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Nivea After Shave Balm

Nivea brand products are produced by the German company Beiersdorf, which has more than a century of history and experience. Facilities Nivea Suitable for the whole family, because it is a quality and safe product. The care products of this brand can be found in almost every home. Nivea cosmetics are for men, women and children; they will help in the care, restoration and protection of the face and body, as well as hair.

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For representatives of a strong half of humanity, the specialists of the German company have developed a line of Nivea men tools.

It includes shampoos, creams, shaving products and after. The last of them will be considered in more detail. After shave balms are created to protect and restore the epidermis.

What to choose

Nivea After Shave Balm was created taking into account the needs of different men and the individual characteristics of their skin. The classic product in this series is a product for sensitive skin. Manufacturers promise that you will not feel any irritation or tightness of the skin after using a razor. It instantly eliminates redness, itching and prevents inflammation and allergic reactions. The qualitative composition and lack of alcohol in it allows you to achieve this effect.

Deep saturation of the epidermis with moisture and rapid cell regeneration allows you to provide a special system of comfortable care. The balm easily penetrates the cells, does not remain on the surface, is quickly absorbed, contains natural extracts and plant components and vitamins. The skin immediately calms down, itching, irritation is removed.

The basis for daily care can serve as a balm with the moisturizing effect “Protection and Care”.

The primer is no longer needed, you will forget about dryness and burning. Cells will receive prolonged hydration and will recover faster. As a result, the skin is soft, filled with life and energy. This result is achieved thanks to aloe vera and provitamin, which are part of the composition.

This product is part of the dry and tanned skin care line. Unpleasant sensations disappear immediately after use. Cells for a long time receive the necessary moisture.

Cooling or updating

Extreme Freshness is an effective Nivea aftershave care product. The person receives rapid cooling and awakening, and hence vivacity, tone, energy. At the same time, the cosmetic product can effectively protect the epidermis from the inflammatory process, irritation. All this happens thanks to menthol, vitamin and provitamin.

The face comes in tone, becomes fresh and protected.

Extreme Freshness Ideal for hot, sunny days. These products will quickly cool, invigorate, recharge with freshness. Especially cooling and tonic effect will appeal to men who lead an active lifestyle.

If after exposure to the razor it is required to quickly restore the epidermis, then you can use a recovery agent after shaving for sensitive skin Nivea. The face will acquire a healthy and well-groomed appearance. The plant formula includes plant components - chamomile, licorice. They have healing and regenerative properties.

The cooling balm, created for sensitive skin, at the same time refreshes, relieves itching, redness.

Soft alcohol-free composition, it includes algae and chamomile flowers.

Features of the composition:

  • after shave balm base Nivea stands glycerol, It is the main moisturizing and emollient;

  • another quality humidifier in the formula is isopropyl palmitate - coconut oil. It is quickly absorbed and absorbed by cells. The epidermis becomes elastic. Also, this component has nutritional properties;

  • natural plant components They are an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, they soothe, relieve itching and redness. Chamomile extract soothes, refreshes, fills with moisture and has a disinfecting effect;

  • vitamin e nourishes cells, has antioxidant properties.


Customers recommend Nivea After Shave Balm in their reviews with enviable regularity. Moreover, consumers like not only the result of the product, but also the packaging design itself. There are no shortcomings, but the advantages are more than enough. The tool attracts men with its pleasant and at the same time neutral smell, so it will not interrupt toilet water. The moisturizing effect lasts quite a long time.

The sensitive surface of the balm effectively moisturizes and soothes.

The healing effect was also noticeable. Using it is convenient and practical. The bottle allows you to save balm. The product is suitable for daily use, does not cause irritation, a feeling of tightness, burning and dryness.

Men who have started using the Nivea men care product line have a good soothing and moisturizing effect after shaving. The consistency of the balm allows you to use a very small amount of the product at a time. Shelf life is also impressive - 3 years.

Women advise

To cool and soothe the skin after shaving, customers in the reviews recommend using Nivea Balm Refreshing. Means "For Men" not only men are happy, but also the fair sex. The cooling balm has a creamy liquid structure and is easily distributed and absorbed. The skin after it is soft, well-groomed, without irritation. And the effect of freshness, which will be so pleasant especially in hot weather, is achieved due to the menthol included in the composition.

Sensitive skin balm is also appreciated by girls.

After all, hair removal is an integral part of every woman’s life. Tender skin requires special care in order to be healthy and velvety and not to frighten its owner with irritation, itching and redness. And all this is possible thanks to glycerin, chamomile extract and vitamin E.

Watch the video: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm! (February 2020).


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