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Cream L'Oreal "Age Expert" 55+

In an effort to preserve beauty and youth, beautiful representatives of society buy whole tons of face cosmetics, but how else, because the skin is subjected to a lot of difficult tests every day. Changes in temperature, wind, frost or, conversely, heat, stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition - all these moments negatively affect the appearance of a person and primarily have a detrimental effect on the epidermis. It becomes thinner, becomes covered with small wrinkles, dehydrates, and eventually loses its elasticity altogether, which is the beginning of old age.

To prevent unpleasant age-related processes from manifesting as long as possible, careful care is needed, or rather, the use of special cosmetics, for example, L'Oreal Age Expert 55+ cream.

Features and Benefits

In the gamut of the L'Oreal brand anti-aging care series, an innovative composition is presented - “Age Expert 55+”. The objective of this product is to carefully and efficiently care for the most problematic places that give out the real age of a person: face, neck, décolleté. The unsurpassed cream sculptor 55+ tightens the contours, thereby reducing sagging tissues, reduces facial wrinkles.

The tool has a unique effect: restores the "floated" contours, nourishes the tissue, reduces wrinkles.

Under the action of the cream, the structure of the skin changes, it becomes much denser and more elastic. The complexion also changes for the better - the tone evens out, visually the skin becomes more fresh, healthy looking.

In addition, anti-aging cream improves the elasticity of aging skin, tones the epidermis, actively nourishes its cells. Thanks to collagen, hyaluronic acid and other effective ingredients that make up the care product from L'Oreal perfectly moisturizes and at the same time tightens the oval of the face. The cream slows down the aging process, activates regenerative processes. After 55 years, the skin begins to urgently need nutrients, the wrinkle network captures large areas of the face, it becomes very noticeable, as experts of the L'Oreal Paris brand are well aware, the fruitful work of which led to the anti-aging complex Age Expert 55 +.

The oils in its composition intensively nourish the skin, carefully protect it from drying out, phloroglucenol helps maintain elasticity. The manufacturer claims that after applying the Age of 55+ cosmetic complex, women will definitely like the reflection in the mirror and give them a joyful smile and pleasure.

Purchase Rules

To really help, you should not buy anti-aging cosmetics in questionable places, even if the price is much lower than in official representations. Such a product may turn out to be a fake, the composition of which in the best case does not manifest itself in any way, and in the worst it can cause irreparable harm to the skin (cases of skin burns after using counterfeit cosmetics are not rare).

Before buying anti-aging cosmetics, you must definitely study the composition of the jar. This is necessary in order for the woman to be sure that the product does not have any ingredients for which she is allergic.

How to use

Before using the cream, you need to carefully read the instructions, since the anti-age product itself is a rather active substance, and improper use of it can harm the skin. Apply such a cream very carefully so that the skin does not feel stressed again. Gentle patting movements will be ideal, it is better to forget about rubbing.

Apply the cream to a well-cleansed face, neck, and also the neckline. For better effectiveness, cosmetologists advise distributing the product strictly along the massage lines from the neck to the chin.

Do not use cream for the skin around the eyes. For this site, special compositions are provided.


Regarding the complex "Age Expert 55 +" from L'Oreal, you can hear diametrically opposing opinions. Many users like the cream. Women note that he really performs his main task - quickly tightens the skin, restores its lost elasticity, although they note that after applying the cream, you need to give time to absorb it well. Immediately after application, the majority of the skin becomes oily and very shiny, which passes after a few minutes. But in some women, this effect does not pass after a few hours, which provoked a significant number of negative comments in the direction of the anti-aging complex. Although the same women add that the likelihood of buying a fake is not excluded.

But overall reviews are positive. The cream evens out skin tone, it becomes fresher and more energetic, it looks younger because it receives all the necessary substances necessary for age 55+.

Customers also like the smell of cream and the box in which it is placed. The case is quite weighty, has a beautiful design and closes tightly.

As a result of using the cream "Age Expert 55+" according to the estimates of consumers themselves:

  • In 83% of customers, after 1.5 months of treatment, the oval of the face has leveled off;
  • In 94% of women, the skin became more elastic and hydrated.
  • In 35%, crow's feet disappeared.

Feedback on L'Oreal cream Age Expert 55+ look at the video:


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