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Hand cream and with urea

All women want to look perfect. And if a lot of effort, time, various cosmetics are spent on facial skin care, then often they simply forget about their hands. But in vain, because it is the skin of the hands that gives out the true age of a person, and it is she who needs daily, quality care.

The best remedies for hand skin are creams. In recent years, manufacturers have not ceased to delight consumers with innovative formulas of new formulations; hand cream with urea can also be attributed to such effective means.

Features and Benefits

For those people who suffer from excessive dryness of their hands, a urea cream (an organic chemical compound) will be a real salvation. This component favorably affects the skin: moisturizes, nourishes it, and also acts as a conductor of useful elements.

In the human body, and more precisely in its skin integument, urea (urea) is also found. With its normal concentration, the skin looks well-groomed, healthy, it is elastic and soft. Well moisturized, because it has a protective barrier that prevents the negative effects of weather conditions and other aggressive influences. With insufficient urea, the upper layers of the cover begin to suffer, the epidermis looks tired, dry, flabby, begins to peel off and fade. With regular application of a cosmetic product with urea, its volume in the skin increases, therefore, the skin is moisturized and smoothed.

Urea is able to heal damaged areas of the skin, so it is actively used not only in the field of cosmetology, but also in medicine.

Urea Features:

  • moisturizes epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, controls hydrobalance at the cellular level. The epidermis is saturated with moisture, which does not evaporate, but remains inside the skin;
  • restores - damaged cells are healed, a protective layer appears on the skin from the aggressive influence of environmental factors. The epidermis is working correctly;
  • replenishes the missing amount of urea in the body;
  • softens and rejuvenates - a positive result is visually visible already at the first application of the cream with urea. The skin becomes smoother, soft to the touch, looks fresher and healthier.
  • urea cream protects the epidermis of the hands from the effects of household chemicals, and inhibits the processes of age-related changes;
  • urea beauty products are good for the skin, and for the whole human body.

A cream with urea is especially good for patients with diabetes. The skin of such people constantly suffers from excessive dryness, is prone to frequent cracking, which is explained by a decrease in the amount of urea in the dermis of a diabetic. The cream, in turn, restores the imbalance and protects the integument from subsequent destruction.

Popular and effective drugs with urea can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor, as well as in cosmetic boutiques and supermarkets. Such funds are inexpensive, on average, their price is in the range of 150 - 600 rubles.

How to use

Hand cream with urea has excellent properties, a large number of women and men have already managed to evaluate the benefits of cosmetics with urea. However, not everything is as cloudless as we would like. Nobody has canceled individual intolerance, and most often owners of sensitive skin suffer from it.

Allergenic components and even the most common at first glance substances in a cosmetic product can cause allergies - irritation, rash, discoloration of the epidermis. Moreover, most often a negative reaction does not occur on synthetic, but on natural components. Urea is no exception. Therefore, before you start using the urea cream, you need to check the product in a small area of ​​your own skin, so to speak, to make an allergic test.

Do not use the product on irritated, inflamed or reddened skin, especially on wounds. This can cause even more irritation.

For those who have passed the allergy test, you can use the urea cream daily on previously cleansed skin once a day. The composition is quickly absorbed into the skin, so the problems associated with its use should not arise. If the skin of the hands is very dry or there are problems with the cover, you can use the product twice a day

Brand Overview

The modern market of cosmetic products pleases with its diversity, consumers have plenty to choose from. Manufacturers are trying to satisfy the wishes of potential customers, so almost all companies have a series of creams with urea for hands the most popular are:

  • Healer. Inexpensive, but meanwhile quite effective remedy with a regenerating function. The name speaks for itself. The yellowish cream has a light texture, is quickly absorbed, does not leave a feeling of discomfort, there is no oily film on the skin. It has a pleasant aroma.
  • Foretal. The ointment is intended for use on the skin of the hands and feet. Effectively copes with dry skin, and also has a therapeutic effect. Helps to cope with the problem of eczema, psoriasis, etc. This product has a white color, medium density consistency, does not contain fragrances, so it does not have a smell. According to the advice of the manufacturer, the composition must be used twice a day.
  • Dulgon UREA. Innovative formula from a German manufacturer. It is especially effective in winter, when the surrounding air becomes especially dry due to frost outside the window and the operation of heating devices in the room. Active ingredients: 5% urea and panthenol. The combination of two components has a nourishing and moisturizing effect, helps to heal cracks and reduce wrinkle volume. The product is quickly absorbed, leaves no residue on clothing, and is used economically.
  • NutriExtra Mains by Vichy. This product contains urea, Vichy thermal water, vitamin C, natural nutritious oils, and hyaluronic acid. Deep ointment moisturizes and retains the necessary amount of moisture, increases the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, restores its natural protective barrier. The manufacturer recommends applying the product in the morning and, if necessary, during the day.
  • Handwunder of the German brand LAUFWUNDER. In addition to urea, it has a complex of ceramides. The high cost fully justifies the high effectiveness of the drug in the fight against dry hands. Handwunder gently nourishes, moisturizes skin, gently cares, and creates a thin and elastic protective film on the surface.


The effectiveness of any cosmetic product, including hand creams, depends on the correctness of their choice, the individual characteristics of the epidermis and the causes that cause certain problems with it. However, a large number of people have ever tested hand products with carbamide on themselves, note the effectiveness of drugs in eliminating a number of problems, such as dry skin, irritation, cracks.

The result, as many note, is noticeable almost immediately: the skin becomes softer and looks healthier, and a couple of days after use, cracks are tightened, peeling and keratinization disappear. In conclusion, I would like to note that it is important to choose a hand cream correctly, namely to look not only at the name, but also at the composition and packaging. See some secrets in the video below.

Watch the video: UREA CREAMS FOR FACE AND BODY. DR DRAY (January 2020).


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