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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Hair mask Londa

Transformation at home is possible. The Londa hair mask will give the hairstyle a well-groomed appearance, silkiness and radiance as after a visit to the salon.


Londa - A German brand known throughout the world. The company specializes in hair products. Means are intended for a professional level, but ease of use allows them to be used at home.

The brand's products are distinguished by impeccable quality, reasonable prices and a chic result, which his loyal fans are talking about.

The pattern for using the products is simple. Funds should be applied to washed wet hair, retreating from the roots a couple of centimeters in order to avoid heavier hairstyles. The minimum exposure time is 5 minutes, the maximum is from 10 to 15 (depending on the type of mask). Then the hair should be washed thoroughly.

Londa "Professional" intensive care includes a series of several masks designed for a variety of purposes.


"Visible Repair Intensive Mask" - remedy for damaged hair. This is a real salvation for curls damaged by discoloration, washing off and other aggressive procedures.

The main ingredients are silk proteins and almond oil.

Plant components of the product nourish and saturate each hair with useful substances. Microions Radialux act on damaged areas, restoring the hair structure. Panthenol is a therapeutic substance aimed at healing and softening strands.

After applying the product, the hair becomes stronger and more elastic, easy to comb and gain a healthy shine. The result is noticeable after just a few procedures.

With panthenol

"Visible Repair Treatment" - a product similar to the above mask, but with a thicker consistency and a larger volume. The action of the active ingredients of the product is also aimed at transforming damaged strands. Shiny, soft and “lively” curls after applying the product are guaranteed to you.

"Deep Moisture Intensive Mask" - a product designed for dry hair.

Regardless of the reason for the dryness, the product will give each hair softness and hydration. It is ideal for those who abuse styling with a hot hairdryer, straightener or curling iron. It will help to restore smoothness and a well-groomed appearance to hair after a hot summer, because the sun's rays also negatively affect the hair style.

Microions Radialux penetrate deep into the hair, making up for lost elasticity and leveling its surface.

Honey and mango extract not only care for curls, nourishing them, but also provide protection against aggressive environmental factors. They also give a pleasant fruity aroma that turns the use of the mask into a real pleasure in the SPA-procedure.


"Sleek Smoother Straightening Treatment" - a product aimed at "taming" naughty strands.

The main useful component of the remedy is wheat germ oil and avocado. All the same unique Radialux technology and natural components smooth out curls, give them elasticity, firmness and mirror smoothness.

For dyed hair

"Color Radiance Intensive Mask" - a product that preserves the beauty of colored strands.

Orange peel lipids and exotic passion fruit extract nourish each hair, filling it with strength and energy. Also, the tool provides protection for hairstyles from ultraviolet radiation, which is especially important in the summer.

The mask maintains the brightness and depth of the resulting hue. At the same time, it gives curls softness and brilliant shine.


"Color Radiance Stabilizer Mask" - another product created for those who like to change. The composition of the product is similar to the complex of ingredients of the previous mask. However, this option is recommended to be used immediately after painting.

The tool removes particles of chemical dyes that partially remain on the strands after the procedure. At the same time, the mask retains color pigment, "sealing" it inside each hair. This prevents a quick loss of saturation.

The result of using the product is bright, smooth and shiny hair.

It can be used both immediately after staining, and as a daily care product.


"Color Revive Blonde & Silver Mask" is a special brand product. It was created specifically for blondes. After staining in a light tone, a noble blond is often washed out and an unsightly yellowish tint appears.

This mask will help return the hair a chic color and a well-groomed appearance. Special pigments and lavender extract neutralize the “chicken” shade and give the strands a pleasant cold tone. And the caring components retain vitality and a healthy shine of curls.

For the most effective result, it is recommended to use the product in combination with Blonde & Silver shampoo.

With argan oil

"Velvet Oil" - a new tool in the range of the brand. The design of the mask is made in chocolate brown, which makes it easy to distinguish it from other products. The main active ingredients are rare and expensive argan oil, as well as valuable vitamin E.

The product is recommended for porous, dry and brittle hair. Oil from rare argan fruits nourishes and strengthens every hair.

Vitamin E provides protection against the negative effects of external factors. After the procedure, the curls shine, scatter with soft waves, become strong and elastic.


Products Londa unanimously recognized as one of the best hair care products. Buyers note the ease of use, a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma of masks, ease of application and distribution of hair.

But most of all, the result of the use of products is impressive. It is noticeable after the first procedure, there is a cumulative effect. Means fulfill all the promises made by the manufacturer and really transform the hair.

The most enthusiastic reviews relate to the mask "Visible Repair". After using the product, the hair becomes shiny, soft and silky. Even very damaged, porous and dry locks get a well-groomed "sleek" look. They cease to be confused, easy to comb. In this case, the hair does not "hang icicles", but scatter in light waves.

In case of minor damage, the customers themselves do not recommend applying the mask to the basal part of the hairstyle in order to avoid weighting. This should be done only if the hair is badly spoiled along the entire length, starting from the very roots.

Also, girls are not advised to use this mask after painting. Active ingredients and oils speed up the wash-out of coloring pigment.

Fortunately u Londa There is a product designed specifically for colored strands, and it also has many positive reviews. This is a mask "Color Radiance". After using it, the hair also becomes soft, crumbly and shiny.

Of course, the color (especially dark) does not fix the product. But no caring product can give such an effect (if it does not have coloring pigments). But in comparison with other nourishing masks, the product does not accelerate the washing out of paint.

"Deep Moisture" also very popular. Hair after it flows like silk, becomes smooth and obedient. And softness, and a feeling of hydration, and a healthy glow - all this gives the use of this product.

Fell in love with customers and argan series. The tool gives the hair ease of combing, well-groomed appearance, smoothness and elasticity.

For those girls who complain of rapid hair contamination after applying masks, other customers are advised to more thoroughly rinse the strands after the procedure.

In this video - an overview Londa Professional "Visible Repair. Line for damaged hair".

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