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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Cream Biotherm

The birth of the BioTherm brand took place in 1952. It was positioned as an innovative brand, the products of which are based on water with its amazing properties. No wonder BioTherm cream has a weightless texture, regardless of its type and purpose.

Blue therapy

Blue Therapy BioTherm series includes Multi-Defender Spf25 products - cream for the care of age-related dermis, day creams for normal and dry skin types.

Cream Blue Therapy Multi-Defender Spf25 Designed to care for the normal type of age-related epidermis. It fights the first signs of aging and normalizes the skin's water balance. It is based on seaweed, rich in a complex of antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients.

Regular use of the cream allows you to smooth out fine wrinkles, even out tone and get rid of age spots, the protection factor Spf25 slows down the aging process of the epidermis.

Blue Therapy BioTherm Day Cream for Normal to Combination Skin contains algae, including kelp and thermal plankton, several types of vegetable oils and vitamins. The BioTherm product has nutritional and regenerative properties, and its use is aimed at increasing the elasticity of the dermis, its protection from external factors, the composition of the product allows you to even out the tone of the epidermis and get rid of pigmentation.

For dry skin, a cream from the Blue Therapy line is suitable, which is based on the same complex of oils and algae.

Cream Blue Therapy Cream-In-Oil BioTherm It is based on a complex of vegetable oils and is rich in Omaga-3 and 6 fatty acids, which replenish the lipid balance of the dermis. The nourishing product is suitable for dry and normal skin, it restores dehydrated or damaged dermis from the inside and has an unusually light texture.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum possesses antioxidant properties and excellently copes with the problems of aging or tired skin: dryness, uneven color and loss of face contour.

The result is noticeable after the first use of the serum - the dermis becomes smoother, after a month of use, a tightened oval face is felt.

Skin best

The Skin Best BioTherm line has three creams: two day products for normal and combination, dry skin types and night care for any of them. This cream is traditional in its "work": it protects the epidermis from the influence of external factors and moisturizes the skin well, depending on its type. If you take into account the product for oily skin, then the composition additionally mattifies the surface of the dermis and fights against excess sebum.

Daytime products for moisturizing the surface of the dermis have a protective factor SPF15, which will become appropriate at any time of the year and especially in the summer.

Skin Best Night Cream compensates for the lack of sleep and useful trace elements for the skin to shine. After a week, the use of the product results in a noticeable result: the skin acquires a uniform shade, even after a couple of weeks its surface becomes smoothed and saturated with natural shine.

Purefect Skin Line

Purefect Skin Pure Skin Effect Hydrating GEL BioTherm comes in handy to create perfect matte skin. designed to care for combination and oily skin. It is based on thermal plankton and algae, whose properties are defined as soothing and antioxidant.

The gel texture of the product will especially appeal to women with dermis, which is prone to increased production of sebum, in addition, the cream narrows the pores, removes the oily sheen and normalizes its further production, mattifies and evens the surface of the face.

Aquasource Line

The weightless creams of the Aquasource BioTherm series provide gentle care for normal to dry skin.

Moisturizing Aquasource Air Cream suitable for normal and combined type of epidermis; it contains shea butter and vitamin E to nourish and restore cell structure, the protection factor SPF15 additionally cares for dermis and prevents premature aging.

Cream for dry skin Aquasource Gel Cocoon It has a gel texture and weight in its texture. Despite its lightness, balm nourishes the dermis well for 48 hours. Among its components, you can find mannose and plankton - marine plants to create silky skin.

The gel base has cream Aquasource Skin Perfection BioTherm for any skin type with excellent hydration, which is especially useful in the hot season or for especially sensitive epidermis. It is based on thermal water, which has soothing and moisturizing properties.

Aquasource Nutrition Balm designed to care for very dry skin, prone to sensitivity and peeling. The product is based on a complex of vegetable oils: rice, corn and apricot, the main component is a microorganism of thermal plankton, it contains valuable vitamins of groups B, C, E, PP.

The composition of the Aquasource Nutrition balm is supplemented by protein elements, salts, amino acids.

Aquasource Nuit BioTherm Moisturizing Jelly created for night care: it is based on pure water, and by its texture the cream is completely unlike night care - it has a light texture. Its properties are hydration and saturation of the dermis, its toning and relaxation due to the aromatic composition of oils of citrus, flower and fruit fruits.

Regular use of the Aquasource Nuit jelly-like product allows you to find a radiant dermis without signs of dullness and fatigue.

AQUASOURCE EVERPLUMP Gel - a moisturizing product that instantly refreshes stressed or tired skin due to the content of several thousand microdrops.

Anti-Aging Skin Vivo Care

Cream for the normal type of mature dermis Skin Vivo BioTherm enters the fight against age-related changesenriched with amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and miners. The composition of the cream softens the roughened skin, fills it with moisture and gives tone, improves elasticity and fights deep wrinkles.

About the properties of a unique product Biotherm Skin Vivo Uniformity You can talk a lot: in its composition, the cream contains 5 complexes to achieve perfect skin. The composition has micropilling, which fights against the keratinized “dead” layer of cells, and the Saccharomyces Cerevisiale component for lightening the skin. The complex is aimed at combating pigmentation and uneven, dull skin tone, facial wrinkles. The component of thermal algae contributes to the renewal of cells, their saturation, it has a calming effect on the dermis.

A protective factor against ultraviolet radiation fights premature skin aging, and the rare vitamin CG has an anti-inflammatory effect on the dermis.

For eyelids

The skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to external factors, and not a single woman can do without caring for it. Eyebrow and Eye Contour Cream Biotherm Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer instantly removes signs of fatigue and relieves swelling from this area.

The cream, lightweight in texture, has a slight cooling effect and fights against possible forms of edema, the formation of dark circles under the eyes and small wrinkles.

For men

In the line of men's skin care products there are several creams for normal (young) and aging skin.

Classic Moisturizing Ruler Homme Aquapower 72H consists of a day cream and eye care product; both products are based on hyaluronic acid, a special extract from the Arctic and mannose.

For age skin care apply day Homme force Supreme Youth architect for face and night Homme age fitness night advanced creams with seaweed extracts.

In the Biotherm men's care series there is Liquid glow Skin BEST with a revitalizing formula for radiance and face protection.

For body

Body care does not stop at cleansing it: the company's specialists are sure that such a product should be aimed at transforming the skin and body contour.

Body modeling cream Biotherm CelluliLaser Size Code It has caffeine in its composition, which stimulates cell renewal and acts as a fat burner. It also provokes a lymphatic drainage effect, which is why fatty tissues disappear.


Women like Biotherm brand: they note a wide selection of creams and a light texture of each of them. The Aquasource line is popular among young women: in the series there are several products by skin type, and ladies especially like day cream Skin perfection - It does not roll on the face and does not create a mask effect.

To restore the age dermis, women choose Skin Ergetic Serum with excellent aroma and smoothing properties.

The only drawback of makeup cosmetics women note the high cost of creams.

Feedback on makeup products from BIOTHERM You can watch the video below.

Watch the video: CrystalBeautyBrand Focus Review: Biotherm Skincare (January 2020).


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