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Cream for age spots

Exposure to sunlight and the daily onslaught of harmful environmental factors such as air pollution and toxins all damage our skin. These aggressors damage cell walls and connective tissues, leading to visible signs of aging. The skin may look dull and dry, pigmentation or age spots, wrinkles may appear.. The way it reacts to UVA and UVB rays is partly due to our genes, but it also depends heavily on how we took care of our skin over the years. Tanning beds and tanning directly under the sun can have huge consequences for our skin.

Fortunately, thanks to the latest advances in cosmetology, most types of sun damage in the form of pigmentation can be treated, which helps to significantly reduce the visible signs of aging, as well as to eliminate the appearance of melanoma - skin cancer.

Causes of pigmentation

Many women claim that age spots on the skin are undesirable disturbers of their rest. They usually appear on the cheeks, above the upper lip, and on the body - arms, back and legs. Many call them "age spots", but this is not the whole truth.

Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to fix this problem.

As a rule, long exposure to the sun is the main culprit of dark spots on the skin. Under the sun's rays, our skin secretes melanin in order to protect us - it is due to this that tan usually appears. However, melanin is located unevenly in the cells - and where it is larger, dark or light spots appear under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. In dermatology, this phenomenon is called hypermelanosis (dark spots) or hypomelanosis (white).

Dark spots can occur due to fluctuations in hormones (thyroid gland), or the adoption of artificial and quite common during pregnancy or menopause, the use of oral hormonal contraceptives. There is also a place to be heredity and vitiligo (lack of melanin in some areas of the skin), problems in the functioning of the ovaries and gall bladder or liver. Dark or light spots also appear with incorrectly performed peeling, scrubbing or photo or laser hair removal procedures.

Even more about the causes of age spots - see the next video.

Prevention is the best way to avoid a problem.

Use a quality sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 for optimal face protection. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide create a barrier and provide maximum sun protection. Be sure to apply sunscreen half an hour before going outside, as well as if you are sunbathing.

Types of pigmentation:

  1. Freckles. The most common and safest type of pigmentation. Although freckles are often considered attractive, some people want to reduce them. Freckles are a large cluster of small dark or light spots. They often become more apparent during the summer months and less visible throughout the winter. Although freckles are predominantly benign, it is better to take a closer look at overly dark spots.
  2. Birthmarks (nevi). These are spots on the skin that can develop even in the womb or shortly after birth. They come in a variety of colors, including brown and black. The exact cause of birthmarks is unknown, and some of them tend to disappear as the child grows older. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to seek treatment - therefore, consultation with a doctor is necessary.
  3. Melasma and chloasma. Melasma and chloasma are common forms of pigmentation that can be caused either by the sun or hormonal changes. They look like large brown spots, most often on the cheeks, upper lip, nose bridge and forehead and usually darken in the summer months or during periods of high sun exposure. Melasma can be caused by higher estrogen levels during certain periods during the menstrual cycle or as a result of exposure to the sun. It may also be associated with a change in contraceptives or hormones. Melasma is most often found in women, only in 10% of cases in men. Chloasma, often called the "pregnancy mask," is usually associated with hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. However, it can also occur with diseases of the liver, ovaries, pituitary gland.
  4. Lentigo, or age spots. Usually occur as a result of damage to the skin from sunlight. Small dark spots are usually found on the hands and on the face, however, they can affect any area exposed to the sun. Most often occur at the age of about 40 years. More stable than other types of pigmentation, because they persist even in periods of low or complete absence of sunlight - for example, in winter. For this reason, prevention is the best treatment for them.
  5. Albinism. This is a lack of coloring pigment - melanin, in the skin. It is mainly hereditary and affects the skin, hair and eyes - making the former light, actually white, and the latter red or blue. Albinos are usually more susceptible to various skin diseases caused by the sun, including skin cancer. The reason for this is the lack of melanin to protect the skin.

Active ingredients

When choosing a cream against pigmentation, as well as against any other disease, it is necessary to study the composition of the product.

It should include as many natural plant components as possible, and as few silicones and parabens as possible - ideally they should not be at all. Also, do not buy creams or other products with a hydroquinone content of more than 2% - in rare cases, and only by prescription, you can use 4%. Asian creams and serums often contain mercury, since it is not prohibited there - but the means with it have a number of contraindications. Arbutin and tretinoin should also not be in the composition.

Pay particular attention to creams containing ingredients such as:

  1. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Natural bleaching agent to remove pigmentation - in large quantities found in citrus fruits, from which we can conclude that their presence in creams is also positive.
  2. Salicylic acid. In addition to whitening, it helps to narrow pores, reduce inflammation and reduce sebum production.
  3. ANA acids (fruit acids). Dairy, apple, lemon, wine. Here, bleaching occurs due to exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin and accelerate regeneration. They will also reduce oily skin and relieve post-acne.
  4. Beta carotene reduces the amount of melanin.
  5. Retinol, Vitamin A. Nourishes the skin and at the same time exfoliates, cleanses. It is retinol in combination with fruit acids that is considered the best tool for aging skin, as it has a positive effect not only on age spots, but also on wrinkles and tone.

Selection rules

To choose a product specifically for your skin, you will need some basic knowledge, for example:

  1. Skin type. The mark "for all skin types" is not entirely true - since there is no universal cream suitable for everyone. This is logical, because dry skin needs a more nutritious whitening product with a lower acid content than oily or combination.
  2. Pharmacy cosmetics are better than store cosmetics. Yes, often this is the case - if you do not take into account luxury products with exclusive components. However, often any expensive remedy can be found an alternative in the pharmacy - because our mothers once did. Moreover, creams from the pharmacy are certified, checked for harmful substances.
  3. Do not buy cream if less than a couple of months remain before the expiration date. It will begin to deteriorate much faster after depressurization.
  4. Check the product for an allergic reaction. Apply it to the bend of the elbow or the inside of the wrist - if within an hour the skin is in order there, there will be no peeling or irritation, the product can be used on the face.

There are many remedies for stains on the skin. You can try many in order to find the one that is best suited specifically for your skin type.

How to use

So the first thing you should do is clean your skin - You can use it as your usual foam or gel for washing, or you can use it as a specialized means for washing with a whitening complex. Remove makeup with micellar water, lotion, milk, or oil. Bleaching creams are best used at night, 30-40 minutes before bedtime, as some components are phototoxic (fruit acids and vitamin C). For the same reason, it is better to carry out active treatment of pigmentation in the autumn-winter period - the time of the least solar activity.

But in the afternoon, before going out, apply a protective cream with an SPF factor, for example, as a base for makeup.

Use the cream every night and when you see the result, take a break for a month. At this time, actively nourish and moisturize the skin, exfoliate dead cells. If you bought a cream for the prevention or clarification of freckles - then use every three days will be enough.

Pregnancy Use

Refuse vitamin C supplements during pregnancy - this can cause various fetal mutations.

Treat contraindications and side effects very carefully. - since it is not only about your life, but also the health of your child. Mercury, arbutin and tritinoin should be discarded, as well as bismuth salts, kojic acid, and, unfortunately, hydroquinone.

However, during pregnancy, you can use bleaching agents that contain these components: benzophenone, ANA acids, parsley extract, grape seed oil, and vitamin E.

There are separate bleaching creams for pregnant women - it is best not to experiment and buy one of these.

Contraindications and side effects

As with any therapeutic or cosmetic product, whitening creams have their contraindications and side effects. And it is better to get acquainted with them, so as not to aggravate the situation and not start the problem.

  • First, read the composition carefully. If you are allergic to any component, limit yourself to using products with it. Remember that although hydroquinone is toxic, some unscrupulous manufacturers use it. Never buy a cream that contains hydroquinone.
  • Secondly, some whitening creams have mercury. Such drugs are contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys and liver, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

You can not use such creams up to 12 years.

Be prepared for side effects such as:

  1. Allergy;
  2. Photosensitivity;
  3. Irritation.

If you apply the cream, which includes hydroquinone, on dry, dehydrated, burned or sensitive skin, then it will turn red, burning and itching will appear. The same applies to cosmetics with mercury content - we advise you to bypass it, since the constant use of the product may result in poisoning by vapors of this substance. This can lead to mental disorders, kidney and liver diseases, and fetal development problems.

Tretinoin, which is part of the bleaching agents, is easily absorbed into the blood, thus accelerating the bleaching process. However, there are cases when, due to this, irritations and more terrible diseases like contact dermatitis appear.

How would you not want to get rid of age spots, remember that improperly selected funds can only aggravate the problem and create a number of new ones. Take the choice of cream responsibly.

Popular brands of anti-pigment agents

Despite all this advertising, revolving around various European and American brands (Welltex, Kora, Expigment, Fleblight, Oriflame, Dabao, Uriage and others), you should pay close attention to Asian manufacturers - remember the snow-white clean and smooth skin of Korean women and Japanese women. Yes, indeed, Korean and Japanese remedies are very effective and known throughout the world, women sing odes to them. Anti-aging sera and there are no competitors in terms of effectiveness. However, when choosing any Korean cream or serum, be sure to study the composition for the presence of mercury and allergens. You can pay attention to the brands Tony Moly, Holika-Holika, Secret Key, Mizon, Misha.

From manufacturers of CIS countries you can really please Bielita-Vitex. This company has a cream against pigmentation and a mask for lightening age spots and freckles, and the prices are very low.

Yinni has an excellent cosmetic set from age spots "Green Tea". It includes two creams - night and day. During the first week, age spots will begin to lighten, and the stratum corneum of the skin will roll. The pores are cleaned and become smaller, the skin tone is even. The composition includes green tea directly, vitamins C and E, lactic and mandelic acid, hydroquinone, lemon and parsley extract and much more.

Be sure to pay attention to this Chinese cosmetic product in the spring and summer.

GLENMARK Melanativ one of those representatives of whitening creams that cope with scars from burns. The company Biocon White Snow There are several means - day and evening cream-active, as well as a cleansing lotion that work only together. Level the overall tone and lighten freckles, acne marks. Excellent representatives of budget cosmetics.

By the way, the special Mama Comfort cream from age spots is another of the few whitening products that can be used during pregnancy.

Facial ampoules Tiana Concentrate against hyperpigmentation "Radiance of the skin" help with chronic pigmentation and can also be used during pregnancy. In one pack of 10 ampoules, and for one procedure you need literally 3-5 drops. One ampoule is enough for a day, and packaging for a month, respectively. It is also sold in some pharmacies - one ampoule of 50 rubles.

Meladerm by Civant Skin Care is one of the leaders in the market of hyperpigmentation creams and has been around for almost ten years. Meladerm is a 100% natural cream without hydroquinone.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum Includes powerful natural ingredients that help reduce hyperpigmentation and eliminate dark spots on the skin. Great product at a very affordable price.

Home recipes

If you are a fan of the organic approach, then remember that there are many home remedies for hyperpigmentation. Here are a few options.

  • Lemon juice. Vitamin C in lemon helps lighten dark spots. Use a simple recipe: take lemon juice and mineral water in a ratio of 1: 1, mix and refrigerate. Use two to three times a day, wiping your face with a cotton pad. You can store such a composition no longer than a week, otherwise it will turn sour. In order to enhance the effect, you can add a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar or lemon essential oil.
  • Green tea. Using it against age spots is very simple - you just need to brew leafy green tea, put it in the refrigerator and use it two to three times a day. It is also a great tonic. Store, like any natural remedy, no more than a week.

Green tea is a natural antioxidant, it also helps fight damage to the free radicals of the skin, that is, restores the water-lipid balance, supports the production of collagen and improves complexion.

  • Sandalwood Powder. You just need to mix the sandalwood powder, glycerin and clean water together until thick sour cream. Apply to the problem area for a couple of minutes. Optionally, add a few drops of lemon juice or clarifying apple cider vinegar.
  • Castor oil. This tool works best if you rub it into age spots in a circular motion. Using castor oil twice a day is an effective way to bleach stains.
  • Milk. Lactic acid in milk will help lighten spots. Use natural milk at room temperature twice a day for at least 6 weeks to achieve best results. You need to leave it for 8-10 minutes and then rinse carefully.
  • Red onion juice. Apply a cotton pad soaked in onion juice and apply on all the dark spots that you want to get rid of. Allow the juice to dry, and then rinse thoroughly. After apply your usual cream.
  • Potatoes. Yes, yes, ordinary potatoes. Rub it on a grater and mix with honey until the consistency of the mask. Hold for 10-15 minutes. In addition to lightening age spots, a mask of potatoes will help get rid of peeling and acne, increase skin elasticity and softness, and also reduce the depth of wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant that simply works wonders with the skin. Sold in the form of oily solutions or capsules with oily contents. Take one capsule of vitamin E or a couple of drops of an oil solution and gently massage into dark spots before going to bed. Use every evening for several weeks and you will be impressed with the results.
  • Aloe vera. It is applied twice a day, it helps to lighten age spots and improve the overall tone. Use this medicine for two weeks and try it also in the form of a tonic (a recipe similar to the first with lemon juice) for best results.
  • Yogurt. Natural yogurt contains several enzymes that can effectively treat dark spots. Spread plain yogurt without additives on the problem area or on the skin of the face completely and leave it for at least one hour. The best option is to make such a mask before going to bed, at night. Washed off yogurt with cool water.

Also try adding two tablespoons of oatmeal and one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to one tablespoon of plain yogurt.

Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after the procedures. After one or two months of treatment, you will see positive changes.

If the medications do not work, be sure to contact a cosmetologist - perhaps he will prescribe you salon procedures, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peeling, which exfoliate the upper layer of the skin and contribute to its renewal.

And now the video is a recipe for face lotion from age spots.


The company "White Flax" produces a whole line of whitening cosmetics with vitamin C and fruit acids in the composition. It includes a mask, night and day cream, exfoliating peeling and tonic. Reviews about it are completely contradictory - it is obvious that there is an effect, but some ladies are confused by the mineral oil in the composition. It can clog pores. However, if you take a chance, keep in mind that you can’t use such products on a daily basis, as well as in summer and spring.

The cream has a pleasant texture and is easily absorbed, very economical and does not feel on the skin.

Daytime should not be used as a base for makeup, as it can be phototoxic. Tonic before going out is also not recommended. The peeling is soft and suitable even for sensitive or dry skin, pulls plugs from the ducts of the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing the oily skin. Each product from the line costs no more than 200 rubles, the average rating is 4.

Below you will see a review on cosmetics "White linen"

Face mask Belita-Vitex Whitening against freckles and age spots has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. According to the ladies, it evens out skin tone, lightens post-acne and helps to quickly get rid of acne. It does not tighten or dry the skin, has a creamy consistency and reduces oily skin. Contains kaolin, bearberry leaf extract (a safer analogue of arbunin), rice flour and citric acid. The manufacturer claims that a visible result will appear in a month.

In general, the ladies are happy with her, the only thing is that some people say that to fight against age spots and freckles you need something stronger, because this mask only refreshes the overall skin tone, not dark spots.

In the video below - experiment with a face mask from Belita-Vitex.

Face cream Achromin. The first thing that customers note is the smell. It is killer, and if you are not ready to endure its every use, then you should not pay attention to the tool. And this despite the fact that the manufacturer claims that the fragrance of the rose is included. The average cream rating is 3.7 out of 5, and the reviews contradict each other. Some argue that the cream really helps get rid of old spots and freckles, while others - that it is completely useless even after a month's course.

To decide, you need to try it yourself - the benefit is it is not expensive at all.

The cream mask exfoliant with fruit acids from Bark deserves separate applause. It really helps, although the rating is 4.2. Suitable for both dry and dehydrated skin, and oily, it is an excellent medicine and prophylactic. The before and after photos are amazing. Pregnant women should not be used. The cream exfoliates dead skin cells and accelerates healing, lightens post-acne and age spots, tones and moisturizes the skin. Smoothes wrinkles and scars. The composition is amazing: glycolic acid, tartaric, citric, lactic, grape seed oil, D-panthenol, allontoin.

In addition to efficiency, the product is economical - a tube of 100 ml is enough for a year, the cost is about 700 rubles. After washing (optionally using peeling), apply the mask to the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. The skin will pinch a little for 5 minutes, but this is a completely normal reaction to acids. If you feel severe discomfort, flush.

Video - Kora cream mask review - in the next video.

Oriflame Even Out Dark Spot Fading Concentrate & Cream. This Oriflame cream effectively reduces pigmentation without irritating the skin. The cream is not sensitive to sunlight, which makes it suitable for daily use. It is also safe to use it under the eyes, and an allergy test is not required for use. The price is rather big, but it is definitely worth it.

Watch the video: How Kojic Acid Helps Reduce the Appearance of Brown Spots (January 2020).


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