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Depilation cream Velvet

Thousands of attempts by girls to acquire perfectly even and smooth skin in most cases were unsuccessful. Alas, the smooth elastic legs with chocolate tan still remain only in commercials. Depilation cream Velvet can be the salvation and solution to the problem of hair removal.


Unaesthetic hair on the legs, bikini area and armpits need constant removal. Most methods of dealing with them are quite painful, and the pain threshold of many girls is high. If the epilator, shugaring and wax removal are not for you, but the razor now and then leaves behind irritation, it makes sense to look at the depilation using a cream.

Depilatory cream is a chemical composition that adversely affects the structure of the hair. With a prolonged stay on the body, it breaks the scales of vegetation so much that after the session they can be safely removed with a special spatula painlessly and as simply as possible. The absence of pain is the main advantage of this remedy.

Additionally, a hair removal cream is supplied with a complex of vitamins and various useful skin supplements. So, the brand Velvet uses in the composition olive oil rich in vitamins A and E. Smooth, soft, velvety skin is the second plus in the piggy bank. Agree, the razor can not give such an effect. Owners of sensitive skin should also be pleased, because the cream does not penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis, and hair is removed only from the surface of the skin, without affecting the follicles.

The term for the duration of smoothness is indicated by specialists in depilatory products for 5-7 days, which is a fairly long-term result of a product that does not affect the structure of the bulb.


Depilation cream has its own varieties depending on the area undergoing removal of unwanted hairs. So, Velvet for sensitive skin with olive, chamomile and vitamin E perfect for the whole body, can be used for armpits and intimate areas.

For the most delicate areas, namely a deep bikini, the company presents a cream depilator Velvet Intim with verbena and chamomile extract. The product does not contain aggressive substances, and beneficial extracts moisturize and soothe the skin in such a sensitive area.

A great variety is the 2 in 1 line of funds. Here you can find products rich in extracts such as:

  • peppermint extracthelping to avoid the problem of ingrown hairs;
  • aloe extractslowing down hair growth and actively moisturizing and protecting against irritations;
  • wildflowers - provides smoothness and softness for a long time.

New line Velvet "Skin" introduced the depilator "Sensitive" for supersensitive epidermis. It contains cotton seed extracthaving a pronounced calming effect. Such a tool can be a salvation for dry skin. However, when dry, Velvet created a special product with rose oil. Rose extract eliminates peeling in the shortest possible time, effectively nourishing even rough skin.

It is worth saying that, whatever the variety of means, one common feature unites them and for many becomes the reason for not using the means. The product must be kept on the skin for 10-20 minutes to get a good result. For girls who value their time, "Velvet Skin" offered a depilator "3 min". It removes hairs in 3 minutes, thereby bringing the depilation process closer to a quick shave with a machine.


Before use, it is important to familiarize yourself with its composition, because, perhaps, before you buy, you can notice an allergic component in it.

The first place among the ingredients is waterlocated on the second thioglycolic acid calcium salt. It is this component that destroys the structure of the hairs. Unfortunately, it can cause an allergy, which means that even if ten of the girlfriends interviewed did not show it, a sensitivity test needs to be done.

Glyceryl stearate - an emulsifier present in the composition of the depilatory agent. It extends the shelf life of the treasured tube, and also makes the skin smoother, retaining moisture in it. Another emulsifier Cetearyl alcohol also acts as a skin moisturizer. It is completely safe for the human body, unlike the following substance Octyl stearatehaving a comedogenic effect.

It is part of and petroleum jelly, which, according to experts, is not very good, because the nature of this substance is the oil industry. Vaseline is able to clog pores, not allow oxygen to pass through and cause a rash. It is worth remembering that the depilator needs to be washed off, which means that the use of petroleum jelly is quite acceptable. Urea in the composition ensures the penetration of beneficial substances into the deeper layers, has antimicrobial and antifungal effects. It is safe for the epidermis, however, it is strictly contraindicated in irritations and wounds.

Includes potassium hydroxide. Speaking of action, this is a strong alkali. Its high concentrations provoke dryness and burning. In Velvet cream, the component is indicated as one of the last, so it can be assumed that its proportion is small and quite acceptable. Ingredients such as olive oil and chamomile extractif we consider the composition of depilatory cream for sensitive skin. In other series, different extracts are also present, although they complete the list of components. It turned out to be vitamin e.

Completes a completely compact and small list of ingredients perfume. At the same time, it should not be part of cosmetics, which means that the component is a minus of this product. Counting the useful and negative components, we can conclude that the benefits in this tool are greater, especially since it affects the skin only for 10-20 minutes.

Which composition is the most ideal, we’ll figure it out by watching the next video.

Instructions for use

Often, a girl departs from depilation, having behind her at least one inconclusive and disappointing experience. In most cases, this happens from ignorance of how to use the drug.

  • First of all, it is necessary to check the allergic reaction, even if the skin is not prone to allergies. Excessive caution in this case will not hurt. The cream is applied to the bend of the elbow for 10 minutes. Burning and itching are a clear sign of an inappropriate cream. If such sensations are not observed, the product is washed off with warm water and proceed directly to the removal of hairs.
  • Before the procedure, it is important to clean the skin with soap and dry it well without rubbing it with a towel. Some recommend using a scrub to further remove keratinized particles of the epidermis and open the hair root.
  • Next, apply a thin layer of the productcovering all hair with a hand or spatula, complete with Velvet Depilatory Cream.

After applying the product, it is important to be at rest, so as not to swap the composition with movements.

10 minutes - the minimum time for Velvet, after which you can check if the product worked on a small area of ​​the skin. If the hairs easily go away, you can proceed to the complete removal of the composition. With the remaining hairs, the product can withstand another 5-10 minutes. The total duration of the composition on the skin should not exceed 20 minutes, otherwise the possibility of getting a burn increases significantly.

Removal with a scapula of hairs should go against hair growth. The remnants of the cream are washed off under a stream of warm water. This skin care can be completed, because the beneficial ingredients from the composition have already saturated the skin and made it soft and velvety.

I would like to note precautions. Moles for a safe effect should be sealed with a thin patch that does not interfere with the quality of the depilation. Irritated skin is a strict contraindication. It is also not recommended to use the cream for pregnant women during lactation, as many have assured that the cream adversely affects the quality of the milk of a nursing mother.


For a longer lasting effect, it is recommended to use lotion Velvet 5 in 1 after hair removal. The tool is included in itself fruit acids, lemon extract and grape seed oil and has not only nutritious, but also slowing down the growth of vegetation effect.

It is worth noting that with incomplete removal of hairs, the remaining vegetation can be removed only after a day from the first depilation.


There are really a lot of reviews about Velvet creams. The secret of this lies, of course, in incredible accessibility. So, the owners determine the average cost of a tube, enough for 2-3 depilation, only 50 rubles. Girls consider it the most effective and profitable of all such means. Speaking about the product itself, its density is also noted with easy application. Most people consider the smell to be not the most pleasant, however, and not disgusting, completely neutral. Some compare it with the smell of pharmacy ointment.

The action, as in any means, causes controversial emotions. Some easily remove hair after 10 minutes of aging on the skin, others and after 20 minutes add the remaining hair with a machine. Of course, the nature of vegetation affects this factor.

The scraper for removing the cream became controversial. A wave-shaped shoulder blade requires some skill to use, which not everyone possesses. However, those who have adapted to it, note bumps on its surface, scratching the skin. Such minor damage in interaction with the cream causes a burning sensation. Users strongly recommend getting a spatula from another manufacturer.

Joyfully the fair sex describe the skin after depilation. Extracts and oils adequately cope with the task of skin nutrition, the result of which are numerous photographs of elastic and smooth skin.

The duration of smoothness is different for everyone. Some note perfect smoothness even on the 3rd day after hair removal, while others the next day they feel stinginess. To prolong the pleasant smoothness effect, girls use lotion after depilation from Velvet, fortunately, its cost is also low and affordable for almost everyone.

Summarizing the reviews, we can conclude that the cream works effectively and performs all the declared functions. But do not forget about a possible allergy, which sometimes can cover the epidermis with a coarse crust or an obvious rash. Caution and care are the key to a correct and painless procedure with Velvet products.

Watch the video: If Youre Considering Laser Hair Removal, Use This Safety Checklist (January 2020).


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