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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Olay anti-aging cream "Total Effects 7"

The appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin upset any woman. Fortunately, time can be reversed. Polish anti-aging cream Olay "Total Effects 7" will help prolong youth and beauty of the face.

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Old age winner

Many things spoil the skin: poor ecology, regular stress, exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Add to this bad habits and malnutrition. But the main mistake is the neglect of full face care. Those who followed this at 25-35 years old look much more effective in adulthood than those who did not. However, in any case, the epidermis needs updating and refreshment. Olay "Total Effects 7" anti-aging cosmetics will come to the rescue, which eliminates 7 signs of aging:

  • The tool is just noticeable reduces unpleasant these folds.
  • Improves color of the skin.
  • Brightens pigmentation.
  • Narrows enlarged pores.
  • Smooths texture.
  • Gives saturated hydration.
  • Returns radiance of freshness.

50 ml of night and day cream are in a suitable bottle with a hygienic dispenser.

Any time of the day

The result will please very soon if the cream is regularly used both day and night. For every time of day, the Total Effects 7 line has developed an exclusive care. If you use them every morning and evening, then the transformation of appearance is inevitable.

In the afternoon - protection and moisturizing

The composition of the day cream contains a large complex of minerals, vitamins, restoring the epidermis. These are vitamin E, C, B3 and B5. As well as vegetable antioxidants in the form of natural white and green tea. Vitamin B5 takes care of mature and sensitive skin, which is 6 times more here than in a regular cream. B5 calms, relieves inflammation and protects against the appearance of irritation. Additional components - sea buckthorn extract and cocoa butter, which tone and nourish. As well as allantoin, which renews the epidermis, helping the growth of new cells. The product contains particles with a reflective effect, which instantly hide flaws on the face. He is excellent suitable for summer period. It contains SPF 15 filters that protect against scorching sunlight.

This drug has a delicate, easily absorbed texture.

The skin breathes and always remains protected from the external environment.. A daily remedy is applied in the morning. After a month, the results will stun anyone - deep wrinkles will be smoothed out and small ones will disappear altogether. The skin will have a smooth and velvety surface. The enlarged pores will disappear, the oval of the face will tighten.

At night - recovery and relaxation

Seeing your face in the mirror in the morning with rested, healthy skin is a great start to the day. This is what it will become if you apply night cream every night before bedtime Olay "Total Effects 7". Thanks to a large number of vitamins, wheat proteins and coconut oil, night remedy restores. During sleep, the cream actively continues to eliminate 7 signs of aging.

Usually, when going to bed, women apply a dense layer of a night remedy so that the skin receives good nutrition.

But with the night Olay this is not necessary. It is perfectly absorbed, provides enhanced nutrition and hydration to the skin. It also gently smoothes and exfoliates the skin. This gives it an even color, brightens pigmentation. By dawn, the skin is filled with strength and gives a light shine. The product eliminates imperfections - removes crow's feet, capillary patterns, reduces deep wrinkles and narrows pores. In the morning, you may not recognize yourself - the changes will literally be on the face.

Valuable Tips

  • Using mature skin care products is more effectiveif they are of the same brand. Even better - from the same series. For example, for night and day creams, the Olay smoothing serum "Total Effects 7" approaches. In this case, the applied means reinforces each other.
  • When applying the cream, you should not forget that the skin needs to be updated not only on the face, but also the neck, décolleté. Therefore, you need to distribute it in all these areas.
  • You need to understand that cosmetics are anti-aging. Therefore, she is not suitable for the young.


On the eve of summer, women are already acquiring Olay "Total Effects 7". This is eloquently indicated by their numerous reviews. After all, in a day cream, ladies find not only the desired hydration, but also protection from ultraviolet radiation. A night remedy is vital as a great way to relax the skin.

Many note the disappearance of fine wrinkles.

A lot of those who got rid of the dark circles under the eyes. The skin acquires a uniform tone and silkiness. And, of course, an excellent texture, a delicate smell and a convenient bottle make everyone happy.

Watch the video: OLAY TOTAL EFFECTS 7 IN 1 ANTI-AGING DAY CREAM. Best Anti ageing cream For Dark Spots, Wrinkles (February 2020).


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