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Gel face mask

For face skin care, women and girls often use various masks. One of the types of such care is a gel face mask. Let's see what it is and how to use it.

For more information on gel masks, see the video below.


Gel masks appeared on the cosmetics market not so long ago, but immediately won the love of the weaker sex.

The basis of such products is gel, due to which the product is easy to apply on the face, it does not flow. In addition, it helps moisturize the epidermis, bring moisture along with healing substances to the deeper layers of the epidermis. Additional components are usually natural ingredients, which act as active substances, have a beneficial effect on the state of the dermis.

Another variation of this product is an anti-aging hydrogel mask. It is created specifically for normal and prone to dry skin, and is a fabric base on which the gel is applied. In the composition of such funds, hyaluronic acid is usually present, as well as essential oils, collagen and other ingredients. Such a product is designed to deeply moisturize the dermis, give it youth and radiance.

In addition, a gel mask can be reusable. It is made in the form of a mask for sleeping and inside is filled with gel. This product was created for the lazy. Its use is very simple, and the effect is excellent.

TWhat kind of product can be cooling and warming:

  • Coolant applied to face when chilled, instantly removes fatigue from the dermis, tones it, improves skin elasticity. Reusable product perfectly helps get rid of puffiness, reduce blue circles under the eyes.
  • The warming agent, on the contrary, heats up a little. This application of the mask increases blood flow, thereby providing additional nutrition for the dermis. Due to this, metabolic processes in cells increase. The skin is transformed, shining with beauty and health. But this type of mask is not suitable for oily dermis, as it can provoke even greater activity of the sebaceous glands.


The composition of gel masks, in addition to the gel itself, includes natural ingredients. These are various oils, extracts, extracts.

So, aloe helps to increase the elasticity of the dermis, extracts from seaweed rejuvenate the epidermis. They increase metabolic processes in it, oils help to carefully exfoliate dead cells, increasing the regeneration of the dermis, as well as nourish it and increase its immunity.

Often, gel masks intended for oily skin include cranberries. It regulates the sebaceous glands. Helps reduce enlarged pores, has anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

Bodyagi in the composition of this product is indispensable for the removal of blue circles under the eyes and rosacea. It helps to restore blood circulation, strengthens the walls of capillaries, reduces their visual perception on the surface of the dermis.

Another variety of gel masks is placental. It includes extracts from the placenta of animals. This substance is rich in fatty acids, enzymes, proteins. Its composition is close to that of human skin cells. Therefore, substances easily penetrate into the very depths of the epithelium, resume metabolic processes in the cells of the dermis, causing them to rejuvenate from the inside.


There are a lot of cosmetic companies that produce gel masks. Here are the most popular brands that have this product in their product lines.

  1. Skinlite. The hydrogel mask is a fabric base with a gel applied on it. The product is intended for deep hydration of the dermis. After applying the product, the skin is perfectly hydrated, the regeneration processes are restarted. The skin is young and beautiful. The cost is about 100 rubles.
  2. Mary Kay "Timewise". This product is designed to moisturize and restore the dermis of the face. Packed in a tube. It is recommended to apply the product with a brush. The mask gives the skin deep hydration and provides quality care: nourishes, strengthens, relaxes, smoothes, soothes and improves the structure of the dermis. This tool makes the skin softer, firmer and more elastic, and the pores less noticeable. The composition of the product includes chestnut extract, vitamin B3, acai berry extract, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, squalene. The cost of funds is 1300 rubles.
  3. Bradex. This reusable mask is already ready for application. It can be used in the form of a cooling product in order to remove traces of fatigue, to get rid of bruises under the eyes. In a heated state, this product will help to activate metabolic processes in the epidermis, nourish the skin. The tool has comfortable fasteners that will help fix it on your face. The cost of the tool is about 290 rubles.
  4. Organic Shop "Madagascar Aloe". This product perfectly moisturizes the dermis, gives a comfortable feeling for several days. The composition of aloe vera, bamboo extract and ylang-ylang oil. It softens the dermis, fills it with vitamins, gives it freshness and youth.
  5. Tony Moly "Intense care live snail". The mask is made on the basis of snail slime. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the dermis. This product is rich in collagen, a complex of vitamins, allontoin, chitosan, elastin. It perfectly moisturizes the dermis, has a whitening effect, smoothes wrinkles, and reduces the visual perception of scars. The cost of the product is about 370 rubles per 25 ml.

How to use

Before applying the gel mask, thoroughly wash your face. To do this, use special means for washing, and then treat the skin with a tonic. Then proceed to the application of the product.

Apply a gel mask with a brush in the direction of the massage lines. The eyelids should be avoided, as the skin there is very sensitive.

One of the most important points is the adoption of a horizontal posture after application. This is due to the fact that when you lie, the contour of the face is more clear, wrinkles are smoothed better. When you walk with the mask applied, the skin is pulled under its weight, the epidermis is deformed. Such masking can provoke the formation of bryl.

The mask should be kept on your face for 5-20 minutes, then rinse off. Time depends on the brand and components included in the product. It is better to wash off the product with boiled water, since in such a liquid there is a minimal amount of impurities that can adversely affect the state of the dermis.

Apply the mask no more than 2-3 times a week. With limited time, you can carry out this procedure once a week. After you notice that the product has decreased its effectiveness, it is recommended to temporarily change the mask. Moreover, it is necessary to change not the manufacturer, but the components that are part of this composition.


Reviews about gel masks are pretty positive. This is a great product that helps fight skin imperfections.

Reusable products are especially fond of. This is due to the fact that the tool does not require a certain skill of applying and washing off. And the effect that it produces cannot be compared with anything. The skin is transformed before the eyes.

But liquid gel masks also have a pretty good reputation. They perfectly moisturize the dermis, help get rid of signs of skin aging. The skin is perfectly moisturized, the oval of the face is tightened, wrinkles are less noticeable.

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