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Cream "Badyaga Forte"

Every person who cares about his health knows, or at least heard about the medicinal abilities of a badyag. Its most famous action is getting rid of bruises. In today's article will be considered in detail cream "Badyaga Forte" from the brand "7 notes of health."

Healing properties

Badiaga is a medicinal product made from a freshwater sponge of the badiaga family. This drug of animal origin locally causes an irritating effect due to the content of microscopic silica needles (components of the skeleton of the sponge). Basic properties:

  • Excellent absorption of the product is ensured by vasodilatation.
  • Microcirculation improves.
  • The anti-aging effect is achieved due to the ability of silica to act as a scrub. The keratinized cells are exfoliated, the production of their own elastin and collagen is increased.
  • Cell regeneration is accelerated, which leads to faster lightening of age spots, freckles, bruises, and the disappearance of traces of post-acne.
  • Another component of badiaga is sponginin. This active protein has an antibacterial, absorbable, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.


Gel "Badyaga forte" is created on the basis of natural ingredients, includes a badyaga, the actions of which are already clear, extracts of plantain and yarrow.

Plantain wound healing ability has been known for a very long time. The plant attached to the wound helps to heal it by stretching the pus. Antimicrobial action will not allow the spread of harmful microorganisms. Grass softens the skin, relieves inflammation and irritation.

Yarrow will help rejuvenate and tone the dermis of the face. Narrows the pores of oily skin, which will improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Heals small wounds, soothes irritated epidermis. The plant has a mild antiseptic effect. It is a natural antioxidant.

Active components are supplemented by: water, glycerin, gel-forming agent, fragrance, bronopol.


Various problems of a dermatological nature will help to solve the "Badyaga Forte", it is shown with:

  • bruised
  • age spots;
  • stagnant spots;
  • acne;
  • oily skin;
  • needs to rejuvenate the dermis by exfoliation.


The consistency of the drug is quite thick. The color is gray-brown with small dark spots.

If a apply the product to the face, you need to apply a small amount of the product to the problem area, making a thin layer, leave for ten to twenty minutes, then rinse with hot water. The manufacturer does not recommend going outside for two to three hours following the application of cosmetic cream with badagi.

Applying the gel with gentle movements on the body to remove bruises, you should leave it for twenty to thirty minutes, then rinse with warm water or a damp cloth.

To use the drug as a scrub, you need to moisten the skin, apply the product, easily massage the necessary area, then rinse with warm water.

Before applying the cream in the area of ​​the face, it is advisable to do a tolerance test of the components.

A small amount of product is applied to the elbow (where the skin is very delicate). It is enough to wait ten minutes. If there is no negative reaction, you can safely use the tool.

The cream due to irritation at the cellular level and vasodilation can cause local redness and give a slight warming effect. When used on the face there will be a sensation of "spiky". This is a normal reaction of the body, should not be confused with the manifestations of allergies (itching, burning).


  • Contraindications to the use of the gel "Bodyaga Forte" is an individual intolerance to the components.
  • The manufacturer does not recommend applying the composition to dry, irritated skin, as this can only aggravate the situation.
  • During pregnancy and during lactation, use the cream with caution. It is advisable to consult your doctor.
  • The product is not allowed to enter the mucous membranes. If this still happened, you need to rinse the place of contact with a copious amount of water.

Whitening cream mask

Badyaga Forte whitening cream mask with Indian cress. This drug is designed to help cope with the manifestations of sunlight on the skin - freckles. The main pigment responsible for the color of the dermis is melanin. It plays a protective role, preventing the deep penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays into the dermis.

The appearance of pigmentation on the skin can indicate various diseases. Before you display them, you should deal with the cause of the occurrence. If it turns out that the spots appeared due to the influence of the sun, you can safely use the product from "7 notes of health."

Age spots and blackheads disappear due to the unique composition of the product. It includes:

  • Indian cress or nasturtium. The extract of the petals of this plant reduces the production of melanin and prevents the formation of age spots. Rejuvenates the epidermis.
  • Wheat germ and string extracts, contributing to an increase in the tone of the epidermis, stimulate the production of their own collagen and elastin. Deeply nourish and moisturize the dermis.
  • Liposentol-multi It is a complex of useful trace elements and vitamins, giving the person a second life. Cells begin to breathe, blood microcirculation increases. The keratinized particles are exfoliated. There is a rejuvenation process.
  • Grapefruit essential oil helps to narrow pores, normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands, reduce the risk of acne.
  • Tramp.

The method of applying the mask is quite simple. It should be applied to washed skin for twenty minutes, then removed with warm water. For some time you do not need to go outside. Individual intolerance to the components is the only contraindication.

Against cellulite

Gel anti-cellulite cosmetic "Badyaga plus kelp" cope with the bored "orange peel." Irregularities of the skin, tubercles and hollows are frequent satellites of the fair sex, interfering with the normal microcirculation of blood and lymph flow. These manifestations are not considered a disease, and doctors say that cellulite is a secondary female sexual characteristic. Ladies, however, have a different opinion and are trying in every way to deal with its manifestations.

The gel from “7 notes of health” smoothes out irregularities due to the content of such useful ingredients as:

  • Kelp - seaweed, which in turn includes: iodine, vitamins A, B, C, PP, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron. Improves the metabolism of the human body. The relief of the skin is smoothed, increasing the firmness and elasticity of the dermis.
  • Red pepper extract gives a warming effect, activating blood circulation, removing excess moisture from the cells.
  • Tramp.

Application is reduced to applying to the problem areas with massaging movements. Of the contraindications, only possible intolerance to the components of the drug is noted.


By combining the opinions of most people who used the cream "Badyaga Forte", we can confidently say that the tool is very popular.

Many girls say that they tried a huge amount of acne medications, but either there was no effect at all, or it was too short due to addiction. Those who used the drug at least once, categorically do not want to refuse or change it to any other.

Ladies describe the beneficial properties of a gel that really work. The skin becomes less oily in owners of this type of epidermis. They notice the normalization of the sebaceous glands. Combination skin tends to the normal type. Inflammations pass rather quickly.

Business people, having learned about the tool once, advise its friends. Due to the natural composition and exceptional usefulness for the human body, the product becomes widely known. No need to spend time on dilution of the powder of badiaga. There is already a ready-made remedy sold in almost any pharmacy. The price is very small (ranges from eighty-one hundred rubles), so people of any income can afford the cream.

Often, adolescents can not resist not squeezing acne. Vigilant mothers get wound healing cream. Thanks to extracts of plantain and yarrow, problem skin of teenagers becomes healthier. The appearance of the epidermis improves, adolescents feel confident.

Universality of application deserves extremely positive ratings. For about a hundred rubles you can buy a scrub, and a remedy for acne, and from acne, remove freckles and stagnant spots, get rid of bruises and bruises.

Below you can watch one of a series of videos telling about the benefits and methods of using the “Badyaga Forte” gel:

The older generation praises the drug for the possibility of use for pain in the heel, back, joints. Although the official instructions do not indicate such ailments in the testimony, but older people are aware of the variety of healing properties of the badyagi. This gel of animal origin is considered by many homeopaths as arthritic and rheumatic medicine, and they also advise it to people aged.

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