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Editor'S Choice - 2020

BB Cream Faberlic

Skin glowing with health and freshness makes any face unusually beautiful. Every lady dreams about it. Faberlic BB cream embodies even the wildest aspirations, giving the skin a natural flawlessness.

Universal remedy

BB-cream of a unique series "Air Stream" - multifunctional, solving several tasks at once. This means that it simultaneously tones, moisturizes, saturates with oxygen, protects from the sun and hides skin blemishes. Complexion and tone become noticeably better. No wonder the explosives were popularly called "Photoshop in a tube" or "balm from imperfections."

The abbreviation itself should be understood as a tool that hides the imperfections of young skin, for which it is intended.

Active composition of "Air Stream"

  • Tumerin is a liposome microscopic nanocapsule. They have a significant ability to penetrate the dermis layer, preventing various inflammations and redness. Also improves its protective properties.
  • Novaftem-o2 - A special complex that delivers oxygen to the deepest layers.

Oxygen transformation

BB Cream Faberlic line "Oxygen Radiance" created by a completely new system that helps the face to shine literally. The skin seems to glow from the inside, while not having an oily sheen. The secret is the presence of vital oxygen in it. Indeed, without it, she is not able to absorb the beneficial components of any cosmetic product.

Oxygen charges the skin cells with energy, causing them to renew and recover. It is oxygen that is so necessary to enhance the metabolism in the skin and to combat aging.

The tool is also an excellent antioxidant. After applying it, the face is velvet. It has a delicate texture with a light, pleasant smell and is easily washed off.

"Air Stream" gives dullness even to oily skin. Its light texture perfectly conceals pimples and redness on the face. But unlike the usual tonal remedy, this one not only masks imperfections, but also fights them. The pores do not clog, the skin continues to breathe, which prevents skin inflammation. This is due to the PureSkin complex.

The color of the cream is light beige. He has no shades, because he is for absolutely any type.

Winter and summer

Faberlic BB cream can be used at any time of the year, even in the summer heat. It protects against ultraviolet radiation, and special filters in the composition block the rays of the sun. This protects the skin from the appearance of pigmentation and sunburn.

When applying this cream, the skin is not threatened by the influence of bad ecology. The product is absorbed so deeply that it strengthens the natural self-protective functions of the skin.

Valuable tips:

  • The maximum effect of the cream is easy to achieve if put on a clean and damp face.
  • To get a brighter, festive make-up with BB cream, apply Oxygen Radiance Serum under it.
  • If you want to achieve greater effectiveness of the cream, it must be applied twice. Or create another layer on problem areas.
  • The cream is absorbed very soon, which means it is better to quickly distribute it on the face.

Youth is Garderica

A radiant appearance, devoid of flaws, can be had at any age. But the miraculous BB cream is intended only for young skin 20+. Women of more mature age will find their joy in a chic series Garderica by Faberlic. The basis of anti-aging agents is gardenia stem cells. This magnificent plant can often be found in anti-aging products. It is designed specifically for those who wish to continue their youth.

Rejuvenation occurs by extending the life of skin cells. After all, gardenia does not allow the skin to lose its natural strength and collagen destruction. In addition, the cream perfectly moisturizes. Wrinkles are smoothed, their lines are significantly softened. The skin becomes fresh and rested.

Therefore, ladies aged 40+ who have fallen in love with this remedy have already solved many age-related problems. Garderica helped forever say goodbye to flabbiness, low tone and pigmentation on the face.

To achieve a consistent result, you need to use the cream in the morning and before bedtime. It will take only 8 drops, so that the skin is well-groomed and looks great all day.


A lot of young ladies appreciated the tool. After all, it really not only creates the appearance of beautiful skin, but also makes it so.

Satisfied reviews say - having experienced the cream on themselves, many found what they were looking for a long time. Some admire the airiness of the texture. Others forever loved oxygen cosmetics. Fans of tonalek found in it a great alternative. They are sure that it looks like a light foundation, but several times higher in quality.

Almost everyone notices that the remedy fits perfectly both on pale faces and on dark-skinned. Moreover, it is absorbed, leaving no stains and does not whiten the skin. In addition, the cream is spent economically - this is taken care of by a bottle with a special dispenser.

Most often, BB cream is acquired in the summer season. After all, it was in the hot summer, when the foundation on the face becomes unbearably heavy, the girls rushed to look for an easier replacement. And you need to mask, protect and protect from the sun. Many have already found the answer in this cream from Faberlic, while others are on their way. Summer is the time to discover this legendary miracle remedy.

In more detail about BB cream from Faberlic - in the next video.

Watch the video: НОВИНКИ 14 каталога Faberlic. Oxiology, BB, легкий тональный Sublimer, КИСТИ, Bouquet de Jardin (February 2020).


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