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Hair mask Organic Shop

Thick, beautiful, filled with natural volume and healthy shine hair always attract the eyes of others and create a good impression. But the negative influence of external and internal factors often does not allow you to have the desired level of vitality of the hair. Care with universal cosmetics (shampoo and balm) is sometimes insufficient to achieve the goal. In this case, masks come to the rescue, which are currently represented by a wide palette on store shelves. This article will focus on Organic Shop hair masks.

The territory of natural cosmetics

Organic Shop is the eponymous chain of stores operating in various cities of Russia and offering only organic cosmetics made from natural ingredients. The founders of the brand support the idea of ​​"Simple. Pure. Natural", i.e. any of the products sold must meet three fundamental requirements: simplicity, purity, naturalness. Shops collaborate with global companies and laboratories that create cosmetics:

  • containing natural ingredients without parabens, synthetic preservatives, fragrances and dyes;
  • having ease of use and safe packaging.

Especially popular are hair masks, which currently have numerous positive reviews from grateful users. Every year, these funds are gaining more and more popularity.

Mode of application

To select the most optimal means, it is necessary to objectively assess the condition of not only the hair, but also the skin. After that, products are selected that are designed to solve the initial problems. To do this, you can get a highly qualified consultation of a cosmetologist at Organic Shop.

Masks of this brand are applied to wet hair pre-washed with shampoo for several minutes, and then washed off with warm water. It is recommended to use these funds several times a week for one to two months. The course can be repeated after a month break

Overview of the most popular masks

Organic Shop offers a variety of masks. Consider the most popular.

"Indian jasmine"

In order to add volume, this mask contains natural components: jojoba oil and jasmine extract. As a result of application, the hair acquires a healthy volume, vitality, brittleness and the effect of dry ends disappear.

"Greek figs"

The product based on almond oil and fig extract penetrates deep into the structure, nourishes it from the inside and smoothes it from the outside. Curls look incredibly shiny, smooth and silky, become more elastic, obedient and strong.

"Honey Avocado"

A mask that provides rapid recovery using natural ingredients: honey and avocado oil. The product saturates the skin and hair with the necessary vitamins, acids and trace elements from the roots to the ends.

The result of the application is a hairstyle that emits a natural radiance and a healthy glow.

"Organic Coffee"

A bio-mask containing a cocktail of natural ingredients provides fast growth and comprehensive care for damaged hair. Coffee extract containing vitamins of the PP and B groups and oil of the ginseng root, famous for its healing properties, envelop each hair and helps to saturate with nutrients.

After a course of application, they become strong and healthy inside, silky and obedient outside.


The product contains tomato extract, macadamia oil, horse chestnut extract and 3d-keratin. This complex strengthens the hair structure, starting from the roots, nourishes and moisturizes.

The hair becomes unusually lush, voluminous and thick. Curls emit a natural shine and a healthy glow.


The main component of this product is Moroccan argan oil, which intensively nourishes and restores the damaged structure, smoothing surface flakes, as a result of which the hair acquires crystal shine and a mirror shine. Additional components: liquid keratin, macadamia oil and 3D ceramide provide the curls with the necessary firmness, elasticity and softness.

Cashmere proteins nourishes and moisturizes the deepest layers of the hair, which allows you to enjoy the perfect look of your hair for longer.


Wrap mask with professional lamination effect achieved at home. Natural components saturate the hair with necessary nutrients, filling the damaged areas, which will bring smoothness and shine. Silk oil envelops the structure, moisturizes and seals the surface. This gives the diamond shine, silkiness, elasticity and softness, similar to the result, after the procedure popular in beauty salons - lamination.

Apply this mask to wet hair, after 10 minutes - rinse with water.


The nutrient for dry and brittle hair contains ceramides, which make hair smooth; rose and argan oils, restoring the damaged structure; silk proteins that perform a protective function against aggressive natural factors and the harmful effects of heat-laying devices.

And the main ingredient - milk proteins - nourish and provide hair with energy, tone and vitality, attracting the eyes of others.

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