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Anti-cellulite cream with aminophylline

Many women of different ages in the absence of proper care and physical activity are faced with an "orange peel" in the thighs, arms and stomach. Cream against cellulite with aminophylline is designed to overcome this problem.

What is cellulite

Cellulite is a violation of the microcirculation of lymph in the subcutaneous fat space, which leads to a visible change in the surface of the skin in the form of tubercles.

The reasons for this problem are many, starting with malnutrition, low physical activity and ending with a genetic predisposition.

Treatment of this deficiency should be carried out comprehensively.

To do this, you need to start playing sports, exclude all fatty, fried, smoked, fast food from the diet, as well as apply cosmetics against cellulite, combining them with a massage course.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the tools that help remove the "orange peel", there is an anti-cellulite cream with aminophylline. It is made according to the technology developed back in the 70s of the last century.

This product allows you to solve several problems at once.

  • Prevents and eliminates manifestation of cellulite.
  • Moisturizes the skinhelps to produce collagen and elastin epithelium.
  • Gives elasticity to the dermis, tightens the contour of the figure.
  • Improves blood flow and lymph flow, which destroys stagnation in the fatty layer.
  • Promotes Fat Breakdown, which leads to weight loss.

Also, aminophylline, present in anti-cellulite creams, perfectly tones the dermis, activates metabolic processes in the cells.

But this substance also has contraindications, in which the use of such a cream is strictly prohibited.

  • Cardiovascular failure.
  • Gynecological diseases.
  • SARS.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Disorders in the work of the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland.
  • Individual intolerance.

How to apply

Since aminophylline is a pharmacological drug, with its use you need to be extremely careful and clearly adhere to the instructions for use of this product

Before use, you should conduct a test for your tolerance to this composition. To do this, apply a small amount of cream on the elbow and leave for 20 minutes, watching the reaction of your dermis. At the slightest occurrence of redness, itching or burning, you must immediately wash off the drug from the skin, and do not use it in the future.

If the reaction did not follow, then the drug can be approved for use.

Use a cellulite cream twice a day in the morning and in the evening after taking a shower. The product is applied with massage movements along the lymph circulation.

You can use special massagers to achieve a deeper effect.

DIY cream

You can buy a ready-made cream with aminophylline, but you can cook it at home. There are several recipes.

  • Mix 10 g of baby cream with 5 g of dimexide and one ampoule of aminophylline (a drug for bronchial asthma). Add 10 drops of citrus essential oils. Mix the ingredients well, to achieve a uniform consistency. Apply to the dermis 2 times a day.
  • You can rub amyfillin in its pure form into the skin, where there is an "orange peel" problem. Then apply a massage cream and wrap the problem area with a film.

Review of funds and reviews about them

There are several drugs with aminophylline to correct the orange peel. They are available under the following names.

  • Evalar "Turboslim". Cream for body correction is presented in two varieties: night and day. In addition to the main active ingredient, it contains caffeine, which tones the dermis, menthol for cooling, softening soybean oil. The composition also contains extracts of horse chestnut, needles, algae and gingko biloba. They tone the veins, strengthen the walls of the capillaries, prevent the appearance of vascular networks. Vitamin complex nourishes the dermis, helps restore it from the inside. After its application, the skin has a more even relief, becomes more elastic. The cost of the drug is 330 rubles per 100 ml.

Reviews about this product are mostly positive. The elasticity of the skin is felt after several applications, the orange peel is smoothed, the contour of the figure is really tightened. Of the shortcomings, strong fragrance can be noted.

  • Amilean. Gel against cellulite. The therapeutic composition with aminophylline needs to be rubbed into the upper layer of the epidermis with high quality, but do not rinse until it is completely absorbed. It is recommended to apply three times a day. The product has a pleasant aroma and light texture, has hypoallergenic properties. Estimated cost of the product is about 3,500 rubles per 237 ml. The bottle has a convenient dispenser.

According to reviews, the product really has an excellent effect in the fight against cellulite. The skin is noticeably tightened, the fossa leaves. It is good to apply in combination with a wrapping film. It has a pleasant fragrance.

  • Lancome "Reflexe Minceur". The new corrective product of the famous premium brand. The effect of its use is noticeable after 10 days. The contours of the figure are tightened, the skin is more even, smooth and velvety. Perfectly refreshes the dermis. The cost of the product is 3000 rubles per 250 ml.

Buyers are satisfied with this drug. It really has an effect, tightens the dermis, tones and strengthens it. Light texture is well absorbed without leaving any residue. Pleasant fragrance quickly erodes.

This video presents a recipe homemade cellulite cream.

Watch the video: aminophylline anti cellulite cream (February 2020).


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