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Moisturizing face cream

One of the most common cosmetic problems that most women face is excessive dryness of the skin. If our body does not receive enough vitamins and minerals, nutrition is disturbed, the effect of various external factors is felt, and skin first suffers.

Especially unpleasant if this is observed on the face. In addition to a purely cosmetic external flaw, dry skin is at risk of certain disorders, for example, noticeable peeling, the appearance of cracks, inflammatory processes. Experienced cosmetologists recommend special moisturizers to care for sensitive and dry skin. You just need to choose the right cosmetics, use it regularly, and the problem will be solved in two ways.

Symptoms of the need for hydration

Just like in the case of any other disease, excessive dryness of the skin is best detected in advance. Otherwise, the condition may become too neglected, it will be more difficult to deal with it, and various complications will not take long. In addition, any woman knows that skin care should be regular.

For dehydrated dermis are characteristic their own particular symptoms, which may differ depending on the type of skin. Owners of dry skin should pay attention to the following symptoms: tightness, increased peeling, dull color. Also, areas of irritation and redness often appear, which indicate a serious deficiency of moisture and nutrients.

One of the signs of metabolic disorders and drying out for oily skin is enhanced gloss.

In addition, pore expansion is observed., the appearance of the so-called "black dots", which are the result of blockage of the sebaceous glands in the upper layers of the dermis. As in the previous case, inflammatory processes can be observed, however, they will be more pronounced. Perhaps the formation of spilled areas of redness, profuse rashes, acne.

Combination skin is a little harder, since in her case dehydration has rather specific symptoms. The color of the dermis becomes pale, dull, the natural tone is uneven and can dramatically differ in certain areas. Separate areas of the skin, namely dry and oily, become more demarcated among themselves, while dry acquires a tendency to peeling, and oily - increased gloss. Of course, caring for such a skin becomes almost impossible.

In healthy young skin, which is also often called the normal type, moisture deficiency processes are somewhat moderate. She gets almost all the standard qualities of the dry type.

Separate areas of tightness and peeling may appear., the skin of the face as a whole looks painful. Many young girls and women, faced with such a problem, use any standard anti-aging cream, but this is not always a reasonable solution, because the main cause of your skin disease is a lack of moisture.


In cosmetology, there are quite a few different types of products that are intended for facial skin care. Of course, depending on the variant of cosmetics, its qualities, positive aspects and disadvantages, which must always be taken into account, change.. Unlike other moisturizers, the form of the cream has a number of important advantages:

  • Due to the features of manufacturing technology, cream often contains natural ingredients, while using a minimum of harmful preservatives;
  • Creams, as a rule, have a rather mild effect.t, do not contain irritating and allergenic substances, therefore, practically have no contraindications;
  • Not only stabilizes the balance of trace elements, but also maintains normal pH;
  • Many creams have a smoothing surface effect. Such a cosmetic product is often referred to as anti-aging, because it prevents the early appearance of wrinkles, restores the natural structure of the dermis, maintains its freshness and elasticity;
  • An intensely moisturizing and soothing cream is also appreciated due to its pronounced symptomatic effect.. If you are concerned about a feeling of dryness and tightness, then you can soon forget about them;
  • Even the lightest cream sufficiently saturates the skin with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins;

Composition for different skin types

When choosing any cosmetic product, you should pay attention to its composition. This is especially true for a moisturizer. It is not at all a matter of possible side effects, as it might seem, because they should be feared in the last turn. In order for the application of the cream to have at least some effect, its composition should be most suitable for your skin type.

One of the main components that is found in every cream is glycerin - a substance that acts as a moisturizer in cosmetic preparations. It is as neutral as possible in relation to our body, and at the same time it has a rather good impregnating effect.

The cream can be made either on an oil or water basis.. If you are the owner of oily skin, then it is best to opt for a water base. Since most of the oils used to create creams have too pronounced nutritional effects. This is not dangerous, but it can provoke excessive activity of the sebaceous glands and even their blockage. For oily skin, water products are most often recommended, which may include various herbs with marine extracts, as well as a cream with urea.

But for a dry type of dermis, a saturated cream, based on a natural oil component, is just the best. Also, when it comes to high sensitivity and irritation, you can make a choice in favor of a cream enriched with silk proteins.

As for the normal and combination skin type, then in this case, any healing cream is suitable. They almost never contain irritating components. It is recommended to give preference to creams with hyaluronic acid, natural oils, as well as having an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property.

How to choose the right

You should always focus on existing problems with the skin, and also take into account its type and characteristics of your body as a whole.

Despite the fact that creams, for the most part, do not have any specific contraindications, it is best to study their composition and make sure. For example, if you are an allergic person, even natural ingredients can cause an undesirable reaction on the part of your skin. In such cases, it is best to purchase a special hypoallergenic moisturizer.

Skin problems can occur at any age. It is relevant for any teenager, both girls and boys who are faced with age-related changes, often accompanied by the appearance of acne on the face. In their case we are talking about a still young and stable dermis, therefore it is best to choose a cream whose main action is the elimination of inflammation and the prevention of infectious lesions.

If we are talking about sensitive or more mature skin that needs delicate care, you should prefer creams based on water or plant based, which have nutritional qualities. Also pay attention to the individual characteristics of the dermis. If the sebaceous glands are too active, then A non-clogging cream is needed, and if the shine is too greasy, a matting option is suitable.

Most popular manufacturers consider a variety of skin problems in women. That is why on the packages of creams, as a rule, their specific effect is indicated, so choosing the most suitable one will not be difficult.


It is customary to distinguish two main types of moisturizer:

  • Day;
  • Night.

Their main difference is the difference in qualities that allow them to be used precisely at a certain period of the day. Of course, nothing prevents you from violating this rule, but doing this is impractical if you want to achieve a certain effect. Day cream has the following features:

  • One of the main tasks is to protect the skin of the face from various damaging external factors, to which we are exposed during the day. It can be a cold wind, direct sunlight, increased air dryness;
  • This version of the cream is less oily;
  • It takes about 30 minutes to completely absorb. That is how much it is recommended to wait after using the daily cream, if you want to then apply makeup. Otherwise, the cream will not be absorbed until the end, and cosmetics will simply be smeared;
  • Particularly effective against cold wind and frost, why it is recommended by cosmetologists in the winter season;
  • Prevents the onset of peeling.

In comparison, night cream demonstrates completely different qualities:

  • Since the main processes of regeneration and cleaning of the upper layers of the skin take place in the evening and at night, such creams are aimed at improving the restoration and rejuvenation of the dermis;
  • Nutritious enough. If after sleep on the face there is a little cream that did not have time to absorb, it is better to remove it with a dry cloth, and not rub it;
  • It is not recommended to apply to areas with thick hair, otherwise the hair will become even more;
  • For oily skin, choose the lightest options for such a cream to avoid clogging of the sebaceous glands. For dry skin, on the contrary, a saturated nourishing cream is preferred;

It is better to apply a night cream not earlier than two hours before bedtime. If it is on the skin for too long, then congestion of pores may develop, which is fraught with inflammatory processes. Also, some cosmetologists recommend taking short breaks in the use of these cosmetics.

There are other options for moisturizing creams, depending on their structure and effect. For example, the so-called self-regulating cream is able to restore the normal balance of secretion of the sebaceous glands, which is shown in case of too oily skin.

Cream serum deserves special attention. This tool is a concentrate of active elements that have a moisturizing and nourishing effect on all layers of the skin. By its principle of action, it is no different from other creams, however, its uniqueness lies precisely in the high concentration of elements on a water or oil basis. It is not surprising that such a professional version of cosmetics is recommended only in case of advanced or serious problems.

Many products can replace aqua lifting, which is often compared with a full-fledged skin lift. This is possible due to the high concentration of active substances that restore the elasticity of the dermis and smooth its surface.

Cream with tinting effect - This is the choice for owners of oily skin. At its core, it also has a moisturizing effect, but its feature is to eliminate too noticeable greasy shine, which is considered a serious cosmetic flaw.

Terms of use

When buying any product, you can study the detailed instructions for its use. This is quite enough, but it is recommended to adhere to some advice from cosmetologists if you want to achieve maximum results, and use the cream correctly:

  • Always clean your skin before applying the cream. Enough washing with warm water, as well as thorough removal of cosmetics;
  • Also, before use, be sure to treat your face with a refreshing tonic. This will restore the acid-base balance of the dermis. And also enhance the effectiveness of the applied cream;
  • Oil creams have a powerful nutritional effect. They should be applied in a very thin layer, do not leave excess. This is a particularly important point for owners of oily skin;
  • If after applying the cream 15 minutes have passed, and its remains are visible on the face, they must be immediately removed with a dry cloth;
  • The use of moisturizers should be regular. Apply the cream in the morning and in the evening, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the proper effect;
  • Beauticians also recommend moisturizing the skin a little before the procedures. which will allow it to be better saturated;
  • Day cream is especially effective in seasons, when the skin is exposed to external stimuli. These include, of course, summer and winter;

Popular brands

Of course, the final choice of any cosmetic product should be made on the basis of personal experience and opinion, and not focusing on popularity and advertising. However, many well-known brands are recommended by professional beauticians for a reason.

For example, a tool available to many Cetaphil Dermacontrol. Despite the fact that this is a relatively budget version of the cream, it also turns out to be quite effective. It has a pronounced hydration, maintains the pH balance necessary for the body, does not constrain and does not irritate the dermis. Today it is one of the most popular cosmetics options for oily and problem skin.

The same quality of products can boast many domestic manufacturers. For example, creams from Novosvit, "Perfect skin", "Aqualift-Asset 7"well known to many collagen mask Alpikafit most women. They are also recommended for skin rejuvenation procedures or the prevention of premature wrinkles, due to good collagen saturation and restoration of elasticity.

For oily and shiny skin, of course, lines like Diademine Matting, Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer, which provide moderate nutrition, moisturize and cleanse the pores well, and also eliminate unpleasant oily sheen. In general, for more delicate care, for example, if your skin is too sensitive or you are afraid of side effects, you should choose Lierac Hydragenist Oxygen Cream, ruler day cream brand Wake Up, Strobe Cream with the effect of radiance.

Of course, there are also expensive and quite serious cosmetics.

These brands include the brand known to everyone. Chanel, Lancome, and Doliva. The relatively high cost of such cosmetics is more than compensated by their effectiveness, since they are manufactured using a special technology with the selection of the highest quality components.

Homemade recipes

Oddly enough, but a good moisturizer can really be prepared on your own. Moreover, most of the components used are not difficult to get at any store. This tool is well suited for those women who do not trust purchased cosmetics containing various chemical compounds. Following one of the proposed recipes, you yourself can make a cream consisting of natural products:

  • For oily skin, you can prepare a simple tool, which consists of oatmeal, strawberry or currant juice, as well as lanolin, acting as a humidifier. All the ingredients can be simply mixed together in the proportions of 1: 12: 1, respectively;
  • A simple cucumber cream is good for regular and gentle care.. It is necessary to mix with each other: three parts of fresh cucumber pulp, one part of melted beeswax, nine parts of almond oil and six parts of chamomile broth. This product contains a lot of nutritious oil, so it should be used with caution in case of oily skin;
  • A universal cleanser and moisturizer can be made according to the following simple recipe. Would need glycerin, beeswax, water, olive oil and hydrolyte. Mix all the ingredients in the proportions 1: 1: 2: 2: 4, respectively;


Moisturizing face cream is almost indispensable for any woman. It is not surprising that many popular brands that have really proven their products receive massive positive reviews.

A correctly selected product with a pronounced moisturizing effect solves many problems, as both cosmetologists and ordinary women are talking about. Regular use of the cream avoids the early appearance of wrinkles, refreshes the skin and restores its pleasant natural color, eliminates such unpleasant phenomena as peeling, irritation and redness, clogging of the pores of the sebaceous glands.

Definitely, such a tool is not just a useful thing in your cosmetic bag, but simply an indispensable element. Without proper hydration and nutrition, the skin very quickly loses its fresh appearance, so timely care is the key to not only beauty, but also health.

You can learn how to choose a moisturizer from the video.

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