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Geometry on nails with gel polish

A woman’s hands are her second face, so it’s extremely important to carefully monitor the state of your manicure. Now there are many different hand care products. One of the most fashionable types is the geometric design of nails.

Geometric nail art

Geometric nail art, or as it is called, the geometry of nails is a technique for applying geometric shapes to nails. You can draw figures on the nails by intuition, armed only with your imagination, but you can use special tools for this purpose.

Such an original decoration of nails will not go unnoticed by others.

Drawing methods

You can draw figures on the nails manually using a brush. The image of simple patterns is created with a thin brush. You can also use a toothpick instead of a brush. This method of applying a geometric pattern requires some skills from the performer.

If you decide that you will do geometric manicure yourself, then you need to buy a good UV lamp and a thin brush with a long pile.

It is important to have a “firm hand” and confidence, and it is acquired with practice. Therefore, try and improve your skills. From time to time it will turn out better and better.

In order to create such a pattern, varnishes of different colors and a colorless fixative are needed. First, the nails are covered in one tone. After that, various figures are applied on top of it. You can limit yourself to displaying only the outline, or you can paint over them.

When the drawing is fully applied, the nail must be covered with a fixative.

How to make a geometric nail-up: see in this video.


This is the easiest type of drawing on nails. It is performed as follows. Nails are covered with light varnish. After waiting for its complete drying, strips are glued to the nail. Next, apply a varnish of a different color. After we remove the strips. If you want to apply other figures to the nails, then you will need to do this manipulation again.

When the drawing is applied, the nails are covered with a fixative.


This is a more convenient and faster way to create a geometric pattern. To do this, cut out some geometric shapes, varnish the nails, dry, then stick paper shapes on top and apply a varnish of a different color. After the varnish has dried in the lamp, they should be removed. As a result, we get unpainted areas on the nails in the form of various shapes.


Dots is a brush made of metal with a tip in the shape of a ball. It is used for drawing circles and dots on nails. The method of applying this brush is very simple: dip it in a jar of varnish, then press the tip to the nail.

This technique is now very popular.

Decorative elements

As a rule, these are strips that are silver and gold in color and have an adhesive base. To create a geometric image on the nails, it is necessary to apply gel polish, dry it under the lamp, stick strips (for example, diagonally), apply a different color of varnish to the formed segments. Further, the strips can be removed or left by cutting the ends. The final stage is to apply a fixative to the nail plate.

Stencil or stamp

Here, the main tool is a stencil on which a variety of geometric patterns have already been applied. It must be varnished and pressed to the nail plate with a kind of stamp. This method allows you to create a complex design on the nails in a couple of minutes.

Step-by-step algorithm

Stage 1:

Basic manicure - hygienic processing of hands, polishing and degreasing of nail plates.

Stage 2:

We cover the nail with a special tool - the base for gel polish. After polymerizing under a special lamp for about a minute.

Stage 3:

We cover the nail plate with colored gel polish and carefully seal the open edge of the nail. After applying the next layer, the polymerization procedure follows for at least 2 minutes.

If you want the varnish color to become more saturated, then you need to repeat all the manipulations again.

Stage 4:

We turn to the drawing of geometric shapes. In those areas of the nail plate where the drawings are connected, draw lines with black varnish. We get a fashionable image.

Stage 5:

We cover the completed pattern with a fixative and polymerize under the lamp for 3 minutes.

Manicure in geometric style is made.

Fashion tips

Last year, on the European catwalks among the Gothic dark, scarlet, metal and nude manicures, geometric nail art flaunts.

The most popular trends in this art are the jacket and its derivatives, "moon" and "marble" nail art, as well as the negative space style. But the leader among them for the past two years is geometric nail art.

Clear geometric shapes along with lyrical floral motifs are used by designers for their fashion shows.

Despite the fact that most brand designers prefer a fashionable strip, you can safely depict on your nails a variety of geometric shapes: dots, straight and broken lines, rhombuses, circles, triangles and others.

Last year, experts in the field of nail art developed several interesting solutions, combining geometry with other popular manicure styles, such as the "lunar" technique, "negative space," matte and sandy relief. Now fashion is coordinated not by "mothballs" patterns and separate images, but by the fantasy and courage of ideas.

Fashionable inventions of designers, embodied on the catwalks, are not always suitable for execution in everyday life. Fortunately, geometric nail art is an exception to this rule. The main thing in this matter is not to overload your manicure with all the geometric shapes known to you, otherwise the design will look tasteless and old-fashioned. Therefore, when choosing a drawing, be guided by the principle of "one figure", that is, do not interfere with circles with triangles and squares.

A popular trend this year is domino style manicure. It can be performed in a beauty salon or on your own. To do this, you need:

  • cover the nail plate with white varnishpreferably matte;
  • paint a few dots with black varnishto look like dominoes;
  • apply fixative.

Spectacular drawing is ready.

Design "Snowflake" - Another original kind of geometric pattern. It is important that the snowflakes are the same on each nail.

Very popular Technique "Abstraction". It is considered the most difficult to perform. In order to depict the pattern, you need to apply the base for the picture on the surface of the nail plate with a bright varnish. Draw dots of different sizes on top and connect them together. At the end, cover the nail with a fixative.

Technique "Geometric mess". Here the main trick is to draw geometric shapes on top of each other. You can combine different shapes or the same, but different sizes. In general, give vent to imagination.

Technique "Ethnic drawings". Use any figures resembling an ornament on folk costumes.

Technique "Mosaic". To perform a manicure in this style, you need to cover the nail plate with one-color varnish, draw arbitrary “zones” on it and paint them in a contrasting color.

Technique "Chess". Effective and uncomplicated design of nail art. Initially, the nail becomes white. Then vertical and horizontal stripes are drawn with black varnish, and the paintwork is painted over in a “checkerboard pattern”. Other color combinations can be used for this technique.

For drawing geometric shapes, use high-density varnishes so that it is not necessary to apply several layers and thereby distort the overall appearance of the manicure. It is better to use contrasting shades of gel polishes, because the "related" colors will not give the desired effect.

If your brush for drawing shapes is too wide, then it can be cut to the size you need.

If you chose a too complex design for your nail art, consisting of many different forms, then we recommend that you cover with a picture not all the nails on your hand. Too pretentious drawing can visually "make heavier" manicure.

If you first decided to apply geometric patterns on your own, then you should first practice on paper. The main thing is to be careful and give free rein to your imagination.

Watch the video: Easy Gel Polish Ombre Geometric Nail Tutorial (January 2020).


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