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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Powder Mary Kay

Powder plays an important role in the makeup of almost every woman and is a must have thing in the arsenal of girls.

It reliably protects our face from unnecessary greasy shine during the day, serves as the final touch in creating the perfect complexion, and, of course, mask all imperfections. Next, we will talk about the famous Mary Kay brand and its wonderful powders, which may one day become your favorites.

About Mary Kay Brand

The cosmetic company was founded in 1963 in the United States. The creator of Mary Kay Ash and her husband invested all their savings to open the first office and create their own products. Today, this company is one of the most popular and popular in the market for sales and distribution of cosmetic products, perfumes and skin care products. From year to year, it occupies a leading position among the most recognizable brands and is popular among millions of women around the world. Thanks to excellent quality, annual renewal of cosmetic collections and, of course, fairly affordable prices.

Product Overview

Today, the brand can meet several options for various compact, crumbly and cream - powders. Next, we will consider the main ones that are popular among many girls and women:

  • Mineral Loose Powder Mary Kay Available in 4 basic colors. It is a special tonal foundation and 2 in 1 powder, thanks to which the face becomes perfectly smooth, even and silky. This tool will mask all the "unnecessary", without clogging the pores. Suitable for sensitive skin, as it has no fat and aroma additives, is not comedogenic. More than 90% of the minerals in the composition are very light, so that the product is absolutely not felt on the face.

An overview of the mineral powder you will see in the video:

  • Transparent loose powder Mary Kay Ideal for any skin, as it has a universal white tint and adapts to any tone. Thanks to the reflective properties of this product, wrinkles are visually smoothed on the face, minor imperfections and traces of acne are hidden. After application, the skin will acquire a natural shine and natural glow. It will save you from oily shine, making the skin matte.
  • Lightening powder Mary Kay Emphasizes your cheekbones with a natural shine, without making you a "brilliant fairy". Creates a perfectly even coating, like a veil, without the effect of a mask. Ideally fits in a compact case from Mary Kay, making it very convenient to carry in your purse. Powder is suitable for all skin types. It can be used in combination with gold powder of the same brand.
  • Compact mineral powder Mary Kay presented in 4 basic shades. It is a fundamental and universal tool in creating the perfect make-up. Thanks to this powder, you will create the perfect complexion, so it masks imperfections very well. It looks very natural, controls the appearance of oily sheen.
  • Golden powder Mary Kay. With its help, you can naturally highlight the face or use as a highlighter. You can emphasize the cheekbones and create contours, while adding a natural and shimmering shine. Thanks to its light texture, it does not dry your face. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Powder "Sheer Dimensions" presented in 3 crystal clear and weightless shades that refresh your complexion as if you were back from a spring walk in the park. This product will give your skin a soft, pearly light and refresh the dull color of your face.
  • Cream - Mary Kay Endless Performance powder helps you create a flawless and perfectly even complexion. It is steady against the most different weather conditions and even hot summer. It will hide all the flaws and irregularities on the face. Presented in 5 universal shades from light to darkest. There are no fat additives in the composition, ideal for any type of skin, as well as for sensitive.


According to the girls and women who use the products of this brand, you can find exclusively positive reviews about the powders of this brand. According to most, the tool stays on the face all day, does not flow, and the effect of haze remains until the end of the working day. Some powders can be used as highlighters.

As for the negative sides, some noticed that loose powder still clogs the pores and is not suitable for very oily skin. But how many girls - so many opinions. You can find your remedy only through trial and error.

The main thing is not to forget that before applying the product, the face should be cleaned and prepared, the same applies to high-quality washing off of makeup.

Facial care should be given a lot of time, only then such decorative products as powder will not clog pores and remain in the folds of wrinkles.

Watch the video: Mary Kay Foundation Routine. Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation. Tips (January 2020).


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