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Snake venom face cream

A woman can look all her life for the perfect cream that works wonders and, as if by a wave of a magic wand, stops the aging process. For every age, beauty experts advise different supplements, because our skin is constantly changing and over the years it needs other care products. “Everything is poison and everything is medicine” - as Paracelsus looked into the water, prophesying this catch phrase for many centuries. Therefore, snake venom in a ladies cream does not scare us as much as it can scare in its purest form.

Since ancient times, people noticed the extraordinary properties of snake venom and immediately realized the idea of ​​using it in cosmetology, which turned out to be successful. Many cosmetic companies vying to use this tool in their creations. Today, the effect of snake venom in the media is compared with the effect of Botox, and some even attribute to it the bold epithet "revolutionary". Today we will conduct a review of creams, which include snake venom. It is scary to use such a cream or not - draw your own conclusions.

Snake venom is an amazing collection of components taken from poisonous snakes, such as a viper or cobra. They have an extraordinary effect on the muscles and skin of the face, which was noted by cosmetic manufacturers.

In modern cosmetology, poison is actively used, which contains neurotoxic substances. Of course, the content of poison in the cream is always in microdoses. Manufacturers promise that with regular use, such creams will rid the skin of wrinkles.

Each product that contains snake venom has its own characteristics: depending on the composition, the cream can whiten or improve complexion. So let's get to know our brands.



Limoni with snake venom from Korea has long attracted the attention of beautiful women. Anti-aging series with a poisonous substance from the glands of the snake is aimed at intensive rejuvenation of the skin. The composition includes the synthesized substance of snake venom, which works on the so-called "paralysis" of the facial muscles. Presented in the form of an emulsion, gel, masks, face cream and eyelids.

In the video below, you can see a review about Limoni cream with snake venom:


This is another world-famous brand of Korean cosmetics, which promises to stay young for a long time. The popularity of this cosmetic group is explained by the fact that Missha launches both luxury and publicly available products. Anti-aging creams and gels along with Botox smooth wrinkles, prevent sagging skin areas. In addition to blocking muscle contractions, this cream gives radiance and powerful hydration.


These products belong to the class of enhanced anti-aging cosmetics based on snake venom. This brand also comes from South Korea. The high-tech peptide SYN-AKE has a freezing effect on the muscles of the face, thereby preventing new wrinkles from appearing. In addition to its active effect on facial wrinkles, Mizon cream evens out the skin texture and enhances skin immunity.

Secret key

Another great brand against age and facial wrinkles is Secret Key. This Korean cosmetic product is a product with snake venom peptides. It perfectly removes wrinkles and has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin. Secret Key produces gels, emulsions, creams, serums, where the main active agent is snake venom. Secret Key cosmetics, in addition to obvious rejuvenation, are also aimed at whitening the skin.


Deoproce products continue the tradition of Asian cosmetics, so the snake component represents a whole line of products. Active peptide Syn-Ake reliably and gently eliminates wrinkles of any complexity. In the Deoproce collections you can choose day, night cream, eye gel or serum. The fight against pigmentation, smoothing complexion and restoring skin elasticity are just some of the advantages of Deoproce products. In addition to snake venom in this cosmetics, you can find other active ingredients - aloe, green tea, jojoba oil and others.


"Snake" anti-wrinkle remedies from Thailand have similar actions. This cosmetics is significantly different from market leaders in technology and composition. The famous Thai cream better known as Cobra cream does not need a special introduction. This cream is based on snake venom and fat. Deserved popularity is explained by the availability and effectiveness of masks, creams and serums.


The Vietnamese market of anti-aging cosmetic miracles is a similar action based on the fixation of facial muscles. In general, in this country, the snake is a special raw material that is added to a wide variety of product categories. In addition to anti-aging effects, Vietnamese cosmetics are also characterized by their healing properties. This group of cosmetics significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles and their number, which can be seen with regular use. Ointments and balms of Vietnam guarantee rejuvenation and tightening on any wallet.

Numerous positive reviews about the action of creams based on snake venom indicate that there is still an alternative to injections. Comparison with Botox is based on an analogue of an action that temporarily stops the active work of the facial muscles.

Snake venom is really able to eliminate wrinkles, so if you are in search of a new remedy, then pay attention to such an unusual component.

Watch the video: Snake Venom Face Cream Review Breakthrough or Snake Oil? (January 2020).


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