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Baby cream

Each caring parent tries to do everything so that the baby grows healthy and strong. It is known that the skin of a child is quite delicate and requires special attention and care. It is important to use the right cream, which will help your child feel calm and relaxed every day. The basic rule is do no harm. Often, loving mothers try to buy a variety of creams for their offspring, not paying attention to their composition. This is a fairly common mistake. After all, the bottle may include components that can have an adverse effect on the baby's dermis. In our article, we will talk about how to choose the cream that is safe for the health of the child.


Before considering the composition of baby cream, consider its main types:

  • Classical. This option is used when some special care for the baby is not required. The tool helps to actively moisturize the dermis, relieve irritation, nourish the tender skin of your child.

  • Moisturizing. This option is often used when caring for a child, because the baby’s dermis often loses moisture. It is good to use this type of cream after water procedures. You can effectively nourish and moisturize baby skin. Take a look at the composition of such a tube. This should include such active elements as glycerin, vitamins A, E, essential oils, plant extracts. It is necessary to use the product with extreme caution, because some of the components of the baby may be allergic.

  • Protective. This is a type of seasonal cream. It is used to protect the delicate dermis of children from adverse weather conditions: the scorching sun, strong wind, severe frost. You can not be afraid to go out with him during such a period. Apply the product on the skin of the child half an hour before it appears on the street. Then the product can be completely absorbed, and you will get the desired effect.

  • Nappy cream. At the very young age, the baby is a pretty topical remedy. Due to the content of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory components, the child will be reliably protected from diaper rash, irritation and redness. The product must necessarily include D-panthenol, zinc oxide and other compounds. The substance has a preventive effect, prevents the onset of diaper rash.

  • Anti-inflammatory. This tool can be used as a cream under the diaper, and as an effective substance against various types of irritations on the delicate dermis.

Thus, knowing the direction of action of each type of product, you can choose the most successful option for your child.

What should be

When choosing a cream for children, it is worth paying attention to its composition, consistency, manufacturer, and also take into account many other factors. So for the child will be optimal fatty product, which will become an effective protective barrier to the dermis. But adults are not recommended to use such a cream, especially for the face. The skin of an adult is denser and thicker, so a baby product will only dry it, creating a greenhouse effect. So, if you decide to use the drug for yourself, then you should approach this responsibly.

Thus, baby cream should be safe and hypoallergenic for the child. Later we will look at how to test the product for an allergic reaction in your child. Be sure to ensure that only natural ingredients are included. If you see unwanted synthetic components on the packaging (fragrances, parabens, other preservatives), then it is better to abandon this product in favor of a safer one.

Of course, you should focus not only on customer reviews and acquaintances, but also on the advice of your own doctor. Be sure to check with your pediatrician about which cream your child can use.


Before running to the store and acquiring the treasured jar for your child, it is better to first determine not only the type of cream, but also what composition it should have. Care should be taken when choosing a product.. Be sure to read the composition on the tube before purchase. Remember that the less ingredients there are, the better it will be for your child. After all, the risk of allergic reactions will be reduced.

It is especially important that the cream is natural, with a neutral PH, certified, hypoallergenic, preferably water-based.

Among the natural elements that the cream usually contains are:

  • Chamomile. This plant has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Good for sensitive skin.

  • With calendula. Such agents also have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are often included in baby cream for diapers. This will help to actively and carefully combat derma irritations. The kid will feel comfortable and calm.

  • With a series of. This plant will definitely be in the mother’s medicine cabinet, whose children suffer from such ailments as diathesis, urticaria, skin allergies. Thanks to the useful properties of the series, these diseases can be cured.

  • Fennel. A remedy with this ingredient will help soothe and relieve pain. Fennel oil contains antioxidants that stimulate the renewal of skin cells and their regeneration.

  • Thanks panthenol, which has anti-inflammatory properties, you can effectively get rid of dryness, skin lesions, allergic rashes. A tool with such an ingredient will have protective properties. It is panthenol that is often included in the cream for children, as well as funds from nipple cracks during breastfeeding.

  • Zinc oxide This component has excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is effectively used in the fight against diaper rash, prickly heat, diaper dermatitis. Let the child feel confident and protected.

  • Used as an ingredient for cream and Shea Butter. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis, actively moisturizes them, protects against harmful effects.

  • Apricot kernel oil. This component will help to quickly eliminate irritation, diaper rash, redness. The substance is well absorbed, moisturizing the baby's dermis.

  • Olive oil. It is this oil that contains a lot of squalene, which allows you to moisturize the skin, as well as all the necessary vitamins and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

  • Glycerol.

  • Mink fat. It helps to restore lipid metabolism in the dermis, has good permeability in the cells. It is believed that mink fat is the closest in composition to human tissues.

  • Vitamin E Remedy, as well as other vitamins: A, B, C, E, F. Such components will help the skin to saturate with the necessary trace elements.

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Of course, these are not all the components that can be part of a baby cream. We examined the most basic. The product may also contain potassium sorbate. It is a non-toxic preservative derived from rowan fruits.

Manufacturers Overview

Every caring parent wants to find the right remedy for their baby. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products, among which you can find the right product.. Consider the common firms:

  • I myself. " This option will help to perfectly soften and moisturize the skin of your child. The tool effectively eliminates irritation, is quickly absorbed. Thanks to the fir extract, the cream has an anti-inflammatory effect, quickly heals wounds. Soybean oil helps soften and nourish the skin. A safe and hypoallergenic product will compete with western expensive products. Low cost pleasantly surprises buyers.

  • "My Sunshine". The product is created exclusively from natural ingredients. Means are suitable for both the smallest children and for older children. A diaper cream will help eliminate irritation and diaper rash. The products of this manufacturer will help in cold weather. There are special protective creams from the wind. They will help protect children's cheeks. After a walk, you can apply a special emollient.

  • Infarma. This children's product has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect. He carefully takes care of the skin of children, helps to treat various diseases of the epidermis. Thanks to the natural formula, the therapeutic effect and skin care can be combined. You can apply the cream for a variety of skin diseases, with irritation and dryness of the epidermis. The product does not contain harmful substances, does not clog pores. It is noteworthy that this cream can also be used by adults who have sensitive and irritated dermis.

  • "Badger". This cream-balm for children is recommended for children from 3 years old for treatment and prevention. It is usually used for cough, runny nose, hypothermia, cold. The basis of the preparation includes such ingredients as badger fat, camphor, peppermint essential oil, pepper extract. There are also additional ingredients. The product is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, has a warming effect, as well as a wide range of applications. Before use, check the product for an allergic reaction.

  • "Our mother". Creams of this series will help soothe and soften the skin of your baby. The composition of the product includes extracts of a series of sea buckthorn, chamomile, and calendula. They will help eliminate redness, irritation, dry skin. The cream has an anti-inflammatory effect. Clinical trials have shown good tolerance and high efficacy of the product.

  • "Velvet hands". This cream is rich in beneficial substances that will help to actively moisturize your baby's skin. The hypoallergenic product is rich in vitamins B5, oils, has a delicate texture, is quickly absorbed. Sea buckthorn oil and avocados are known for their bactericidal and healing properties. Products have passed dermatological testing. Does not contain artificial colors.

  • Nivea. The famous brand represents the children's line. It is quickly absorbed, moisturizing the dermis. This product helps enhance the protective functions of the skin. Hypoallergenic product suitable for any type of skin.

  • Baby cream from the factory "Freedom". This product includes active healing components: medical lanolin, vitamin A and others. Thanks to chamomile extract, lavender oil, inflammation is reduced. Menthol has a cooling effect. The tool eliminates itching and discomfort. You can use the tool from the first day of life. The product is an excellent prophylaxis of diaper rash, a means for massage, against weathering.

Thus, we examined the main manufacturers trusted by customers. You can focus on reviews, on the composition of the product, as well as on your own intuition when choosing the right cosmetic product.

Which to choose

Modern manufacturers offer many options for a wide variety of baby creams. Among them there are products for massage, and for burns, for dry skin, to eliminate redness and damage. It is worth choosing the cream that is needed for your baby in a specific situation. So, if the dermis requires active nutrition, then you need to stay on a nutrient.

It is worth noting that the choice of baby cream is a responsible event. It is important to pay attention to the following factors:

  • When buying, carefully look at the composition of the product. If you know how these or those elements that make up the jar act, you can easily determine the effectiveness of the cream. You should choose based on the type of product and achieve the desired effect. The main thing is not to rush and carefully evaluate the substance.

  • Be sure to smell the cream. If you felt a pleasant, but quite sharp smell, then the product has a fragrance. It can cause allergic reactions in children. It will be better to purchase a remedy that has a light aroma of a medicinal plant.

  • Be sure to look at the packaging of the product. It must be airtight. This will be the key to the safe use of the product (not counting, of course, the ingredients included in the composition).

  • It is worth remembering that natural cosmetics has a certain shelf life. Usually he is no more than a year old. If you see that the date on the packaging is expired, then you should not purchase such a product. It can harm your child.

  • Do not use baby cream that has been stored open for several months. Harmful microorganisms can enter the substance.

The state and well-being of your little one will depend on how correct your choice will be.


So you bought the treasured jar of suitable cream. Now it’s worth determining how often you need to use the product and how to apply it so that it works effectively. It is worth saying that in everything you need to comply with the measure. If the child does not receive hydration and nutrition through the dermis - this is very bad. But it will also be bad if the baby's mother is very fond of cosmetics. Better to find a middle ground.

In order not to often use anti-inflammatory drugs for diapers, it is worth creating the conditions under which the dermis will breathe. If, for example, there is a need to apply a substance, then it is worth smearing the buttocks, groin area with a small amount of the substance, gently rub it into the dermis. Make sure that no smeared cream is left in the skin folds.

Any kind of substance should be applied in a special way:

  • Wash your hands well with soap initially.. Dry them with a towel. Only now can we start the procedure.

  • Squeeze a little cream on your palm first, then gently and gently apply it to the baby’s body with massage movements.

  • Some doctors advise you to take the remedy. using a clean cotton swab.

Pediatricians recommend changing baby products at least two to three months later. Thus, it will not be addictive in the child. Also, the product should not be used for a long time because microbes and bacteria begin to multiply rapidly in the product. And this can have a significant harm to the baby’s health. Better get small packages by volume.

Remember that a protective cream should be applied half an hour before going outside, otherwise it can harm the dermis.

Well, the most basic thing with which to start using any cream is to check the allergenicity of its components. Apply a little substance to the bend of the elbow or smear behind the ear of the peanut. If during the day you did not see redness, itching, burning, as well as other negative reactions, then this type of cream is suitable for crumbs, you can safely use the product.

How to cook at home

If you are afraid for the health of your child and do not want to trust a delicate baby skin to any store cream, then you can make such a useful product yourself. Its advantage will be not only in monetary savings, but also in the fact that you will be confident in the ingredients of the bottle. There are many recipes to help you create the right product. First you need to go to a special supermarket and stock up: cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot kernels (all 5 grams each). Also need an emulsifier Olivem 1000, four drops of sea buckthorn oil, 40 milliliters of chamomile hydrolyte, 39 ml. lavender hydrolyte, 0.2 g. potassium sorbate.

Now melt the shea butter / cocoa / apricot kernel in a water bath. Add emulsifier and sea buckthorn oil. Take another plate and also mix the hydrolytes in a water bath by adding potassium sorbate. The substances should heat up equally, then carefully pour the substance with the hydrolyte into the mixture of oil. Now take a mixer and beat for about one minute. Stir with a spatula to thicken everything. Put in a jar and put the product in the refrigerator.

This type of cream is suitable for children from two years. If you want to create a tool for newborns, then you should exclude cocoa butter and sea buckthorn. Shea butter is best taken unrefined. And in a liquid consistency it is better to use a series of hydrolate, with the addition of distilled water in equal proportions.


Among the many positive reviews, customers note the effectiveness and effectiveness of a baby cream. The best product is hypoallergenic, helps to cope with irritation, peeling, diaper rash and other unpleasant manifestations of the dermis. Many ladies are guided by the rating of manufacturers, they believe that it is popular firms that deserve attention. Others prefer to buy a good, but cheap and little-known product. In any case, women agree that it is necessary to look at the composition of the goods. After all, any child may manifest an allergic reaction to some component.

Many mothers, as well as pediatricians, advise testing products initially on the elbow of the child. Put the cream there and wait a day. If you do not notice any negative reaction, then this substance is harmless to your baby.

Buyers like the affordable cost of goods. Baby cream is highly effective. At the same time, it can be purchased at an affordable price. You will not spend the entire family budget, but you will get a useful product.

Attracts people and a wide range of products. Modern manufacturers offer various types and options of creams that will help achieve your goal. Product availability is also an advantage. You can purchase the product in any specialized store.

You can find out which baby cream to choose from the video.

Of course, before you go shopping, you should clearly determine the purpose of the funds. Carefully check the composition and tightness of the packaging. Do not be afraid to spend extra time to carefully examine the product. After all, the health of your child can depend on it. If you felt a pungent smell, then you should not buy such a substance. It may contain preservatives that are dangerous to the child.

Thus, we examined the main varieties of baby cream. Now you know how to choose the right product, apply and apply. Do not get carried away with cosmetics, but do not start skin problems in a child. Remember that timely exposure to the cream will help the baby cope with many skin problems.

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