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Mask film Bielita-Viteks

Each representative of the weaker sex knows how important it is to take care of the skin in order to maintain its youth, beauty, freshness and elasticity. Some ladies do not spare money on expensive cosmetic procedures, as well as special products that support skin elasticity. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford expensive creams, so girls have to choose cheaper products to provide complete skin care.

Special removable mask-films for many have become a real salvation and an effective assistant in cleansing the face of toxins, deep moisturizing and nourishing the epidermis. They are designed for both dry and oily skin and can help the owner of any problematic epidermis.

About Brand

An alternative to many foreign items of makeup products has become an inexpensive Belarusian facial cosmetics from Bielita-Vitex, already managed to positively establish itself throughout the countries of the former USSR. Despite the low price, the products are very high quality and efficient. Creams and other products from Belarus have a considerable number of advantages over other brands.

An important factor is that all cosmetics undergo a thorough check before they reach store shelves, therefore certified Belarusian face cosmetics can be trusted. The composition of creams and lotions is completely environmentally friendly and natural, which instantly affects the skin. One of the main advantages is, of course, and the democratic price, respectively, everyone can afford these products. As for the rulers, they provide all the necessary moisturizers for the face and body, including three-minute face masks.


This tool is intended for problem skin, in particular, for adolescents, most often suffering from various kinds of acne, inflammation, as well as black spots. After it, it is recommended to apply a special antibacterial cream with the same name, which includes extract of wheat germ, sage, celandine extract, as well as salicylic acid, which contributes to a more rapid disappearance of rashes. The consistency is quite thick, which allows you to conveniently distribute the product on the face or on problem areas.

With regular use, the manufacturer promises a deep cleansing of the skin, preventing the appearance of acne, adjusting the working sebaceous glands, as well as the disappearance of black spots. Special antibacterial complex "Triponol " provides triple protection against acne and bacterial growth. Also, the product removes unwanted oily sheen.

Before using this tool, you should cleanse the skin with gel for washing, and then apply the mask with a thin layer and wait twenty minutes. After this time, the mask will turn into a thin film, which is enough to simply remove in the direction from the bottom up. After use, the skin will noticeably cleanse, black dots, oily sheen will disappear.

The product is available in a plastic tube with a screw cap. Packaging is very convenient, since it allows you to use just the right amount of funds.

"Perfect skin"

This product is designed for skin with enlarged pores, it guarantees narrowing and deep cleansing of pores, reducing redness and general tightening of the oval of the face.

The product is available in a pink plastic tube with a silver screw cap and a volume of 150 milliliters. The consistency is very thick, you can even say oily, the aroma is pleasant and delicate, fruity notes are felt.

It contains many natural ingredients, including white and red clay, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, extracts of centella and calendula flowers.

The product improves the appearance of the skin. Thanks to the enriched composition and the white and red clay that is part of it, it deeply cleanses the pores, narrowing them and evening the texture and tone of the face. The skin becomes smoother, softer, firmer and more elastic, redness gradually begins to fade and a natural shine appears. There is also a slight lifting effect.

The method of application of the product is similar to ordinary purchased masks. A thin layer is applied to the cleansed skin of the face for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes. Some girls prefer to apply it with a mask brush.


As you know, the effectiveness of certain funds can be judged by numerous reviews. In general, all Belarusian cosmetics collects a huge number of positive reviews, which add up due to its visible effect and affordable prices.

As for the brand Bielita-Vitex, then his products cause a special love and affection of most customers. The mask film "F-control" is very popular due to the effect from the very first application. Girls are pleased with the deep cleansing produced by the product, as well as the fact that it prevents the appearance of new inflammations and pimples.

Refreshing cream mask "Perfect skin" also delighted almost all of its owners. It perfectly moisturizes, cleanses the face, making its tone smoother, and the oval more toned. The economical consumption of both funds is also noted, they last for a long time.

And of course, an important point is the affordable price of masks.

In this video, the customer talks about the entire line. "Perfect Skin" by Bielita-Vitex, including a cream mask.



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