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Cream "Evening" factory "Freedom"

In modern life, every woman can look beautiful and well-groomed. The industry offers a huge range of care products, it is only important to correctly determine the type of skin and correctly assess its condition.

Dry skin of the face can cause a lot of problems: the appearance of wrinkles, early wilting, peeling. An excellent solution may be to use the cream "Evening" from the factory "Freedom". Proving itself over the years as an excellent tool, it copes with many problems that arise in women with dry skin - the manufacturer guarantees quality.

About the manufacturer

The basis for the factory "Freedom" was the Russian perfumery and cosmetics factory, which was founded in Moscow in 1843 and was called the factory of the A. Ralle and Co. Partnership. Even then, the products had deserved popularity not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

The factory got its current name in 1922. Throughout the long years of its existence, it has always maintained a high standard of quality, for which it received the title of "Enterprise of Excellent Quality" and was awarded more than once with medals and diplomas at Russian and international exhibitions.

The modern manufacturer continues the development of the best traditions in the production of cosmetics. His main task is to serve the protection of health and beauty.

Today, the factory is a powerful cosmetic industry, producing face and body care products, hair and oral cavity, as well as a large assortment of children's cosmetics. The products are manufactured on modern equipment using the latest technology. The company has its own research center, which develops and implements modern cosmetic products in production.

  • The company cooperates with many large manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, France, India and from other countries, places their orders on its equipment.
  • All products are made from natural raw materials and subjected to rigorous testing in accordance with international quality standards.
  • The company has a number of company stores.
  • The products of the factory "Freedom", due to excellent quality and low price, are widely known in the countries of near and far abroad.
  • Mastering the production of new products, the company does not stop the release of popular products highly praised by consumers.

One such popular product is Evening Cream.

Benefits and Features

Being an evening care product for dry and sensitive skin, the cream has several advantages.

Having in its composition useful vitamins and minerals, it saturates the epidermis with them, gently affects it, activating the metabolic processes. The cream is well suited for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, improving its tone and elasticity, increasing the vital activity of its cells. The product is able to strengthen muscle tissue, smooth wrinkles, prevent aging and withering of the epidermis.

This effective stimulant has antioxidant properties. It can lighten the skin, improve their color and fight age-related pigmentation. The cream copes well with peeling, irritation and redness, has a slight anti-inflammatory effect.

Women with any type of skin can use this cream as a means to care for the area around the eyes. The cream will help get rid of edema and dark circles under the eyes. It has a delicate texture, is easy to apply and spread on the skin, is used sparingly. The cream is made on the basis of natural ingredients, does not cause allergic reactions.

The advantage of the cream is its availability, it is sold in almost any cosmetic store. In addition, the price will pleasantly surprise you. Compared to many similar products, it costs mere pennies, and you get a product of excellent quality.


The cream owes its high caring properties to the natural substances that make up its foundation.

One of the main active elements of the cream "Evening" is parsley extract. The active substances that this plant is rich in, increase skin tone, regulate water-salt metabolism, and also have whitening properties. Parsley extract is often found in the composition of skin care products around the eyes, as it removes puffiness, smoothes the skin.

In the cream are present vitamins A and E.

  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it is often called the vitamin of youth, as it prevents premature aging of skin cells.
  • Vitamin A essential for healthy skin function. It maintains a good complexion, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates dryness and peeling of the skin, increases the protective functions of the skin.
  • Vegetable oils in the "Evenings" provide hydration, softening of the skin, providing valuable nutritional components.
  • Cream included beeswax is an excellent anti-aging agent. It tones, relieves inflammation, enhances blood circulation, thereby contributing to the removal of toxins from the epidermis.
  • Another active ingredient is lanolin. It helps soften the skin and smooth wrinkles. Lanolin has a strong moisturizing effect, improves the structure of the epidermis, evens out skin tone. In addition, lanolin increases the effectiveness of other components, helping them to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Mode of application

Cream "Evening" is very easy to use. Like any nutrient, it is applied to well-cleansed face skin and distributed with light sliding movements along the massage lines.

Since the cream has a thick consistency, it should be applied 2-2.5 hours before bedtime. This time is necessary for the cream to be absorbed. Excess cream before bedtime is removed with a napkin.

This cream is an excellent evening remedy for dry skin. However, very long-term use reduces its effectiveness. Therefore, follow the advice of cosmetologists and alternate creams after several weeks of use.

For alternation, another means of the Freedom factory is wonderful - Lux. It has a similar composition and similarly affects the skin. However, you will get more benefits by alternating creams. "Evening" differs from "Lux" in greater density, so it is better suited for use in cold periods of the year.

You can use "Evening" for skin care around the eyes. To do this, 30 minutes before bedtime, it is applied to the eyelid skin cleansed from makeup and under the eyes with light finger movements along the massage lines. Before going to bed, excess cream must be removed with a napkin.

The cream will strengthen the muscle tissue around the eyes, give this delicate part of the face elasticity, and increase its tone.

"Evening light"

On the basis of the cream "Evening", a novelty was developed - moisturizing "Evening light". It also has a large number of useful properties, but has a lighter consistency, so it is absorbed faster and does not leave traces of oily sheen. This cream is suitable for you if you have dry and sensitive skin.

The cream has a pronounced anti-aging effect. Its use is an excellent prevention of wrinkles; it reduces the signs of skin aging.

The introduction of a moisturizing complex of marine origin in the cream allows you to enhance the moisturizing properties and reduce skin moisture loss. Due to this, the microrelief of the skin is improved.

The antioxidant effect is provided by a complex of vitamins A and E. They activate the regeneration of skin cells, have a strengthening effect on the structure of the epidermis.

A distinctive feature of "Evenings light" is the presence of almond oil in its composition. It is an effective tool for nourishing, softening the skin, smoothing wrinkles. It calms, regenerates the skin. Almond oil is necessary to normalize the function of the sebaceous glands and eliminate inflammation. The oil acts especially well on dehydrated skin, eliminating dryness and peeling.

The "Evening light" also contains parsley extract, and this cream can be used to care for the skin around the eyes. Parsley extract will have a brightening effect, will help reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

Apply the cream in the evening, applying to cleansed skin and distributing it with light movements along the massage lines.


Women leave a huge number of positive reviews about the cream "Evening". A number of negative reviews appeared if he did not fit the skin type or the instructions for its use were not followed.

Especially women like the low cost of the product, a lady with any budget can afford to buy it.

Many say that they get a wonderful tool that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Regular use of the cream reduces wrinkles, smoothes and brightens the skin.

Not everyone likes the aroma of natural elements, but women understand that this is a sign of the absence of artificial fragrances and highly appreciate the anti-aging effect of natural components.

Women say that the cream perfectly eliminates dryness and peeling of the skin, and this is especially valuable in the winter.

Representatives of the fair sex with sensitive skin note that irritation and inflammation pass.

The use of cream for skin care around the eyes helped smooth out the crow's feet. The cream wonderful removed puffiness, after a while dark circles passed under the eyes.

Reviews often report that, finally, they were able to find the right care product. They recommend it to their friends and say they will trust the domestic manufacturers more. Many people want to try other products of the Liberty factory.

Feedback on the cream "Evening", as well as a analysis of the composition of the product - in the next video.

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