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Face Cream with Zinc

A face is a business card of every woman. The slightest irritation and redness are immediately evident. Against their background, the first wrinkles and wrinkles become more noticeable. The age of a woman becomes immediately apparent.

Face cream with zinc not only makes your skin clean and healthy, it also synthesizes collagen, which is responsible for turgor and elasticity.

If you have skin problems, then you can not do without a tool with zinc oxide. It provides wound healing, restoration of blood circulation in the subcutaneous integument. With this cream you can forever forget about the problems.

The properties

There is no beauty without health. The condition of the skin is litmus paper, which immediately shows all the failures.

Zinc is one of the main minerals for humans. He is involved in so many important processes that we do not even suspect this. External beauty, the radiance of hair and skin - this is all the work of zinc.

In cosmetology, it is of value as a regenerative, wound healing, anti-aging agent.

Zinc-based drugs have antiseptic properties. They relieve irritation and swelling. They also control sebum secretion, treat acne and even out facial relief.

The disadvantage of such creams is that they can not be used as a base for cosmetics. It is best to use them at night.

The functions of zinc oxide in cosmetics are very diverse.

  • Protection against UF radiation.
  • Drying agent.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Wound healing drug.
  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Soothing.

Use in cosmetology

Zinc oxide is widely used in cosmetology. The face is subject to frequent damage. Such, at first glance, invisible reasons, like frost, sun, cause a lot of trouble. If we take into account the constant microtrauma and the reaction to cosmetics, then the face is constantly in a state of mild stress.

This is a great soil for the appearance of irritations, acne, acne. All these diseases cause coarsening of the cover and even leave scars. Treats damaged areas very carefully.

Zinc-based creams do an excellent job. They not only relieve inflammation, but also heal and protect. Using such a tool helps:

  • Healing sores and irritations.
  • Eliminates acne and acne. Dries the skin.
  • Discourages the occurrence of malignant tumors.
  • Enhances collagen production. It has anti-aging effect.
  • Protects from UF radiation.

You can buy such a tool in a pharmacy or in a store. There are no special differences. Only cosmetic creams have a more pleasant texture and smell. Adding excipients to them also nourishes the skin.

There are several varieties of creams with zinc oxide. All of them have their own characteristics and mission.


For oily skin

Owners of this type are well aware of how much trouble excessive sebum production can bring. It’s just the habitat of all kinds of bacteria. Excess fat attracts dust and clogs pores.

For such skin, you need to carefully select a cosmetic product so that it not only controls the secretion of the sebaceous glands, but also harmoniously cares.

Zinc-based creams are the best choice. They dry and narrow the pores. The bactericidal capabilities of the cream fight the resulting inflammatory processes.

Lifting effect

Collagen will not be produced without zinc. If the body has enough zinc, then the aging process is not just slowed down, but practically halted.

Whatever zinc oxide cream you buy, it will always have a lifting effect. This trace element is an excellent antioxidant; it prevents the harmful effects of free radicals. It increases turgor and skin elasticity, improves blood circulation.

Sun protection

Zinc sunscreen cosmetics have a more pronounced effect. A multilevel skin protection is achieved. Note that this all makes one cosmetic product.


The requirements for the tonal base you should always be overstated. This product remains on the skin throughout the day. It is important that it does not clog pores, allows them to breathe, benefits and nourishes the skin.

The foundation with zinc oxide combines the capabilities of decorative and caring cosmetics.


A lack of zinc in the body is considered a problem that entails a lot of consequences. When skin and hair suffer, there is no question of any health.

To hit everyone with healthy and clean skin, start looking after it properly. You can buy medical cosmetics in a pharmacy or in a store. Reviews indicate that almost all baby creams with zinc are suitable for adults.

Top brands


This cosmetic product includes zinc oxide. The cream is intended for protection and early healing. Suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

Vitamin E included in the composition nourishes, softens and accelerates the healing process.

The cream is produced in a tube with a volume of 100 ml, is very economical and easy to use. In addition, it does not contain preservatives or additional fragrances. Suitable for people prone to allergies.


This protective cream prevents the development of inflammatory processes, accelerates regeneration, moisturizes.

If you use this remedy constantly and regularly, then you will forget about peeling, redness and itching.

The rich composition of the product - zinc, extracts of flax, oil and glycerin - perfectly cope with important tasks. They dry irritations, nourish the skin, prevent the formation of scars, heal microcracks.

Zinc Olive

This cream is intended for skin care. He is beautiful protection against irritations, scuffs and even diaper rash. Also, this tool helps to avoid sunburn.

The balanced composition of the product contains zinc oxide, which reduces irritation, is an antiseptic and repels UF radiation. Olive oil improves cell regeneration. It softens and nourishes the skin. In addition, castor oil is also included, which not only softens, but also rejuvenates the skin.

Suitable for dry skin.

Uriage Cu-Zn

The cream is based on copper and zinc. Two antiseptics that perfectly cope with any, even excessively complex, tasks.

Means not only cares, but also heals and moisturizes the skin. Great for children and adults. It fights atopic reactions and irritations.

The use of this cream will bring you only relief and will delight you with a healthy look.

In the video below, a blogger girl talks about another face cream with zinc from Clean line "Instant haze."



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