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Kapous Hair Balm

Strong and healthy hair always attracts attention. Irreversible age-related changes in the body, poor-quality water, drugs, poor environmental conditions, stressful situations, bad habits, unhealthy nutrition - all this negatively affects not only the appearance of curls, but also their internal health. To ensure proper care and vitality, it is necessary to have a whole range of cosmetics, not the last place in which balms occupy. Today, the consumer market offers the widest range of these cosmetics. This article is about Kapous hair balms.

About Brand

Kapous Professional is a Russian brand with a ten-year history, which is presented in a wide range of cosmetics for hair care. All cosmetic products are manufactured in leading European factories, meets the latest trends in cosmetology and has a quality confirmed by dermatological control. The budget cost allows you to use Kapous Professional products both in beauty salons and at home.

The products of this brand are very popular not only in the domestic consumer market, but also among users in Europe and the CIS. Of particular relevance are hair balms, which have numerous positive reviews from grateful users.

Operating principle

Water and shampoo contain alkali, due to which the hair after washing becomes naughty and electrified. Many years ago, representatives of the beautiful half, after washing with soap and water, rinsed their hair with a weak solution of vinegar and soda. This solution neutralized the alkali and the hair got rid of unnecessary static electricity.

Currently, this function is performed by balms, which, like vinegar, neutralize the alkali contained in shampoos.

In addition, modern rinsing balms perform a nourishing, moisturizing and protective function. And various natural components in their composition can stimulate growth, strengthen the hair structure from ends to roots, give shine, facilitate easier combing and solve problems that are typical for a certain type of hair. Therefore, when choosing the best suitable product, you need to objectively assess the condition of the hairline.

Mode of application

Rinse conditioner is applied to wet hair pre-washed with shampoo for 3-4 minutes, after which they must be washed first with warm, and then with cool water to close the outer scales and give shine.

The method of applying the balm depends on the type of hairline:

  • for fatty type: it is recommended to apply the product only at the ends and carefully avoid contact with the scalp, as it can make the hair heavier and contribute to quick pollution;
  • in the presence of dry type it is necessary to apply the balm along the entire length. In this case, the product can begin to rinse off after 5-10 minutes;
  • normal hair also cover with the product for several minutes, after which it is washed with cool water.


"Milk and Honey"

Kapous Professional Milk and Honey Balm contains all the power of nature. Fruit acids contribute to the nutrition and restoration of a weakened hair structure, protect from external harmful natural factors, moisturize and fill with energy.

After application, the hair is transformed and becomes stronger and healthier.


This conditioner balm contains natural ingredients: the essential oil of the flowers of the tree Ylang-ylang and arginine are famous for their healing properties. The product is recommended for damaged and excessively dry hair and has restoring and stimulating growth properties, as well as form a natural barrier against aggressive factors.

Banana and Melon

Not so long ago, the banana and melon balm of the Aromatic Symphony line appeared on the consumer market, which is suitable for frequent use. The natural components of melon and banana provide an antistatic effect that prevents quick contamination.

Fruit amino acids strengthen the hair structure, moisturize from roots to tips and create a natural barrier against external factors.

"Smooth and Curly"

Smooth and Curly series balms are presented in two forms.

Conditioner designed for curly hair. The tool not only nourishes and cares for curly curls, but also makes them softer, more elastic and structured, which makes styling easier.

Balm consists of natural ingredients:

  • fruit acids moisturize, condition, smooth the structure, create an antistatic effect;
  • Silk proteins nourish the hair with essential amino acids, which helps restore and nourish from roots to ends.

As a result, the hair exudes vitality, holds the volume and shape of the hairstyle.

Smooth and Curly straight hair balm is recommended for naughty curls. Its natural composition penetrates into the deepest layers, which prevents the absorption of unnecessary moisture and creates a natural protective barrier:

  • cotton proteins form an optimal water balance;
  • plant amino acids make hair soft and docile;
  • cotton oil strengthens, nourishes and softens the structure of the hair, which greatly facilitates combing and does not allow tangles;
  • Cocoa butter, containing various vitamins and minerals, nourishes, moisturizes and restores hair along its entire length.

As a result, they have a natural volume, vitality and brilliant color.

"Almond Milk"

This product of the "Studio" series of the "Aromatic Symphony" line for all types contains almond milk, which creates an antistatic effect and performs a nutritional function. Vegetable oils strengthen and care for the structure, making the hair thick, beautiful and emitting a healthy glow, youth and energy.

"Menthol and camphor"

Conditioner balm containing menthol extract, amino acids and camphor essential oil, tones and promotes natural protection. Natural ingredients stop excessive fragility and loss, normalize metabolic processes, and “awaken” hair follicles.

The disinfecting properties of menthol cool and relieve inflammation. Camphor oil strengthens, nourishes, stimulates blood circulation and promotes silkiness and the emission of healthy energy.

For dyed hair

The balm is ideal for dyed hair, giving energy, volume, revitalizing the color, preventing brittleness. The innovative color stabilizer extends the durability of the painted color. Natural oils have tonic and nourishing properties.

Olive extract regulates the water-fat balance and intercellular metabolism, protects against the harmful effects of natural factors, and prevents premature color fading.

"Magic Keratin"

Keratin balm is ideal for tired, dry and damaged hair due to frequent exposure to various chemical hair cosmetics. Keratin protein performs a nutritional, healing and restoring function. Shea butter supplies all the necessary vitamins and promotes the natural synthesis of keratin. Amino acids nourish the scalp and remove toxins.

Feedback on balm and other products Kapous, See in the next video.

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