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Baby Shower Gel

The baby’s favorite place in the house is considered a bath. Fragrant foam, splashes of water, toys contribute to the active development and games of crumbs. In addition, bathing is a mandatory hygienic procedure, which not only provides proper care, but also delivers a lot of positive emotions. The main task of parents is to make the bathing process completely safe and fun, as this is an integral part of caring for the health of the child. The first years of life crumbs require special attention and approach.

Today, there are many cosmetic products for the care of children on sale, in particular, this also applies to shower gels. Their choice should be treated responsibly. If the bathing product is not selected correctly, then a manifestation of various allergic reactions and skin diseases is possible.

As you know, the skin of children is more sensitive than the cover of adults. The epidermis is not yet fully protected by the immune system, its protective barrier is minimally resistant to external influences, so the aggressive environment of detergents quickly rinses off the grease film, making the skin defenseless and vulnerable.

In order to reliably protect the baby from unwanted changes, you need to use a special shower gel, as traditional bathing products can cause harm. The right choice in this case will be the purchase of a baby shower gel. Its composition is completely balanced and created exclusively for children's skin; it does not cause dryness, redness and peeling.

Features of cosmetics for children

Recently, it is impossible to imagine the process of bathing a child without modern detergents, for which shower gels are in great demand and popularity. They are hypoallergenic, well washed off and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Unlike baby soap, the gel does not contain aggressive components, so the particles of the product remaining on the body do not cause irritation, which is very important for sensitive skin. The washing product is a liquid of delicate consistency, which includes special emollients that protect the cover from irritation.

When caring for children, cleanliness plays a huge role. Little fidgets constantly study the world, actively crawl, run, play, and, of course, get dirty. Therefore, the choice of detergent in this case is very important. Recently, most parents prefer gel to soap. And this is not in vain, since the detergent has a lot of advantages and is characterized by a moisturizing, nourishing property. Depending on the functionality, the following types of children's gels are distinguished:

  • antibacterial;
  • moisturizing;
  • cleansing;
  • anti-inflammatory.

It should be noted that all cosmetics for children are produced in series for a certain age. In addition, most of the gels are designed not only for bathing, but also for washing hair. The main feature of this product is its unique hypoallergenic composition, due to which the bathing process becomes pleasant.

All detergents do not contain dyes, soaps, and do not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes. Therefore, such children's cosmetics can be safely used from the first days of a baby's life.

What should be in the composition

Like any other cosmetic product, baby shower gel has water and glycerin. These components provide the natural regulation of water in the stratum corneum, prevent the loss of moisture, and improve the effect of lotions and creams. The main component of the detergent is also synthetic polymer and sodium sulfate, thanks to which the illusion of thick foam is created.

Special attention should be paid to such a component of the gel as sodium lauryl sulfate. It is obtained from coconut oil. During interaction with water, the element binds to each other particles of dirt, without causing harm to the skin.

When choosing a washing preparation for a baby, you should pay attention to the presence in its composition mineral and petroleum jelly oilwhich are considered excellent solvents that moisturize and soften the skin. In addition, these ingredients form a water-repellent film that blocks moisture loss.

Also, gels for babies contain various natural perfumes and essential oils.

We select according to age

In order that bathing does not harm the child, detergents should be selected depending on the age of the crumbs. Children's gels are divided into babies up to a year, from one year to three years, and for senior school age. As a rule, these products are labeled and recommended for use.

Gels for newborns pass very thorough inspection, characterized by a neutral odor, very effective and do not irritate the eyes. They can be used to wash not only the body, but also the baby’s head, they especially clean the “milk” crusts in the fontanel. Children from three For years, manufacturers have been presenting products decorated with colorful packaging and pictures. Often, such products become a toy for babies. Beginning with five years old child Already can use traditional natural gels, since the skin at this time is as close as possible to the structure of the skin of adults.

Application Tips

To start the bathing process, you will need to pre-dial a bath or adjust the shower to an optimum water temperature of 36-38 degrees. The gel is applied in small portions to a sponge or washcloth and rubbed into the skin, after which it is washed off well.

Top brands

The market for cosmetic products is presented in a huge assortment, but brand-name products deserve special attention. Eared Nannies, Johnson's Baby, Princess, La Cree, Disney, Bubchen. They have successfully established themselves as reliable manufacturers of detergents, which include exclusively natural components.

In addition, the gels of these brands do not contain preservatives and dyes, so they are suitable for bathing children at any age.


Children's shower gel has become an indispensable tool in the bathing process. He received positive reviews from mothers who consider him completely safe, hypoallergenic. In addition, the product is universally suitable for cleansing the body and head, does not dry the skin, does not cause allergies.

In this video, a customer talks about a brand shower gel "Princess".



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