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Brightening hair mask

Almost every woman once wanted to change something in herself, for example, hair. Whatever she was in character, she constantly thinks about the beauty and color of her hair. Homemade masks for clarifying curls will become an affordable analogue of the salon procedure, however even they can have a negative effect on the structure of the hair, despite the exclusively natural components.

Lightening compounds are usually unpredictable in their results: some of them “work” even on dark dense hair, others exclusively on previously lightened or thin from nature. In any case, in order to evaluate the results of a home or store mask, it is worth checking it for yourself.


A bleach mask will appeal to women who avoid salon care, but want to change something in their appearance, for example, lighten curls in several tones. Such compositions have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Masks will not give the effect of 100% lightening, usually they lighten by 1-2 tones per procedure. The effect depends on the natural shade of curls, their density, the active components of the mask, the procedure and especially the exposure time, further care.
  • Too dark curls and hair of a deep deep shade are almost impossible to lighten with such masks the first time. It will take a complex of home procedures and a lot of patience, perhaps a little disappointment and desire to achieve a result.
  • Lighten light brown and light shades is much easier., however, the use of aggressive components is shown no more than 1 time in 7-10 days.
  • Using lightening masks on weak, brittle, split ends is not recommended. It is better to pre-treat them and only after proper nutrition try to lighten them in a couple of shades.
  • Gray strands often defy lightening, therefore, before the home procedure, we recommend treating them with a special emollient cream for gray hair.
  • Brightening masks are often based on lemon, cinnamon, honey. More sparing can be called decoctions of chamomile and rhubarb root, honey and vegetable oil. The latter, by the way, is often used in home care for nutrition and few people know that it has the ability to lighten hair.
  • Vegetable oil can give a yellow tint on previously chemically clarified curls.

Popular store tools

Brightening mask from John frieda - a real must-have in the market of hairdressing products. It was created to lighten dark hair and care for blond hair: the composition removes yellowness, intensively restores curls, fights against split ends and a porous layer of hair. Among the active components of the John Frieda mask are proteins, wheat germ, soy and proteins. This product is unique in its composition and effect - it allows you to lighten hair by 1-2 tones after the first use, and regular procedures promise an even more dizzying effect.

Natural recipes for lightening at home

Dark hair has a dense texture and contains more eumelanin pigment, so masks for their clarification are often aggressive and have an active composition.

  • With lemon

Mix the juice of half (or whole) lemon with the same amount of pure water, distribute the composition along the entire length of the hair and leave the curls for an hour. Wash off the mask with warm water, rinse the hair with a decoction of green tea, chamomile or a concentrated solution of water with lemon - a few drops are enough.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon has the ability to lighten curls and is often used for such purposes. Take 3 teaspoons of spiced powder, add them to 100 g of any rinse conditioner, additionally add pre-melted honey. Cinnamon mask brightens about 2 tones immediately and is not as aggressive in its effect as citric or acetic acid.

  • With glycerin

Mix a beaten egg and a tablespoon of glycerin powder with each other until a homogeneous mass is formed, add a spoon of castor oil and no more than a teaspoon of vinegar. The exposure time of the composition is 30-40 minutes, it is washed off with warm water or a little cool.

For enhanced lightening, take a chamomile decoction (200 ml) as a basis, pre-brew this flower for several hours and cool. Add 60 g of dry glycerin to it and mix it well. Apply the finished mask to the hair and gently spread over the entire length, the exposure time does not exceed an hour.

  • Honey based

Honey perfectly nourishes hair and fights dark pigment in the hair structure. Take a small portion of liquid honey and coconut oil in equal amounts, mix thoroughly with each other, in addition, you can add banana puree. Apply the mixture along the entire length of the hair and leave it under a plastic cap for about an hour, rinse with water.

  • Rhubarb root

Brew the rhubarb root (400 ml) and prepare a chamomile broth (250 ml), add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and vodka to the liquid, apply to the hair for 15-20 minutes, rinse the curls thoroughly with cool water.

Light brown and naturally blond hair is easier to lighten at home due to the reduced amount of eumelanin pigment, which allows masks to have a more gentle composition.

  • From decoctions of herbs

Pre-brew chamomile leaves and cool the composition to a comfortable temperature. Add two tablespoons of lemon and liquid honey to it, apply to hair and wrap in a plastic cap and a towel.

  • From onion

Grind the onion head in a blender and squeeze the juice - it will serve as the basis for a brightening mask. Mix onion juice with two tablespoons of lemon juice and liquid honey, vinegar (no more than 1 teaspoon), if desired, add a few drops of essential oil (lemon, orange, rose).

How to use

The correct use of a home brightening mask will achieve the desired effect and get a new shade of curls that would satisfy its owner. Positive reviews about this simple home procedure are often left by girls who followed the advice of experts, negative, respectively, those who violated the rules.

The procedure for home lightening should start with the preparation of hair, moisturize and nourish it, restore it if necessary. The fact is that natural lightening components have an aggressive effect on the structure of the hair, injure it (along with ordinary paints). In addition to lightening the tone, at the end of the procedure you can find overdriven strands and tips, so it is better to pre-saturate them with store or home masks based on oils, keratin, eggs, herbal decoctions.

Dense coarse hair is difficult to lighten even in the salon, to make the procedure easy, pre-conduct a complex of nourishing and softening masks (5-6). This advice will help soften the hair cuticle and allow the clarifying components to penetrate into its depth and act on even the strongest pigments.

If the hair was previously exposed to chemical lightening, curling, it is worth postponing the home care procedure for a week or two, and during this time it is good to restore curls thanks to nourishing masks and indelible formulations - this will reduce the risk of hair overdrying.

Before applying an aggressive mask, it is not recommended to wash your head - The lipid film on the hair protects them from exhaustion. Apply the mask only along the length of the hair, do not rub it into the scalp - this can cause irritation or cause allergies, itching. To make the composition work well, put a plastic cap on top and tie a warm towel. Thermal exposure will reveal the components of the mask and those, in turn, will cope with their task better.

The exposure time of the mask varies from 15 minutes to 1 hour. It is definitely not worth it to overexpose the mask, especially if there is mustard powder or lemon juice among its components. After washing it off, be sure to use a restoring or deeply moisturizing balm, conditioner or mask. Allow your hair to dry naturally and do not blow dry with it at least that day.

A brightening mask is usually rinse-off; herbal decoctions (chamomile, green tea) or lemon water are often used to supplement it - they are rinsed with hair after using the mask or for several days or even weeks for easy natural lightening. The frequency of its use is regulated: experts recommend conducting a home procedure up to 1 time per week for brunettes (brown-haired women) and every 2 weeks for girls with light blond and blond curls.

How to cook

In order to create a mask yourself, you should pre-select the active brightening components and stock up on patience, time.

  • Natural products can be taken as a basis. like eggs, onions, lemon, castor oil, mustard. It is important to mix them to a homogeneous mass with a fork, blender, mixer - this will allow you to evenly distribute the mask through your hair and rinse it off without additional injury, it is known that lumps often confuse the hair and are poorly washed off.
  • Before using the mask on your hair, do a preliminary allergy test. - Apply a little composition to the bend of the elbow and evaluate the result after 10 minutes. If there is no irritation, the mask can be safely used on the head of hair.
  • In order for the result to suit you first, We advise you to experiment with the future shade on a separate strand - Do not apply a brightening composition to all hair at once, first use a small strand. Do everything according to the instructions, create, apply, hold and wash off the mask, evaluate the new shade and condition of the curl. If you liked him, we recommend that you carry out the procedure on the entire head of hair.

All the secrets of lightening hair at home, see the next video.


After bleaching, the curls have a special need for additional care.. All kinds of masks, rinsing balms, hair creams, oils and derivatives for high-quality care for light and bleached hair are used. First of all, experts recommend abandoning the hair dryer or lowering the time and temperature of drying curls in order to avoid drying out and brittleness of bleached hair.

After natural lightening, it is worth limiting the contact of hair with chlorinated water - wear a protective cap when going to the pool or completely postpone the visit there for a couple of weeks. Chlorine can give an unpleasant dirty shade on recently lightened curls. After the clarification procedure, it is recommended to provide protection from UV radiation - use indelible formulations such as sprays to avoid brittle hairs.

Do not neglect oil - use ready-made cosmetic or any other vegetable to nourish and maintain the effect of fair hair.


Women often resort to homemade lightening of hair due to its availability - not every one of us is ready to give a round sum for a salon procedure. A good remedy for clarifying curls - citric acid, So consider the majority of users of one of the forums. Some simply use lemon juice and water to rinse their hair, while others create an aggressive mask and use it no more than 1 time per week.

The best in their healing properties - masks based on a decoction of chamomile. It is especially suitable for owners of light brown and naturally light hair, in addition, the components of the mask fight well with yellowness and various kinds of pigmentation, even out the tone of the hair. The cinnamon mask has worked well - it is preferred by an increasing number of women and especially those who have achieved an additional effect from its use - increased growth.

Oil masks are not always suitable for already lightened blond curls, as they leave an unpleasant rusty coating. And for brunettes, by the way, castor oil is suitable - it brightens, softens, and nourishes curls well.

Watch the video: DIY Natural & Organic Lightening Hair Mask (January 2020).


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