls and structural features.

For dyed hair, the product is well suited. Oil Egyptian Hibiscus. The use of even professional gentle paint can make the strands stiff and devoid of shine. This oil will solve the problem. Thanks to the extracts of Egyptian hibiscus, the hair is restored from the inside. In addition, the product provides protection from sunlight, while curls at the same time retain a stable color.

Rose oil Biolage exquisite oil strengthens thin hair. The tool was widely used among professional hairdressers as a product for modeling hairstyles. In home care, the emulsion is also indispensable. Daily use of the product as thermal protection protects the hair from hot ironing and hair dryer. Oil feeds the tips, removes static electricity from the strands.

Spray dispenser allows you to adjust the portioned amount of oil, which is very convenient to use.

The product is indispensable in the summer and on vacation, when the curls become especially dry under the influence of salty sea air. The oil provides deep hydration of the strands along the entire length.


Matrix oils can be used both on wet and dry hair. It is perfect for feeding bulbs, moisturizing the tips or caring for naughty curls along the entire length.

As a means to stimulate bulb growth, you can use the Matrix product. To do this, a small amount of oil should be rubbed with massaging movements into the scalp. Keep the emulsion for about two hours. With regular use (once a week will be enough) the hair will grow noticeably faster, differing in radiance and natural shine.

The product can be used as a mask for the entire length of the curls. In this case, the oil must be distributed with the help of a comb through the hair. Leave the emulsion for several hours. To enhance the effect, you can put on a shower cap and wrap a towel around your head. After rinse the curls with shampoo. The emulsion will provide nutrition to curls, saturating them with useful substances and trace elements.

To protect curls from the negative effects of the environment, it is also good to use Matrix oil. Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair. After that, you can dry the curls with a hairdryer, use the iron for styling. The emulsion protects hair from high temperatures. Using the product is able to remove static electricity from the hair, make naughty locks smooth, and make your hair tidier.

Dry tips do not look very attractive. The tool applied to the tips moisturizes them. Curls will look noticeably healthier, will solve the product and the problem of the visited strands.

The emulsion is well absorbed without leaving a greasy shine.

It should be noted that you need to use oil in a strictly dosed form. Otherwise, you run the risk of oversaturated strands, from this they will get an untidy appearance, will quickly become dirty, and the hairstyle will lose volume.

No more than one drop of oil is enough for the tips and nutrition of the bulbs. If you use the product over its entire length, use no more than 3-4 drops.

To achieve an amazing effect, the manufacturer recommends using the emulsion together with other Matrix products - shampoo, balm, masks.


The best advertising for the product is always and will be positive feedback from consumers. Matrix oils were well received by women and girls, but what’s there, they are just delighted with the product!

Excellent performance marked oils Oil wonders. From the first application, the product begins to delight with its pleasant aroma. Women note that as a result of use, the hair becomes thick, smooth, strong, healthy and beautiful. I want to touch them again and again. Oil perfectly smooths strands, facilitates the process of combing. It is worth noting that many people use emulsions Oil wonders to solve the split ends problem. Girls also say that the product is economical to use - a small bottle lasts for several months of daily use. All women, without exception, like the Amazon product.

The real find for women was the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil. Customers note the versatility of this product. The emulsion perfectly nourishes locks and scalp, smoothes and heals, and is also an excellent thermal protection. The best option for creating a neat hairstyle.

Egyptian Hibiscus is called "the most posh." His hair is flowing and smooth. Women and girls use this product as a spa. When applied, oil fills the whole house with a wonderful aroma.

With regular use, the strands become smooth, gain incredible shine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Matrix products have several advantages over other brands:

  • A rich cocktail of plant extracts and vitamins. It is especially worth highlighting the Moring emulsion, the granules of the substance are so small that they easily penetrate deep into the hair shaft, filling it with nutrients;
  • Light texture does not weigh curlsThey remain airy and natural;
  • It is noted that oils can relieve dandruff;
  • Performance funds are noticeable after the first use;
  • Economical comfortable packaging.

The disadvantages include the presence of silicone components in the composition.

In this regard, it is recommended to conduct a test before using the product. On the skin of the elbow or wrist you need to apply one drop of emulsion and wait. In the absence of redness, a burning sensation, itching, peeling, oil can be used for hair.

The high cost of the product is also noted. A small bottle will cost its owner about 600-1200 rubles. Given that the tool is spent economically, the costs are understandable.

Matrix emulsions can be purchased at specialist stores, beauty salons, and online stores. The tool comes in a volume of 92 ml and 125 ml.

Regular use of Matrix Oil Wonders can create a true miracle with your hair.

Review and recommendations for the use of hair oils in the next video.

Watch the video: Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Review (February 2020).


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