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Ultrasonic Cleansing Gel

In order for the skin to always look well-groomed and attractive, you need to take care of it on an ongoing basis. One of the most effective care procedures is ultrasonic cleaning. It can be carried out not only in salons, but also at home. For maximum effectiveness, in both cases you will need a gel for ultrasonic cleaning of the face.

What it is

Ultrasonic cleaning is a procedure that not everyone is familiar with. It represents the impact on the surface of the epidermis with ultrasonic waves. The procedure takes about half an hour and can be divided into several stages.

Facial cleansing is an important procedure that cannot be ignored so that the skin remains fresh and looks well-groomed. Find out more by watching the following video:

First, the surface of the face is cleaned and treated with a special tool - chlorhexidine. At the next stage, you just need a special gel. It is applied to the skin before being treated with a scrubber. After effective cleansing with this device, a protective mask is already applied to the skin.

The process of cleaning the skin at home does not differ from the salon. It's just that girls replace salon products with other, more affordable ones. So, to prepare the skin, you can steam the skin with an herbal decoction, and after the procedure, soothe the skin with any improvised mask. But you can’t do without a special gel for ultrasonic cleaning anyway.

After the ultrasonic cleaning procedure, the skin becomes noticeably better: smooth, oxygenated, toned and even. The procedure helps to even out skin tone and make it more natural. So definitely give it a try.


Let's look at the features of face cleansing products at home, in order to know which ones you can choose. First of all, it’s worth understanding why this product is needed. The fact is that when using a scrubber without a special tool, the ultrasonic waves will decay. So, he will not work.

The gel also helps to conduct waves and improve the quality of facial cleansing. As an alternative to special ultrasonic cleaning gels, it can be applied to the face and simple mineral water. But still, the gel will work many times better. That is why it is needed if you want to engage in active deep cleaning at home.

In addition, such a product and sticks to the skin better. It does not dry out, which means you can clean your face normally without constantly increasing the amount of moisturizing product.

Another important advantage of this gel is that it helps to improve the epidermis. The composition of a quality cleaning product contains trace elements and vitamins. They penetrate deep under the skin, renewing and healing it. Thus, even without additional nutrition, your epidermis will be updated and tightened. For this effect, cosmetologists do not recommend choosing a product containing fatty acids and paraffins. These components are the so-called dielectrics. They are not at all capable of conducting waves of ultrasound.


Girls who were engaged in ultrasonic cleaning at home, argue that for this procedure it is quite possible to take even a simple gel, which is used in ultrasound examinations. But nevertheless, it is the product that is specifically designed for the cosmetic procedure that is more effective. There are several types of such gels. Let's look at the features of each of them so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.


The most common option is a steaming gel. This tool is perfect. for cleansing and opening pores. Most often it is used to clean oily or problem skin. After applying it, the skin is steamed and prepared for active cleaning from pollution, which can later develop into acne or acne.


For problem skin, prone to rashes and acne, a softening gel is also suitable. It gently affects the skin and allows you to rid it of such problems.


For women with aging skin, on which age spots are already beginning to appear, a special tool with a whitening effect is suitable. He not only conducts ultrasonic waves, but also cleans it of age spots due to the presence of special components in the composition.


Another problem that many turn to the salon is rosacea. Its main manifestation is dilated vessels and redness on the face. The gel, which is used to clean couperose prone skin, allows strengthen the blood circulation process, strengthen the weakened capillaries and rid the face of noticeable redness. So after cleaning with the use of such a gel, the vascular network will not be so noticeable on your face.


Also, many salons use a moisturizing gel. He fits for cleaning dry skin. The main difference of this product from all others is that it is rich in useful trace elements and actively moisturizes the skin, making it more even and well-groomed.


For sensitive skin it is worth choosing special products that do not harm her. A delicate gel will allow such a radical procedure without harm to the epidermis. Also, such a gel is suitable for cleansing skin with enlarged pores. It actively cleanses the face and tightens pores. So after the procedure, there will be no new rashes and pimples on the skin.

How to use

Regardless of which gel you choose, the most important thing is to use it correctly. Gel for ultrasonic cleaning should be applied to the skin with a thin layer. Spread it over your face with light and very quick movements. It is important that the product does not slip or absorb into the skin. Experts recommend that the gel cover only the area that you plan to clean with a scrubber, because if you apply it immediately to the entire face, while you clean one part of it, the conductor will dry out in other places.

After the face cleaning is over, the product will need to be washed off the face and applied to it with some kind of nourishing mask. Thus, cleansed skin immediately passes healthy nutrients that improve its condition.


Ultrasonic cleaning is really the procedure that receives a huge amount of positive feedback from girls. It makes it possible to cleanse the skin qualitatively and make it smoother and more well-groomed. It is impossible to replace this procedure with a simple massage or a course of applying makeup products. But in order for it to be truly effective, you need to choose a really high-quality salon or a home appliance and gel for cleaning.

Among a sufficiently large assortment of products, both cosmetologists and girls highlight such means as Beauty Style and Gess. Among the products from this brand, you can find a variety of care products.

Be sure to choose exactly the product that you and your epidermis need. Only if you choose the right moisturizing and cleansing conductor, the procedure will be successful, and the results will be noticeable for both you and others.

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