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Cream with Vitamin F

Today in the cosmetic market there are a lot of new products offered as an indispensable tool for maintaining youth and healthy skin. But any woman would like to find a tool that would be extremely effective in the fight against one or another imperfection, and at the same time not very expensive.

This question is especially acute in the cold season, when you have to take care not only of the skin of the face, but also somehow solve the issue of dry skin on the hands and elbows. It is such a tool that satisfies all these needs, is a bold version of the cream with vitamin F.

Overview of EF cream with vitamin E, see the video.

Application area

Cream with vitamin F is used not only in medicine - it is an excellent cosmetic product, as evidenced by the numerous user reviews. Some of them note the effective effect of this drug when itching occurs, with inflammatory processes, while others are pleased with the excellent moisturizing qualities of the cream with vitamin F and its ability to even out the surface of the epidermis.

Many positive reviews relate to how easy it is to apply this drug and how it is quickly absorbed, moreover, on any type of skin - on dry and sensitive or on keratinized areas of the dermis. Regarding Caviale Cream "Vitamin F" fat, many users are unanimous in assessing its indispensability for the winter period, both for the face and skin of the hands.

But the main advantage over other analogues is that many users are inclined to consider the availability of this product on sale and low cost. You don’t have to go far to buy a cream with vitamin F - it is in any pharmacy near your home, and its price will not exceed the amount of 200 rubles.

Composition and use

A face cream with vitamin F contains a large amount of vitamins and fatty acids, without which the effect of protecting the skin and moisturizing it is impossible. This product can be used not only by adults, but also by small children.

The drug consists of the following components:

  • omega-3 fatty acid estersthat contribute to the activation of regenerative processes in tissues, effectively eliminating inflammatory processes, as well as delaying the aging process and withering of the skin;
  • liposentol F 1 to eliminate peeling of the epidermis, its weathering and drying. In addition, it helps in the treatment of inflammation, as well as pigmentation associated with age or exposure to sunlight;
  • milk thistle oil - has long been known as a means for healing wounds, as well as a bactericidal agent, a remedy for inflammation and restoring the body's immunity;
  • nipagin and nipazole - preservative antiseptics;
  • glycerin and cosmetic stearinResponsible for the texture of the drug. Yes, these components do not have any therapeutic effect and are not a natural organic remedy, but they are indicated at the very end of the list, which is always compiled in percentage descending order.

The chemical components of the cream with vitamin F are just indicated by the very last in the list, which means that their presence in the cream is minimal. So it is quite obvious that the negative consequences from their presence are excluded and this tool can be safely used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

However, it should be borne in mind that you should not give in to enthusiastic user reviews and make this product your daily care product - it is still more of a medicine, and before you start using it, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with all possible contraindications.

Application rules

First of all, before using the cream, check if you have an allergic reaction to it. This is done, as usual in such cases - by applying a small amount of the composition to the most delicate area of ​​the skin - the elbow bend. Redness in this area or a feeling of itching should alert you. If this happens - thoroughly rinse the skin from the cream and never use it again - then you are allergic to one of its components.

If you have chosen a fatty version of a cream with vitamin F for yourself, keep in mind that it is able to leave shiny spots on the surface of the skin, which means that it is better to use it for a future dream, but if you do it all day, just blot your face using a paper towel for this.

Remember that vitamin F cream is not a daily care product. If you neglect this and use this product daily for one or two weeks in a row, you will be convinced that the cream no longer has the expected effect, and sometimes even worse - there is an increase in the initial symptoms associated with dry skin and with manifestations of dermatitis .

As a cream for the winter period, with a cream with vitamin F, some care should also be taken - do not apply it just before leaving the house. Experts insist that you must stay at home for at least one hour after application - it is during this period that the product can absorb completely into the skin. And you will leave early - almost the entire composition will still be on the surface of the skin, if it is frosty outside, the water in the cream will freeze and you will be provided with such troubles as wounds on the face and cracks.

Panacea or advertising trick

So what is actually a cream with vitamin F - a panacea or another advertising ploy?

It is clear that most buyers would like to buy a cream that could solve any skin problem and would be inexpensive. But, at the same time, it is clear that this cannot be, at least - as yet such a universal remedy for all occasions has not been invented. But, to be objective, it is obvious that a cream with vitamin F is an excellent and affordable drug that will effectively help in cases of skin diseases, which means it can successfully cope with these skin problems.

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