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Rinfoltil Shampoo

If you are diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, psoriasis, you notice intense hair loss - this is not a reason to give up. A series of effective Rinfoltil shampoos contains several useful medications. One reinforced formula prevents baldness, the second unique - strengthens weakened hair.

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Purpose and composition

Shampoo Rinfoltil - excellent prevention, your main "barrier" against baldness. In the composition you will not find aggressive components that adversely affect brittle, dull, damaged strands. The manufacturer took care of gentle cleansing of the scalp. This series of shampoos provides complete penetration and enveloping by the molecules of the hair shaft substance, treats it from the inside.

It is best to use the drugs in the pauses between the course of treatment with Rinfoltil lotions and ampoules.

Thus, you will maintain a lasting effect without fear that the composition of the shampoo will ruin your strands. It is a mild, neutral pH base and is therefore recommended for daily use.

Important components of a cosmetic product include:

  • the fruits of serenoi creeping (berries);

  • a small percentage of caffeinated substances;

  • ginkgo biloba, herb ginseng, peppermint with soothing, analgesic properties;

  • Chinese camellia, etc.

Contained in the preparation androginates block the action of enzymes that affect the development of androgenetic alopecia. The drug necessarily contains plant extracts. They are responsible for the stimulation of vital processes in the dermis, nourish the hair healthy.

Performs a huge role ginseng, stimulating a sufficient flow of oxygen, mineral complex, vitamins, which are necessary in the "construction" of the healthy structure of the hair shaft.

To eliminate itching, shampoo is included peppermint. It has a vasodilator, property, is an excellent antiseptic. Peppermint in one instant soothes the skin with inflammation, irritation, creates a pleasant feeling of coolness, light tingling.

"Transports" vitamins, carotene and other beneficial substances to the hair structurebig asturiaalso contained in a series of Italian shampoos.

Here you will find mineral salt, nicotinic acid, complete group of vitamins B.

You will receive antimicrobial action together with an indispensable ingredient - Chinese camellia. This plant extract is becoming necessary for people who suffer from periodic, chronic inflammation of the scalp. Overcome stress at the cellular level with polyphenols and other chemical components in the plant.


Rinfoltil is effective on all types of hair. In a matter of months, you can get rid of baldness, stimulate hair growth, restore your former health, silky curls. Also, thanks to special formulas, it will simply eliminate unwanted vegetation on the face, body.

The drug will successfully stop the influence of toxic hormones that destroy follicles, return the hair to a healthy look.

After the intended health course (3-4 months), you will notice a positive effect. The pigmentation, strength, elasticity of the hair will immediately be restored. A caffeinated medicine with a set of healthy ingredients will meet your expectations.

Together with such an ingredient, you can count on perfect hair care. You will feel how the blood will flow to the bulbs, hair growth will be stimulated, their hair will soften, get rid of dandruff, and their overall tone will increase.

Mode of application

Applying shampoo is quite simple. Enough 3-5 ml servings per shampoo. In the bottle itself is 200 ml of solution, which should be enough for more than 90 days of use.

An ailment such as hair loss is often associated with the physical "imbalance" of the body. But also it can occur during a period of emotional disorders, stress. People are exposed to such a disease during the off-season, spring vitamin deficiency. With a slight loss, 4 months of continuous use of the product is sufficient.

Together with trichological preparations from the Italian brand, you get an effective alternative in order to prevent most problems with hair and scalp. You have the opportunity to painlessly stop their loss, as well as activate normal growth.

Shampoo performs the following functions:

  • gives a new vitality, shine to strands;

  • makes the hair structure strong from root to tip;

  • restores microcirculation inside the bulb;

  • used as a treatment, gives an additional effect on a pair with other drugs of the Rinfoltil series (ampoules, lotions, tablets).

You get a result worth the amount spent on Rinfoltil shampoo.

Silex Complex Series

Innovative Series "Silex Complex" with Silicon in a matter of weeks it “reanimates” damaged strands, gives a second life to curls. Scientists have researched for decades a unique formula that has become the basis for Rinfoltil Silex Complex shampoo. Ultimately, the consumer is satisfied with a 3-component system of hair care and treatment for hair loss. This is a revolutionary step in the field of trichology.

The composition contains the extract of the dwarf palm Serenoa Repen with 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

With the help of a miraculous medicinal product, return the strands to a healthy shine, preserve the natural shade and refuse forever from split ends.

The most important component of the series Silent complex turned out to be silicon. This element is necessary for the formation of keratin. Do not look for a similar ingredient in the names, on the packaging of expensive cosmetic products. With many years of experience, the Rinfoltil brand has developed an ideal hair growth formula. Silicon molecules can retain moisture, prevent delamination of the structure of the rod. With this shampoo you will learn about professional care for curls, guaranteed treatment of dry, damaged and brittle hair.

Espresso Series

After one month of use Espresso by Rinfoltil your hair will stop falling out profusely. Split ends can also be safely forgotten. Reviews of those who have experienced this miraculous drug, agree that this is the best alternative to any salon procedure. Many girls note that after a 3-month course, not only hair loss stops, but air conditioners and conditioner balms are also put off on the far shelf.

The Espresso series also solves the problem of oily hair.

Even if their appearance was previously spoiled by the evening after washing, with Rinfoltil products this problem should go away completely. In addition to baldness, Espresso monitors the general condition of the hair, becomes the main "weapon" in matters of fat, malfunction of the glands of the epidermis of the head.

The consistency of the shampoo is quite liquid, practically does not foam and has a grassy smell. Since you will use it for medicinal purposes, do not let the neutral smell scare you. You are probably so used to the perfumed series of branded shampoos that you may not like this property. Try to take a 4-month course of daily hair washing and return to your favorite products, but with healthy, lively hair.

200 ml bottle is enough for a couple of months.

Due to the fact that the product practically does not give foam, you have to use a few drops at a time. In reviews of satisfied customers, you can often find recommendations for the correct use of shampoo. For example, many advise using the Espresso, Silex Complex series also as a conditioner, leaving the substance on the hair before washing for 4-5 minutes.

When asked whether children can use such a drug, experts answer with a confident "yes." In the composition there is absolutely not a single component that would violate the structure of the hair. Children can also face dandruff problems, increased fat content, and baldness. It will be difficult to save the situation with the vitamins included in the diet.

The drug from Rinfoltil, having passed a lot of tests and tests, is approved for use in all countries of the world.

Certified products can be bought in pharmacies in your city or ordered in specialized online stores, beauty salons.

The drug with caffeine will support the normal condition of the hair, will make the hair smooth, soft and healthy. You do not need to create complex hairstyles, emphasizing the advantages of appearance. Healthy and shiny hair, not even combed, looks luxurious!

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