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Garnier Night Cream

The main components of beauty are strong healthy hair, a beautiful figure and, of course, velvety smooth skin. In order for the skin to always remain tender, it is necessary not only to treat everything with a positive attitude, move more, lead a healthy lifestyle, but also take good care of it. This is especially true for facial skin, it requires a maximum of cosmetic procedures, as it is constantly exposed to negative external influences.

An excellent tool for the restoration and regeneration of skin cells is considered a night cream Garnier. He not only received positive reviews, but also successfully established himself as the most effective drug.

Deserve special attention series Magic cream-dream, “Revitalizing Moisturizing” and “Radiance of Youth”.

Garnier night cream helps to completely restore all skin functions, provides it with necessary nutrition, renews damaged cells, fills the body with vital energy and prepares it for the next day. Beauticians, in face care, recommend using a night cream, since, according to laboratory studies, cell synthesis occurs at night. In addition, during sleep, there is activation of the blood vessels, lymph drainage increases. Therefore, the use of such a cream or gel promotes the production of collagen in the body, which is responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin.

An overview of the night cream Garnier you can see in the video below


During a night's rest, it is very important to restore the vital functions of the skin. This performs the Garnier night cream, which is intended for face care before bedtime. It contains special ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin cells, nourish it as much as possible, fill it with vitamins and life-giving trace elements. The formula for the effectiveness of this tool is explained by its composition.

Currently, skin care series such as 25+, 35+, and 45+ are especially popular. Each of them is designed for a certain age and differs in the content of the components. Therefore, some night creams help reduce wrinkles by regenerating cells, while others may consist of whitening agents and antioxidants responsible for the skin rejuvenation process. As for the chemical structure, such a cream is much fatter than daytime, so it includes active components of high concentration. This makes it harder.

Cosmetic facial care involves not only the regular use of day creams, but also the mandatory addition of their products that are used at night. Such combined skin protection will not only eliminate noticeable signs of aging, but also have a beautiful appearance, looks much younger.

It is especially important to use Garnier overnight in the summer to effectively protect your face from the negative effects of the sun, wind and high temperature.

A layer of night cream forms a special protective filter on the face, without "loading" the skin. In addition, cells feed and regenerate much better at night.

Mode of application

In order to increase the effectiveness of the night cream Garnier, it is necessary to correctly follow the steps of applying it. First of all, you need to thoroughly clean your face. For this, washing with warm water is suitable. If in the morning it is recommended to wash your face with cold water and wipe it with ice cubes, then in the evening, to cleanse the skin and ensure maximum access to useful elements, you need warm water. Also considered important is the method of applying the drug.

It is advisable to prepare and cleanse the skin of the face in advance. Before starting the application procedure, you need to relax a bit. Although the cream is considered to be nightly, it should be applied a few hours before bedtime, this contributes to better absorption. Otherwise, swelling may occur. You can not apply it to the area around the eyes, for this, separate preparations are used.

Before applying the nightly Garnier, you need to squeeze a small portion of the cream on your palm, wait a bit to warm it on your fingers. Then, with massage movements, the cream is applied to the face, starting from the chin area, following to the forehead. In this case, all movements should be from the bottom up.

Watch the video: 7 Days Challenge. Garnier light complete Night Cream. yoghurt + Vitamin C. Does it Works (February 2020).


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