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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Givenchy Powder

Each woman seeks to preserve her natural beauty as long as possible. Therefore, the right choice of cosmetics is the most important thing in skin care. Givenchy loose powder is created so that every girl, woman creates her own beautiful, bright or delicate image.

Givenchy cosmetics have been very popular among buyers for many years.

A wide range of products enables each woman to choose something special for herself. A diverse palette of shades is simply mesmerizing. Therefore, it is worth a little better to get acquainted with this line.

More on Givenchy Loose Powder in the next video.

"Prisme Libre"

A universal remedy that is suitable for absolutely all skin types. Matting four-color powder is just a work of art from Givenchy masters, because they were able to combine four exquisite shades into one powder. Its main advantages are a gentle and light texture, as well as a pleasant aroma of white musk and lilac.

After applying the product, the skin of the face becomes silky, the tone improves, the relief is leveled, and most importantly, it gains velvety and radiance. If you have oily skin, do not worry - its excess powder will be well absorbed, and at the same time it will add a haze effect throughout the day.

The method of its application is very simple. To begin, open the tube, then press the sponge to the dispenser, shake it well (this will remove the excess funds), and apply on the face.

Judging by the reviews of customers, the result will not be long in coming: your skin will shine from the inside at the first use.

"Poudre Premiere"

Every woman knows that the foundation of makeup is high-quality powder. This is exactly what the transparent powder Poudre Premiere is. This is just a magic wand for those with problematic facial skin. Due to its unique composition, it improves and evens out the tone of the face, making it natural, giving a magnificent matte and radiant appearance from the nutria.

Transparent, fine texture of the product is ideally combined with all shades of your skin.

It gently covers the face, evens out the tone, strengthens the makeup, is able to permanently eliminate the oily sheen.

The application algorithm is the same as the previous one.

"Visage Mat"

The tool is perfect for completing your daily makeup. This is a delightful palette of four colors, created by the specialists of the brand Givenchy. Powder allows you to get the perfect complexion, and also emphasizes the natural beauty.

The product perfectly fits, does not appear oily sheen. Its main advantage is that it perfectly masks absolutely all skin defects, such as, for example, inflammation, irritation, age spots, as well as fine wrinkles. Such a powder is able to make the tone of the face perfectly even, giving it freshness for the whole day, but does not forget about the pores: the skin is able to “breathe”.

If you make up using the Visage Mat, it will be impeccable.

Pre-clean the skin, apply the foundation under makeup. Using a sponge or round brush, apply powder starting from the center of the forehead, moving down the cheekbones to the chin. On the nose and cheeks, apply it with light brush strokes.

As a separate point, I would like to highlight the case in which the powder is located. It is made in black from lacquered plastic. At the top of the lid is the brand logo of the brand. Such an elegant gift can be presented to your near and dear women, girls, sisters.

Watch the video: Givenchy Universal Loose Powder. REVIEW & FIRST IMPRESSIONS! JohnDIY (February 2020).


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