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Cream Payot

French brand Payot has a wide range of skin care products. The history of the brand is unique in its own way and allows trusting the pharmaceutical manufacturer today, when it is not easy to find truly high-quality cosmetics for care.

Company History

The history of the creation of the Payot brand is very fascinating: the founder of the cosmetic brand was Nadezhda Payo from Odessa, who once married a foreigner and moved to New York. She was a doctor and a philosopher at the same time, saying that the beauty of a female face depends on the health of the body, and these two values ​​are highly dependent on the inner world of a woman. Nadezhda once received an invitation to work from famous American stylists in the field of cosmetology - Elena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, but refused to do so. She dreamed of creating her own brand, and helped her in this meeting with one of the famous ballerinas of the last century. The ballerina’s body was beautiful, it was impossible to tell about the woman’s age, but her face showed considerable figures.

Since 1920, Nadezhda Payo began to develop compositions for future cosmetic products despite a turbulent family life. She created perfect recipes based on decoctions of herbs and pharmaceutical formulas, she was familiar with well-known pharmacists and healers from whom she took advice. Later, Nadezhda opened her own laboratory near Paris and created the first series of care products: Hydriane, Hemera, AmnioDerm Embryonnaire. In 1925, the entrepreneur opened her own beauty salon, which she once admired in New York. The high quality of service helped the salon gain an army of customers, and five years later he moved to the very heart of Paris.

The main emphasis was placed not on the sale of Payot products, but on how to care for the skin at home: Nadezhda and her cosmetologists taught clients the skill of caring for the epidermis and applying creams.

Thanks to the brand, a three-stage dermis care program was created: cleansing, toning and nutrition. Today, professional Payot creams are sold all over the world and in Russia, there is an annotation for them on the correct application, which will achieve the best result from the procedures.


After reading the history of the Payot brand, it is impossible to remain indifferent to it. Today Payot care cosmetics specialists do everything to make your skin perfect:

  • Newest technologies allow brand specialists to develop unique products for the care of any type of skin - from normal to problem and dehydrated;
  • Quality ingredients creams and other products are strictly controlled;
  • In the Payot line there are products for the care of young and mature skin, problematic dermis, with increased sensitivity, and truly unique can be called cream peeling "Techni Peel Nuit" with a high concentration of fruit acids AHA;
  • Among the products are present different textures: cream, gel, gommazhi to satisfy the taste of consumers;
  • The company does not test funds produced on animals;

Features of the composition

The composition of creams of the French brand Payot can not be called natural, but this is not a minus of the famous brand. The components in the line of creams for skin care differ, of course. Somewhere there are natural extracts of antioxidants, in others the main part of the composition is hyaluronic acid, and in the third, fruit acids.

Each of the compositions is unique in itself and performs a specific function.

Payot creams based on hyaluronic acid are aimed at caring for aging skin: the moisturizing properties of the main component penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and saturate them with moisture, preventing the latter from evaporating from the surface of the dermis. The fruit acids in the Payot creams complex help in removing the stratum corneum of the skin and better penetration of other nutrients or moisturizers.

By the way, each Payot cream has water and glycerin - an important component for moisturizing.

Main lines

"Nutricia Creme Confort"

Intensive Nutrition “Nutricia Creme Confort” is suitable for skin nutrition, which strengthens the water-lipid balance of the dermis and enhances its protective functions thanks to a complex of Japanese lily of the valley extract and plant lipids, a complex solution of which fills the cells of the dermis with healthy fats and moisture. Cream "Nutricia Creme Confort" is designed to care for sensitive dry and dehydrated skin, has cumulative and protective effects.

A nourishing and soothing product - Creme Riche Dermo-Ahfisante Cream is designed to care for sensitive skin; in its composition the product does not contain fragrances, dyes, fragrances and other elements irritating the dermis.

"Techni Peel Nuit"

Nourishing night cream for aging skin "Techni Peel Nuit Payot" has a peeling effect.

It contains highly concentrated fruit acid, which "removes" the upper layer of "dead" cells and stimulates the renewal of the rest. It is ideal for imperfect skin, as it has a noticeable effect after the first application.

"My jour"

The "My Jour" line is presented by the "My Payot Jour" day moisturizer with fruit extracts, which gives the skin a natural radiance and high-quality hydration. Its use is not limited to the type of skin - it is perfect for any dermis. Night Cream "My Payot Nuit " fights the signs of epidermal fatigue and removes excess components from the pores, enhancing the natural regeneration of cells.

"Hydra 24"

Hydra 24 Payot Series It is aimed at combating age-related changes in the face, which begin to attack a woman at a very young age. Day & Night Moisturizing Product "Hydra 24 Crem Glacee" suitable for normal skin prone to dryness: it moisturizes and saturates the epidermis with moisture, does not leave an unpleasant “heavy” feeling on the skin.

Hydra 24 Gel-Crem Sorbet moisturizing cream gel helps to care for normal oily skin: it has a light texture and is instantly absorbed into the dermis.

"Uni Skin"

Creams series "Uni Skin" Helps in achieving perfect skin without flaws. Creams of the line are aimed at combating a dull complexion, uneven surface, pigmentation, and other aesthetic problems that concern a modern woman. Evening skin tone cream "Uni Skin Jour" fights pigmented formations, acne, redness, inflammation, restoring the dermis to a natural smooth texture and natural shine. It has a UV protection rating of SPF-15.

Lighter texture has a daily balm "Uni skin Yeux et levres"to give the skin a healthy tone and uniform color. It fights against external imperfections, including small wrinkles.

Expert pure

Line "Expert Pureté" Designed to care for oily and problem skin. Moisturizing creams are based on Chilean mint - a natural antiseptic and a regulator of skin sebum production, fruit acids in a concentration of 9%: glycolic acid and several other esters that remove the upper stratum corneum of cells and even out the surface of the dermis. A rose extract acts as a nutritional component - it saturates the dermis with a complex of useful lipids and fights against dehydration of the skin.

Payot cream for oily type of epidermis is predominantly matting: "Crème Purifiante"additionally fights imperfections, or rashes on the surface of the dermis, "Crème Matifiante Velours"narrows the enlarged pores and prevents the formation of oily sheen, regulates the release of sebum.

Anti-aging cosmetics

Payot anti-aging lineup is presented with a smoothing cream "Authentique Rides Relax", which has a light texture and is quickly absorbed into the epidermis. Its regular use allows you to restore the facial contour without injections and normalize the natural production of collagen and elastane - the components responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. Moisturizing cream "Authentique Rides Relax"for aging skin it copes with wrinkles: smoothes small ones and visibly maskes deeper ones due to the launch of skin cell renewal.

Mature facial skin care line Supreme Jeunesse Payot includes four tools to combat wrinkles, lethargy, pigmentation, dryness, which is typical for any age type. First Day Moisturizer Supreme Jeunesse Jour based on the unique Youth Process complex with antioxidants that fight cell aging and skin aging.

It is called the “youth activator" due to the rich composition of the last generation: it fills wrinkles and models the oval of the face, fights pigment spots and moisturizes the skin.

Product Application "Supreme Jeunesse Jour"Payot is only possible on a thoroughly cleansed face with movements along the massage lines, experts recommend combining each application with a light massage: pat yourself on the face to complete the procedure and create a light drainage effect.

Nourishing Night Cream "Supreme Jeunesse Jour"for the face acts as a generator of youth and" works "throughout the whole night, returning freshness and charm to the dermis. Youth Process complex has active components that seem to be released at night and act positively on the epidermis: moisturize, saturate it with mineral elements. As a result, the face oval forms , collagen production is normalized and wrinkles are filled.

Serum Supreme Jeunesse Concentre Payot has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in the composition, which acts as an activator of the moisturizing component. Eye Care Cream "Supreme Jeunesse Regard"completes a series of anti-aging care. It restores the structure of the delicate epidermis and forms a new form - tightens and saturates with moisture.


Lots of oily skin moisturizer reviews "Crème Purifiante" Payot: Women note its pleasant texture, which is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue on the surface. The cream perfectly disinfects the dermis and replaces inflammation and the formation of sebum.

About cream Supreme Jeunesse Concentre with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid are said to be about quality care for mature skin. The moisturizing component has a visible smoothing effect, noticeable after the first application.

Women praise the Hydra 24 Series creams for universal moisturizing care. They are light in texture and odorless, suitable for use in summer.

And now a video review of cosmetics Payot.

Watch the video: UNI SKIN - PAYOT (February 2020).


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