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Dry hair balm

Dry hair balm is an excellent remedy for emaciated, weakened strands. It is recommended for use by trichologists, as it contains useful nutritious oils and vitamins. Balm softens, nourishes, moisturizes, envelops hairs, heals cracks, microdamages on the scalp. After its application, the strands become obedient, they are easy to comb.


Owners of dry hair know how difficult it is to care for them. Such locks are often confused, they are difficult to keep styling, lacking shine and volume. In order to provide them with proper care, one shampoo is not enough. For very damaged hair, weakened, for brittle and split ends, there is a restoring, moisturizing and nourishing balm. It is indelible, so it is ideal for colored strands.

Like shampoo, balm is one of the basic hair care products and can be used after each wash. It gives dry curls elasticity, ease of combing and provides protection, including from adverse weather conditions and aggressive environmental conditions. There are two main types of balms: washable and indelible. Rinse off is applied to wet hair and then rinsed off. It has a nourishing and smoothing effect. Curls become elastic, they are easy to stack.

Leave-on is applied to wet or even dry hair, providing a long-lasting care effect. Balms are created specifically to provide nutritious care and restore the structure of damaged curls. It helps to get rid of many problems associated with damage, drying out and falling out. Dry strands will receive the necessary vitamin charge.

As a rule, nutritional balm contains citrus antioxidants and vitamin B5that help hair become beautiful, and fill them with vital energy. The oils of sea buckthorn, macadamia, argan and other plants protect the curls from damage and make them elastic. A multifunctional product gives the scalp the necessary amount of moisture, preventing its peeling. It nourishes the roots and prevents microbes from affecting the health of the skin.

The natural substances that make up help restore hairline at the cellular level. The peculiarity is that balms counteract the electrification, renew the structure, cope with many problems of hair. However, they can make hair oily, so they will have to be washed more often. Due to the fact that the agent provokes the closure of the scales of each hair, the composition penetrates deep into its structure and acts locally, moisturizing and saturating with vitamins.


Shampoo is an alkali that eliminates bacteria and contaminants, and balm is an acid that neutralizes the harmful effects of shampoo. The main task of the balm is to provide effective assistance to dry damaged hair. This tool is able to improve the structure of the strands, make them softer, healthier and well-groomed. It facilitates the combing process, restores the acid-base balance, protects the strands from ultraviolet radiation, blow-drying, ironing, contaminated air, chlorinated water, hot air and much more. The composition of this product is not completely natural, but balanced.

  • Cetrimony chloride. This substance is a safe antiseptic. It promotes easy combing of wet hair and prevents static electrification.
  • Cetearyl alcohol. It creates a thickening effect in balsams, maintains the emulsion in a stable state.
  • Glyceryl stearate. A safe substance that is used as an emulsifier to connect and prevent delamination of constituent cosmetic products.
  • Dimethicone. A conditioning agent that provides silkiness and protection against aggressive components. It provides softness, suitable for owners of both dry and oily curls.
  • Sea buckthorn oil. Natural plant material that strengthens the strands. Oil contributes to their growth, helps with baldness and dandruff. It heals the surface of the scalp, has a beneficial effect on dry curls.
  • Vitamin A. An essential element for healthy growth, normalizing the rate of cell regeneration and slowing down the aging process. The lack of this substance, like other vitamins, usually leads to dandruff, dullness and brittle strands.
  • Vitamin E. An excellent antioxidant that affects the speed of cell renewal and its filling with oxygen. Vitamin E is used to make hair smooth, silky and healthy looking.
  • Lavender essential oil. It is used for the preparation of cosmetics with soothing, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also used to prevent certain diseases of the surface of the head.
  • Panthenol. It is used as a healing agent, it is used to protect hairs from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and other environmental influences. The substance strengthens the hair, making it more elastic and strong, nourishes the bulbs and prevents baldness, heals cracks in the scalp.
  • Glycerol. Present in many cosmetic products. It perfectly absorbs and retains moisture, gives shine and a sense of care, helps get rid of dandruff and itching of the surface of the head.
  • Thyme Extract. It has a beneficial effect on the scalp.

When buying balm, pay attention to the composition and components that should not be in the product. Among the harmful substances are parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oils.

Popular manufacturers

Dry hair looks clean longer and it can be said that this is their only advantage. Most often, long curls are dry. Natural lubrication (skin sebum) is usually enough to cover only a few centimeters of hair at the roots, subject to regular washing. Dry damaged strands retain moisture and nutrients worse. That is why such balms are often called "for dry and damaged."

  • Clear The balm protects against damage, restores curls, nourishes the scalp and cares for the beauty of the strands, thanks to a complex of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Natura Siberica. A tool for adding volume to dry hair. This balm is recommended for those who often suffer from irritations of the scalp. He is able to restore even severely damaged hair. Contains an extract of Daurian wild rose, rich in vitamin C, which gives the hair a healthy shine and long-lasting protection. And natural plant proteins provide curls with nutrition.
  • Tiande. Enriched with an active plant complex, the balm effectively cares for the scalp, saturating the hair with nutrients and vitamins. It restores the structure of damaged strands, has a regenerating and moisturizing effect. Plant proteins of natural extracts stimulate blood circulation in the upper layers of the scalp, strengthening the roots, activating growth and preventing loss.
  • Visible Repair. Londa's Leave-In Conditioner Balm Conditioner for Damaged Hair helps you cope with dull, lifeless, overdried curls. Regular use of the product revives the hair, restores its health, eliminates porosity and brittleness.
  • Syoss. Balm Syoss "Keratin Hair Perfection" It contains a large amount of keratin, which restores hair every time after washing. Curls are restored, become soft and shiny.
  • Tsubaki. Moisturizing balm cares for hair and scalp at the same time, making them healthy and obedient. Contains camellia oil, which penetrates well into the structure of the hair shaft. The active components of the oil nourish the root bulb, restore damaged areas of the hair cuticle, enhance the protection of fragile and brittle strands, have a softening and conditioning effect. The product restores the internal structure of damaged hair, compensates for the loss of natural moisture, prevents split ends, increases strength and elasticity.
  • Kanebo. Balms Kanebo contain strong moisturizing components: amino acid, grape seed oil and aloe pulp. Soy protein levels the surface of the hair and reduces brittleness. With it, the hair is soft, flowing and moisturized, which is especially important for long dry curls.
  • Wella. A professional conditioner balm that contains polymers. They penetrate the structure of the hair and protect the color from leaching and burning out in the sun. It well conditiones hair, gives shine and silkiness. Advantages: protects colored dry hair, is economically consumed, and is used as a mask.
  • Goldwell. Professional balm is designed for women who have dry, curly and wavy hair. Balm straightens naughty locks, protects against thermal effects, nourishes, provides shine. Advantages: good straightening effect, gives a noticeable shine, does not require rinsing, is an ideal tool before installation. Disadvantages: high price and unnatural composition.

Which to choose

Balm is a tool that helps to make curls after washing soft and silky. The combing process itself becomes easier, and the strands are less damaged. When choosing a balm, you must always consider the type of hair. Any cosmetic product says what it is intended for and what problem it solves. The tool for dry strands is also suitable as a means for intensive nutrition and recovery.

When choosing, focus not only on the manufacturer and price, but also the composition. It should contain jojoba oil, avocado, argan, shea butter, essential oils. Such a tool will nourish and restore hair. Balms are great for caring not only for dry, but also for weakened, damaged, split ends, falling out, dyed hair.

How to use

The result of using the balm depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on compliance with the application rules. There can be several methods of application, which are always indicated on the bottle or packaging. Many women make the mistake of applying a copious amount of balm to their hair. The result is an undesirable effect. After that, dry hair looks dirty and unkempt.

If you use rinse conditioner, apply it with a thin layer along the entire length of the curls. This procedure is worth doing after shampooing. Wait a minute and rinse the balm thoroughly using only warm water. Mask balm can be taken in larger quantities and applied to wet hair. If in the case of rinse aid, the product must be washed off after the first minute of application, then the mask should be kept for ten to twenty minutes. This caring product is recommended for use no more than once or twice a week.

Experts recommend using balm if you do not want to spend time unraveling tangled strands. This is especially true for owners of long dry curls. After each shampooing, apply balm to wet hair. Take a tablespoon of the product in your palm and evenly apply on the roots, tips and the middle part of the hair.

Comb with a wide-toothed comb, then rinse with plenty of water. To improve the condition of the strands, it is useful to alternate warm water with cold water. Thanks to the balm, the hair eats proteins for a long time, shines, and their structure is strengthened. After the balm, you can use a hairdryer, curling iron, foam. Thanks to daily use, the hair becomes soft, supple and silky.


Balms for dry curls really proved to be the best. According to the reviews of women who suffer from the problem of confusion, fragility, dullness of strands, these funds intensively nourish and moisturize. They become soft and obedient. Women note that a good remedy is a balm from manufacturers Loreal, Organic Shop, Wella, Garnier, Gliss Kur, Syoss, Planeta Organica, Avon. The rating showed that good balms can be inexpensive. Most inexpensive products make curls shiny and soft, add shine, untangle, moisturize. Of the shortcomings - after the balm, the hair is quickly contaminated.

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