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Hair mask "Natura Siberica"

Hair care is not only daily shampooing. To ensure that hair is always beautiful and does not deteriorate from the influence of the external environment, they must be regularly nourished with masks. Many girls prefer to cook them on their own.

But those who do not have time for home procedures try to find a good brand for themselves that will please with a stable positive result. Such brands can be found in the domestic market. So, a hair mask "Natura Siberica", which will be discussed in this article, receives a lot of positive feedback from girls and women of different ages.

Advantages and disadvantages

This brand produces cosmetics with an unusual composition. They emphasize the naturalness of their products. This is precisely what brings them popularity both with us and far beyond the borders of our country. So, shampoos and masks without sulfates find fans among girls around the world.

Means differ in the most natural organic composition. Extracts of many plants and quality oils can be found in the list of components. The combination of components emphasizes the origin of these Siberian products. They seem really created according to the recipes of Russian herbalists.

A pleasant bonus for many girls and women will be the fact that hair care products from this brand are inexpensive. You will find a good mask for them for 300-600 rubles. But at the same time, the product is consumed very slowly and lasts for a long time. True, this does not apply to owners of long hair.

Another advantage of masks from this brand is beautiful packaging. Bottles with care products look very stylish, so many want to put them on their shelves. The packaging is also thought out to the smallest detail - from the inside it is protected by a transparent lid, which protects the product from the influence of the external environment.

But not only for packaging praise products from this brand. Inside these brightly colored bottles is a fragrant and effective mixture. Despite the fact that the products are made without the use of low-quality flavorings, the product is pleasantly smelling. In this case, a slight smell remains with you for a long time after use.

By its consistency, the mask is quite thick, due to which it is not consumed very quickly. She lays well on her hair and does not burden them. In their reviews, the girls note that she does not "melt" on her hair, which means that she does not have to constantly add even more mixture to her curls.

Featured Products

Each of the individual masks has its own characteristics, so the general characteristics of the brand are not enough and you need to pay attention to each product separately. Let's look at a few popular hair care masks that are recommended to all fans of this brand.

Sea buckthorn

You should start with one of the most popular masks - sea buckthorn. In general, sea buckthorn is the component that benefits both skin and hair. The mask from the domestic brand has a bright orange color and resembles a delicious sea buckthorn jam. This product also has a pleasant sweetish aroma. The product fits well on the hair and is also easily washed off.

To restore hair, it is recommended to use it twice a week. It is not necessary to hold the product on your head for too long, ten minutes are enough.

By the way, the manufacturer recommends adding a couple of drops of sea buckthorn oil to the mask before applying it to the hair. So the effect will be more noticeable.

The effect that should be expected after using this mask is a deep recovery. Manufacturers claim that even thin and “tired” hair will look noticeably better after you use the repair mask from this brand. The effect is cumulative, so if you did not immediately notice changes, do not rush to be disappointed.


This is a perfection mask designed to restore dry and damaged hair. The product, despite its rather thick consistency, does not oily hair and after use, it remains well-groomed and beautiful. The mixture smells very nice and after application, a light honey aroma remains on the locks. In their reviews, the girls confirm that the curls after use become more well-groomed and easier to comb.

"Wild Juniper"

Another famous product from Natura Siberica is Wild Juniper. The product evens hair and gives it volume and shine. After several applications, the hair grows faster and looks well-groomed. Based on these promises, we can assume that the brand managed to create a product that fulfills all girlish dreams at the same time, making hair really perfect.

The mask is based on synthetic substances, which, however, do not harm either the hair or scalp. From natural ingredients there you can find extracts of wormwood and conifers. Wild juniper controls the release of sebum, which makes hair less oily and less likely to be washed. Siberian cedar oil in the composition is rich in vitamins, which is why hair is nourished and becomes healthier. Well, wormwood extract soothes the skin.

Thanks to the combination of such interesting components, the product is good and effective. Therefore, even in practice, girls are not disappointed, despite the fact that after use, the curls do not always look as perfect as the creators of the hair mask promise this.

"Sauna & SPA"

This tool will delight all girls who are tired of the fact that hair constantly falls out and thins. The mask provides an integrated approach to this problem, so the effect is long-lasting. And even when you stop using the Siberian product, the hairs will not fall out again.

This mask, as the name implies, is comparable to a real salon care for hair. One pack of more than 300 ml is enough for several weeks of active use. The product is in a bright, beautiful package, covered with a thin protective film.

Features of use

Masks from this brand are no different from others in use. They are conveniently applied to the hair at the very beginning of bath procedures. The mixture is rubbed into the hair along the entire length. Usually, the tips should be removed with special attention, since they are the most overdried and should be actively moisturized and nourished. But the scalp should be ignored.

The strands need to be actively moistened for twenty minutes, after which the mask needs to be simply washed off with warm water. The product is washed off very simply and the effect of oily or dirty hair on the hair after this does not remain. The curls do not seem to be "overpowered," but, on the contrary, comb more easily.


The best feature for a product is the feedback from customers who use it regularly. Hair care products from Natura Siberica have long won the love of girls around the world. And if you do not have enough balm and shampoo in order to maintain the attractive and well-groomed appearance of your strands, then pay attention to popular masks.

Girls who buy these care products do not remain disappointed. Gthe main thing here is to find something to your liking. Choosing the right product, you can solve the problem of hair loss, their fragility or tired appearance. After the active use of special products with a composition enriched with herbs and plant extracts, you will notice positive changes.

So feel free to choose a product to your liking and in accordance with your problem, and enjoy using an organic domestic product with an interesting name and pleasant aroma.

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