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Cream "Aevit"

At any age, a woman wants to look young and beautiful. Age-related changes are primarily manifested on the skin of the face. Over the years, it begins to lose elasticity, becomes dull, expression wrinkles appear. You can stop this unpleasant process if you choose the right care products. And one of them, which received the most positive reviews from cosmetologists, is Aevit cream. It is unique in that it contains two important components that all layers of the epidermis need so much.

Vitamins for the skin

"Aevit" - this name resembles the name of a drug. In fact, professional cosmetologists will agree with this statement, because the cream, which is worth talking about, can not only care, but also heal. It is considered special because the manufacturer of this cosmetic product managed to combine vitamins A and E. They are produced by the body, but when they are not enough, the skin, hair and nails suffer first of all. Using a product containing A and E will make up for the deficiency of these important elements.

And - this is the same vitamin that is responsible for the healthy condition of the skin. Its correct medical name is retinol, a powerful antioxidant.

It helps to heal the injured parts of the epidermis - from small scratches to significant wounds. A sufficient amount of retinol in the body indicates strong immunity and low susceptibility to colds.

Vitamin A and E deficiency

Deficiency A is very sad. It is enough to pay attention to dull hair with split ends, to inflamed dry skin of the face with inflamed areas, to brittle, exfoliating fingernails. The launched process clearly indicates a lack of important vitamins that support beauty, youth and a healthy look.. The skin becomes problematic and aging literally before our eyes, and we urgently need to take care of our appearance, returning the beauty and normal condition of the epidermis.

Only a simultaneous combination of two vitamins E and A can affect the situation and tackle the problem.

Tocopherol - and this is vitamin E, has a special effect on retinol, preventing it from oxidation. Cream "Aevit" - this is the very complex skin assistant, the composition of which ideally combines the required amount of retinol and tocopherol.


Why do cosmetologists consider this cosmetic product effective? Firstly, this moisturizing, nourishing cream, the cost of which can be considered quite democratic, will immediately replace several expensive imported and domestic facial skin care products. Using it, you can also abandon lip balm - “Aevit” will replace it. Cream urgently needs to be added to the dressing table for women aged thirty-five years, when the first signs of wilting appeared on the face.

Secondly, the composition of this drug will surprise even the most fastidious skeptics and make us believe that Aevit is a really good, high-quality remedy. In addition to complex A and E, it contains extracts of very useful medicinal plants, such as edelweiss, raspberries and rosemary.

In many countries of the world, edelweiss is called a symbol of beauty. It has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. In modern cosmetology, its extract is actively used to develop new effective means of restoring the skin.

Raspberries can tighten sagging skin it treats inflammation and it is used for all types of epidermis to refresh the tone of the face, heal acne, rashes, make the oval more clear. In cosmetology, it is used both fresh and as an extract. Rosemary is no less effective: it returns the epidermis tenderness, smoothness, velvety.

Now imagine the combination of these delicious ingredients in one bottle. Awesome magical natural blend. In industrial production, the manufacturer adds some other substances that prevent this unique cream from quickly deteriorating.

And also in it are components that protect the face from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and negative environmental factors.

Who will suit

Due to the natural composition, which includes the real plant components, the cream almost immediately has an effective effect. From the first applications, the skin of the face receives a powerful vitamin "top dressing". The active elements of the drug penetrate into the layers of the epidermis and are taken for complex work - the restoration of cells in need of this process.

Daily use of "Aevita" encourages the body to constantly produce its own collagen.

Beauticians claim: a special combination of selected elements of the cream are not aimed at a quick effect without treatment. Aevit has a so-called "delayed action": the restoration of the epidermis layers occurs immediately and this process becomes permanent when using the cream. This is why facial skin begins to glow, wrinkles disappear, and the oval of the face becomes clearer. Brown spots disappear, small capillaries disappear, and skin cells are saturated with oxygen.

But there are exceptions when the use of this tool causes a manifestation of allergies. To avoid a reaction, check the cream in advance. He has an instruction indicating the composition, you can identify the possibility of an allergic reaction to it. And you can apply a small amount of cream on delicate skin in the area of ​​the elbow.

If after three to four hours this area does not turn red and does not become inflamed, then the remedy can be used without concern.

For all skin types

Often women wonder: having a certain type of skin, is it possible for them to use this amazing cosmetic product. The manufacturer took into account all the features, including those associated with the types of epidermis. "Aevit" suits everyone without exception. Its components unusually affect problem areas of the skin. If the type is dry - the cream saturates, nourishes, deeply moisturizes. After five to seven days of use, peeling, redness and all signs of dryness disappear.

Oily skin prone to comedones. "Aevit" will help in this case too. Vitamins A and E have a beneficial effect on areas with black dots, restoring water and fat balances. Yes, it will take some time for the face to get used to a new cosmetic product that makes the epidermis fully recover and improve. The sensitive type will take the cream with pleasure, he will like the vitamin presence and saturation with extracts of medicinal plants.

"Aevit" is incredibly easy to use. A small amount is evenly distributed over the face. It is quickly absorbed, does not have a greasy shine, leaves no traces of presence. The light aroma of edelweiss and rosemary is very pleasant and unobtrusive, it disappears very quickly, leaving a delicious fragrant mark.

Professional cosmetologists pay attention: "Aevit" should be applied to cleaned areas. Makeup is removed, the face is treated with milk, lotion, and only after that the cream is applied. It should be remembered that constantly using it is not recommended. The skin gets used to it, and eventually loses the ability to perceive "vitamin top dressing".

Therefore, after a month of use, she needs to give rest from "Aevita" for about two to three weeks, and then use it again.

He is advised to save for winter colds. At this time of the year, it perfectly nourishes, moisturizes, maintains the necessary water and fat balance. With him, the face looks velvety, well-groomed.

This cosmetic product at any time of the year is considered an ideal foundation for applying makeup. And it is used instead of other nutritional preparations.


High-quality Aevit is represented by several well-known and popular brands. For example, Caviale. Cream from this brand is sold in a plastic tube, its average cost is about fifty rubles. The product contains hyaluronic acid. Inexpensive and very effective - this is how shoppers speak of it.

It is also a sought-after product represented by a trademark. Librederm. It nourishes, moisturizes, improves color, in a word, restores the skin layer as much as possible. Moreover, its cost ranges from eighty to one hundred and fifty rubles.

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