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Hair styling cream

Hair is the main decoration of any woman. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with competent and constant care. And to show them in all their glory, you must still be able to stack them. However, it’s not enough to simply lay them down, you need to take care that the hairstyle lasts as long as possible. And hair styling cream will help to cope with this task.


Styling cream is a new generation product. He appeared on the shelves and specialized stores of professional styling products relatively recently, but has already managed to prove himself on the positive side. Due to its unique characteristics, the cream will allow you to:

  1. Protect your curls from the negative effects of the environment and thermal styling devices;
  2. Make them smooth and silky;
  3. Eliminate dry hair without weighing it down;
  4. In the case of naughty hair, it will help remove excess fluffiness.

The cream has a fairly dense texture, the consistency of a paste. Due to this feature, the composition is evenly and easily distributed along the entire length.

The tool-styler of this type can be divided into two categories depending on the method of application:

  1. Used immediately after shampooing only on wet hair;
  2. Apply immediately before laying on dry curls.

If you obedient hair and you just need to style them with a hairdryer, ironing or curling iron, then give preference to those stylers that are designed for wet hair. In this case, you will provide reliable protection and do not damage the structure of the curl. To the owners naughty, porous and dry curls We recommend that you look at those that need to be applied exclusively to dry hair. By doing so, you protect yourself from the appearance of excessive fluffiness and disheveled.


Depending on the purpose, styling creams should be used based on your own hair type.

Transforming Hair Cream Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme, Oribe, Allows you to save styling for several days. On the video - a master class on how to use it correctly, do not miss.

For curly curls

If you want to give your curls a beautiful shape and a well-groomed look, a special cream for curly or curly hair, which contains silk proteins, will help you. The tool moisturizes and nourishes the curls from the inside, restores their natural balance and protects against negative effects. The composition is applied to dry hair before styling.


This type of styler is used on a daily basis so that the hairstyle is not in some kind of chaotic, disheveled state. Suitable for any length.


This type of product is intended for texturing styling. This means that it will highlight your curls, leaving them in a locked state. Also, this cream will help owners of thin, devoid of curls. It will add splendor and luxury to your hairstyle.


This tool is intended for short haircuts with a length not lower than the shoulders. It will help to increase the volume and emphasize individual strands. As a rule, creams from this category have a “memory effect", which means that during the day you can change styling with light hand movements.


The composition of such a product contains avocado oil, as well as vitamins C and E, which contribute to the production of collagen, which makes hair smooth and well-groomed. Apply the composition to dry curls, distributing evenly along the entire length.

Overview of products from popular brands


Cream-styler from Oriflame is designed for naughty curls, slightly curly and prone to fluffing. After using this product, they are smoothed out and become shiny and silky. The effect lasts up to 24 hours. The degree of fixation is 2. The product contains vitamin B and panthenol, which smooth and soften curls, as well as keratin, penetrating deep into the hair and nourishing it from the inside. Thanks to keratin, curls acquire elasticity and a healthy look.


Got2b is a styling tool that is unique in functionality. Recently, the brand released a new product, which was called Got2b "All Stars 10-in-1." It is a cream for all hair types. The name "10-in-1" is no coincidence: the manufacturer promises the action of the styler immediately in 10 directions:

  1. the form
  2. strength
  3. moisturizing
  4. shine
  5. smoothness
  6. protection
  7. antistatic effect
  8. volume
  9. hair thickening
  10. elasticity.

By the way, it is worth noting that, according to consumer reviews, he copes with them simply "excellently." This tool can be purchased at an affordable price in any store of professional hair cosmetics.


From the series of this brand it is worth highlighting cream wax Schwarzkopf "Osis". The fixation of this product is maximum, so it’s just a lifesaver, if your goal is to create a styling that will last all day. The airy texture is easily applied to the hair without weighting or injuring them. Recommended for use on dry hair.


The main objective of the funds of this brand is restoration. Series "After coloring moisturizing" It will allow colored hair not only to be fixed in a certain style, but also to return to its previous, healthy appearance.


In the Estel line you can find funds for any occasion: for styling, for restoration, for nutrition, washing and so on. Styling cream from this manufacturer will allow you to keep your hair under control for 24 hours. Among the creams of this brand, it is worth noting such a tool as Marcelline Estel "Haute Couture". The pasty texture is suitable for any length. It can be used for various purposes: to give volume, highlight strands, fix curls.


Indola brand products are classified as texturing. However, in addition to fixing the styling, the cream also perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the hair.


The assortment of this German label contains all kinds of styling products. All of them, in turn, depending on the purpose, are divided into series. Cream from the line "Smoothness and radiance" suitable for giving beauty to curls, products from the line "Ultra" firmly fix your styling, and products called "Strength and volume" give volume to thin hair.


Of the manufacturers mentioned above, the brand became the clear favorites among the fair sex Got2b, Schwarzkopf and Indola. They received the minimum number of negative reviews.

As for the rest, then not everything is so cloudless here.

  • Popular and beloved by everyone Estel losing its reputation. Many girls noted that the products of this brand make hair heavier and look like icicles.
  • Regarding brand products Taft, here the girls claim that the tool does not fulfill the tasks stated by the manufacturer. He not only does not add volume, but on the contrary, even reduces it. In addition, a strong hold cream glues and dries the hair, after application of the composition they look unkempt and dirty.

Company funds Concept however, modern beauties also liked it. Its main purpose is to restore the hair burnt by chemical composition. According to those who used it, after applying it, the hair became more healthy and beautiful.

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