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Chocolate face mask

A fragrant chocolate face mask is a very pleasant cosmetic procedure that not only pleasantly pleases with its smell, but also significantly improves the condition of the skin. In this article you will learn about the features of this cosmetic procedure, as well as who should do it.

Benefits and Benefits

Chocolate masks are made both in beauty salons and at home. And in fact, and in another case, the procedure has a good effect on the condition of our skin. But in order for the effect to be really noticeable, you need to use high-quality chocolate.

This product is rich in antioxidants, oils, minerals and vitamins. Useful components penetrate deep under the skin and saturate its surface with useful substances.

After applying chocolate masks, the skin becomes more pleasant and soft to the touch.. Thanks to improved blood circulation, its tone evens out and its color improves markedly. Chocolate also contributes to the active production of collagen, which is why even aging skin tightens and becomes more elastic. There are no microcracks on the surface of the epidermis, nor any facial wrinkles.

At home, masks made of dark chocolate, heated to a temperature normal for the body, are used. Home masks will allow you to quickly get rid of dryness, ugly shine, all kinds of blackheads and rashes. In addition, a pleasant chocolate aroma allows you to relax and get rid of a constant state of stress.

But chocolate masks have their drawbacks. First of all, do not put chocolate on your skin for those who are allergic to this product. Also, never use cheap and low-quality chocolate or a product with chemical additives.

But even if you are planning to make a mask of high quality dark chocolate, it is still worth testing. For this purpose, a little chocolate mixture should be applied to sensitive skin, for example, on the bend of the elbow or on the wrist. An hour after application, there should be no rashes and redness at this place. In this case, you can apply a chocolate mask to the skin without fear of a negative reaction of the body.

Another drawback is that dark chocolate can color the skin. But there is no need to worry - the natural color will return to you the very next day.

Popular recipes

Chocolate mask is a high-quality product that can improve the condition of facial skin of any type. Only in this case the benefits of the product will be obvious. Let's look at some popular options that you can try at home.


If you have a dry epidermis, then a chocolate mask will be very useful for you. Such a beneficial mixture nourishes the skin and makes it more hydrated. In addition, for mature women, it will also be good because it will help tighten the epidermis, making it more elastic.

To care for dry-prone epidermis, several mask options can be used. The first is olive chocolate. Here it is enough to mix two tablespoons of melted chocolate with warm olive oil in 1: 2 proportions.

You can also mix melted chocolate with cottage cheese in equal quantities. Cottage cheese can be replaced with the same healthy cream.

These masks are applied to the skin, previously well cleansed with foam or even a scrub. Keep it on the surface of the face for twenty minutes. The chocolate mixture is washed off the surface of the epidermis with warm water.

To combat oily sheen

For oily or combination skin, a similar mask will also be useful. The fact is that chocolate has a positive effect on the state of the glands, as a result of which less sebum remains on the face, and the enlarged pores gradually narrow.

The recipe for a mask for oily skin is very simple - melt two tablespoons of dark chocolate and mix with orange juice. So that all the beneficial components penetrate the skin better, it must first be very well cleaned. The mask must be kept on the skin all the same twenty minutes, after which it can be washed off with warm water.

For normal

The effect of a chocolate mask for normal skin will also be very good. This product helps maintain normal skin color. To create it, mix bitter melted chocolate with pulp of fruit. It can be a pear, apricot, melon or peach. Fruit-chocolate mixture is applied to the face with a uniform layer and lasts about twenty minutes. The dense layer of the mask before rinsing can be removed with a dry cloth, then rinsing the face with clean, warm water.

After applying this care product, your skin will become noticeably better, and the minor imperfections that previously irritated you will disappear. To maintain the epidermis in such an improved condition, it is enough to use this recipe at least twice a week.

For acne

Acne is one of the main problems not only of teenage girls, but also of adult women. They always appear suddenly, and, no matter how disguise them, spoil our appearance. To get rid of these shortcomings, you can use a mask based on fresh cocoa. You will need one tablespoon of dry powder mixed with the same amount of olive oil. In the same mixture, add a teaspoon of dried cinnamon and turmeric. All this must be mixed very well and applied to a clean surface of the face.

Rinse off the product is recommended using alternately warm and cold water.

Such a contrast will make the skin more toned and refresh it. In order for the result not only to become noticeable, but also to consolidate for a long time, the procedure is recommended to be repeated weekly for two months.

From clay

Perhaps, everyone who is interested in home spa procedures is aware of the benefits of clay masks. Therefore, it is not surprising that clay and chocolate mask also gained popularity quite quickly.. It suits almost everyone, the main thing is to choose the right type of clay. If you have oily or combination skin - take blue clay, if problematic - white. But for girls with dry by nature or overdried skin, this option of care should be abandoned.

To prepare the mask, extremely simply mix clay with oatmeal in equal amounts, add all this with melted hot chocolate and apply the mixture on your face.


Real sweet tooth will definitely like a chocolate-honey mask. It is suitable for all skin types. Its main advantage is that it cleanses the skin and evens out its color. In addition, honey helps to remove minor rashes from the skin.

To create a sweet cosmetic product, you need to mix chocolate with a tablespoon of natural honey and apply it all on the skin, rubbing into it with light massaging touches.

The recipe for a chocolate facial mask - see the next video.


About the chocolate mask leave positive reviews for both those who did this procedure in the salon, and the girls who decided on home skin care. The main condition for the effectiveness of this procedure is the use of quality ingredients.. For a mask, it is better to take bitter chocolate, not milk or white. It contains a larger percentage of cocoa beans, and it has a positive effect on the skin.

After using such a mask, improvements become noticeable almost immediately. The chocolate mixture, as the reviews confirm, really helps to make the complexion more even, remove all kinds of pimples, inflammations and redness. In adulthood, it can be used instead of tightening creams, since it makes the epidermis more elastic and removes wrinkles from its surface.

And if you apply the mask not only to the face, but also to the entire body, then it will help you get rid of cellulite.

If you do not have time and desire to experiment with home masks, and at the same time you do not want to spend money on salon procedures, then you can just buy a ready-made mask in the store. But here you need to be careful and buy quality products, and not just chemical mixtures in which only aroma remains from chocolate. An example of a good care product can be called ChocoLatte "Black Fresh", which has collected many positive reviews.

Watch the video: DIY Chocolate Face Mask for a Youthful & Glowing Skin - Glamrs (January 2020).


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